Sam’s Top 10 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Before we get into my book order let’s take a look at my top 10 favorite characters from the series and we’ll see who the best witch or wizard is:

10. Harry PotterHarry Potter himself – I’m just going by the books here. Let’s be honest here, Harry isn’t exactly a nice guy. He gets into a fight pretty much every other chapter, mouths off to teachers religiously and received a detention every year at Hogwarts and yet somehow he gets to be Quidditch captain in Half-Blood prince. Sense made? Zero! Considering your dad was the school bully, some of the stuff he does comes from his father.

9. NevilleNeville Longbottom – Oh Neville, why’s it always you? Because you’re awesome that’s why. Neville is a role model to people who have disabilities and unlike hothead Harry, Neville’s actually sweet. Just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t have short term memory issues but Neville does have some sort of anxiety disorder, as evidence from this I’ve killed Harry Potter

8. SnapeSeverus Snape – Talk about being a victim of your own creation. I don’t want to get into the politics and policies surrounding Alan Rickman but he was hand picked by Rowling herself. Originally he was going to be played by Tim Roth but I do think Alan was a good choice. But poor Snape, all he wanted was the girl.

7. Sirius BlackSirius Black – Ah Sirius it was clear that you had some playboy issues in Deathly Hallows. For me it’s important to have a relative that isn’t mom or dad that you can turn to in case things don’t work out. I’m surprised Harry doesn’t have PTSD? Sirius was the voice

6. Hermione GrangerHermione Granger – Ok Rowling I know you said you based Hermione on you but come on. Sure she’s book smart but she’s every nerd’s pick. Also Emma Watson is EXACTLY who I pictured as Hermione

5. Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood – This has nothing to do with my soft spot for Evanna Lynch. As a Ravenclaw, you’re all about being yourself. That’s what Luna is all about. Plus she fits the 6th ranger trope quite perfectly for Harry Potter. Different house, marches to her own drum and that’s what I do every day

4. Remus LupinRemus Lupin – He’s probably the one teacher who didn’t let his friendship with James affect his teaching. His death is one of the most noble sacrifices in literature and his werewolfism is terrible but there’s nothing that could be done.

3. Horace SlughornHorace Slughorn – The message that Harry learns in Half Blood Prince is simple. Not all Slytherin are bad and not all Gryffindor are Heroic and noble. Heck Snape busted his hump EVERY DAY just to protect Harry as a double-agent! Although I picture Slughorn looking more like Wilford Brimley haha…

2. Cedric DigoryCedric Digory – All hail the crowned prince of Hogwarts. Goblet of Fire is my second favorite in the series. Turns out Cedric was being raised by his dad, seriously why is there no info on Mrs. Diggory? All we know is that Cedric was the “IT” boy of Hogwarts until his tragic death in 1995.

And for number 1 we have a tie of sorts.

The twinsFred and George Weasley – Honestly I feel bad for these two guys. All they want is to open a joke shop. These guys had it hard. George must have had a hard time when Fred died but losing an ear to dark magic is just salt in the wound. Well that about does it for my top 10 favorite characters. Next time I’ll be going over my bottom 10

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Sam’s Top 10 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Top 10 things to know about people on the Autism Spectrum

Sure this movie is a bit outdated now but I used it in High School to raise awareness for Asperger Syndrome but it’s now called Autism Spectrum Disorder. Welcome my friends to another Top 10 for Sam’s thoughts. Remember that this is all opinion based. Anyone sensitive to someone else’s opinion might want to stop reading. but before we get started I’d like to thank Pilar Lopez an internship coordinator at Bellevue College who even though she has two autistic sons, realizes that even though the cat was out of the bag when she met me, just saw my strengths realized my talents in leadership and was by my impressed with my abilities one of which was being able to speak Spanish. The other person I would like to thank is my health teacher from high school who taught me that I am better than “Normal.” Nowadays I just say that Normal is just a type of Pokemon. With that out of the way let’s started:

10. Just because two people have it doesn’t mean they get along: During my college years I was bullied a lot and while I don’t want to go into details let’s just say I got the short end of the stick. I had to deal with so much bullying it felt like Middle School

9. What you see in the movies, isn’t always true: A lot of people like to romanticize Autism and Asperger’s. Rain Man was good for the late 80’s, Forrest Gump did a great job of capturing it with Bubba. Adam was good but not great, not all Autistic people want to remain single for the rest of their lives! I give The Story of Luke an A for effort but the movie fell flat in some areas.

8. Learn from our stories: I decided to publish a memoir called Shattering the Ice. I want to get my book out there, not just so that I can be an autism advocate on the spectrum but as a Suicide prevention advocate, blood donor etc. I try to be a good person and I believe that I am thanks to some recuperation

7. Some of us can understand Idioms: Autism is a vast a wide spectrum. For some of us, Idioms are too over the top. I can understand them like, “adding salt to the wound” etc.But others may not

6. No two people with Autism are the same. We all have different areas of social skills that we need to work on in some area or another. Some might have it harder finding a job

5. We CAN get things like Humor and Sarcasm: For me Humor and Sarcasm come naturally since I am a comic. I want to make sure that people realize that people with Autism aren’t one trick emotionless robots

4. Just because social skills are harder, doesn’t mean we’re introverted. I actually like being around certain people. The ones that treat me with respect and dignity. Because I have a diagnosis of Autism doesn’t mean I’m not social and outgoing.

3. We have different ways of looking at the world: I contribute to the world by making people laugh, learning to cook etc. Just because we might not see the world YOUR way doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way. You shouldn’t judge someone because they don’t think the same way you you do.

2. We have more than one interest. Now this is one I’m really getting tired of. My ex thought my only interests were stand-up comedy and the power rangers. The latter I outgrew, I am doing a blog chroncling my personal history with the show. I have a multitude of interests such as:

  • Anime
  • Movies
  • Donating Blood
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Writing
  • Standup Comedy
  • Cooking
  • Blogging
  • Script Writing
  • Tokusatsu
  • Mimicking Different Accents and Dialects
  • Marvel and DC
  • Collecting Figurines
  • Different foods
  • Democratic Party

Do you see Power Rangers on here? No? That’s because it’s not so much a part of my life as they are childhood memories. My Dino Thunder VS Abaranger blog should be ready soon

And finally the most important thing to know about Autism is…

We are NOT Idiots!!!! Sure, social skills might be harder for us. But we just have a lot of hurdles and barriers that we break down almost every day. I have people I dislike as does everyone. There is absolutely no reason to treat someone with Autism like a child. Believe you me, I have been dealt this hand. Anyway if you encounter an autistic adult, see what gifts they offer. Don’t treat them like they have one interest and are 12. Someone with Autism might invent something useful #blackfridaymexicanfood

I think I have gone on my soap box long enough, that’s my time. I’ll see you later

Top 10 things to know about people on the Autism Spectrum

Top 10 British Accents

Ah the British Accent. Probably one of the most charming accents in the world.It’s prerry much the most the most charming accent in the world. Today we’re here to honor 10 of them. This blog is dedicated to the memory of Alan Rickman. AKA Professor Snape

First an honorable mention:

RokuWe have James Garrett. For those of you who don’t  know, Garrett was the voice of Avatar Roku in Avatar the last Air bender. If you haven’t seen this show, do yourself a favor and give it a watch! Now onto the list

10. Jeremy IronsJeremy Irons: Jeremy Irons seems to make his British monotone intimidating and threatening. Case in point, when he played Scar. Svar.While Lion King might not be my favorite movie there’s a certain class to his accent that strikes fear. Jeremy wouldn’t be the same if he were from New York. But I digress. His accent stuck fear into me when I was 5 and still adds an oomph that always seems to it.

9. Colin FirthColin Firth: Colin Firth is the Oscar Winner for King’s speech and has a great charm to his voice. I own King’s speech in my movie collection. If you haven’t seen king’s speech, for the love of g-d watch it. In the movie, the guy stutters when he’s talking to his kids. It’s difficult to watch. For those who want to know what my favorite scene is, it’s this one: Swear Scene good job Colin!

8. Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston: I’d really like to meet him one day and grab lunch and just shoot the breeze. From what I have heard from people, he’s a really nice guy. As Loki, he makes his accent intimidating and to which I say kudos.

7. Ralph FiennesRalph Fiennes: Ralph Fiennes has had a lot of intimidating roles in his career. My favorite has to be Ramses from Prince of Egypt. Always Bone Chilling. Most of my peers might know him better as Voldemort but whatever floats your boat.

6. Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart: Now I’m not a trekkie but I do think he adds a quality to his voice that demands presence. Here’s a fun piece of trivia: Originally Patrick was supposed to play Jafar. He was unable to but he didn’t. Nonetheless still a great movie. But I digress.

5. Sean PertweeSean Pertwee: Recently I became a fan of the show Gotham and Pertwee plays Alfred. His accent is pretty damn intimidating.I think that his voice is very gruff and very intense. Take a watch if you don’t already

4. Martin FreemanMartin Freeman: G-d! If there was ever a voice that expressed great Comedy, it’s Martin Freeman. While I didn’t like the Hobbit trilogy I love Sherlock. Plus he’s certainly fun in the world’s end.

3. Ian McKellenIan McKellen: Ah Ian, you’re amazing! You’ve played Gandalf and Magneto. You have such a command in your voice. You’ve done Shakespeare. What can’t you do?

2. Emma WatsonEmma Watson: Ah Emma, why do you tempt me? I’m just a nice guy in America wanting to shoot the breeze with you? What’s that you’ve got a boyfriend already? Damn! All kidding aside, If you don’t know she’s one of my celeb crushes too. Let me tell you something reader, if we were dating I’d love to have her try my cooking.

So who takes home the gold. Well this one is personal… Here we go!

#1. Ace Trainer LiamAce Trainer Liam: For those of you who don’t know, I love Pokemon. Liam is actually my friend and does YouTube videos about Pokemon. I’d actually want to hang out with him. He’s a good friend and he’s got a cute dog. We have much more in common than just Pokemon. I have made him some promises I intend to keep. I can’t wait until we hang out my friend. You’re a great guy! Thank you for being a great friend!

And there you guys go. My Top 10 List of the best British Accents. Sorry for taking so long. See you guys next time, This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts, now you know what’s up!


Top 10 British Accents

Top 10 Tokusatsu Gimmick Items

Ok so I was supposed to make this list for you guys on the 10th but a combination of laziness and scheduling and time management prevented me. I know, excuses excuses but hey I have what’s called a LIFE. I work, I swim and I have more things to talk about then just Toku. For this list Weapons and Henshin devices are off limits So if you think I’m just a comedian I’ll say this to you.

With that out of the way Here are my Top 10 Toku Items. WARNING: Coarse language sparsely included.

First an honorable mention…

advent card decksThe Advent Card decks in Kamen Rider Ryuki: Ok so this season had some of the stiffest acting of any rider season. But that’s a small nitpick. These card decks made me want to be more of a card shark. I’m not talking Yu-gi-oh or Magic the gathering but Blackjack, Poker etc. Ryuki might not be the best season Rider wise but its kind of like Hunger Games and if you read the books or liked the movies, check this out but the bad acting might stretch suspension of disbelief.

10. Shinkenger DiscsThe Discs from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Ok So If you don’t know, Shinkenger is probably one of my favorite Super Sentai Seasons. Why? It was basically about a war between the two sides. These discs weren’t just for holding mech but also the source of their powers. You’re probably wondering what I thought of Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai. Well… They took the seriousness out of Shinkenger and replaced it with one liners. While that’s not a bad thing but for someone like me who enjoyed the Sentai I kind of would have liked to see something a bit more original. Case in point Space, Zeo or RPM. But if you’re a sentai fan or liked power rangers growing up and want to see a heavily Japanese inspired season. Check out Shinkenger.

9. Fourze Switches.pngThe Astro Switches from Kamen Rider Fourze: Ok so I haven’t finished Kamen Rider Fourze yet but In Space was one of my favorite PR seasons from when it was in its prime. Kamen Rider not only has good action but some good slapstick. Plus with Meteor keeping his identity a secret to everyone but the audience it’s actually quite fun. It’s one of 3 seasons I’m considering of starting my protege on.

8. Gaia MemoriesThe Gaia Memories from Kamen Rider W: What do I like about this season? Well there’s a lot I like about this season. The fact that our rider is two Rider is for the price of one. It has one of the best themes. The fact that I could listen to it and imagine my protege and I kicking ass as W. Oh yeah, that little cunt Akiko. Good fucking g-d. Every time she’s on screen she’s either acting like a toddler with bipolar or getting kidnapped. Even in the Accel movie she’s not much better. Good g-d! Oh well, again minor nitpick.

7. cell medalsThe Cell Medals from Kamen Rider OOO:  Ok so Kamen Rider OOO was actually my first rider season. It had fun and I LOVE Kougami. He is a true scene stealer. Because this blog is supposed to be for my good friend Emily and I know it’s a little late but

6. Core MedalsThe Core Medals from Kamen Rider OOO: OOO was a great starter season, what more can I say?

5. Power CoinsThe Power Coins from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: But Sam, this is a blog about Tokusatsu, you can’t include Power Rangers. Well if you don’t like stop reading the fucking blog and go watch some damn porn or trasformers ya fuckin idiot! Your stupidity will not be tolerated on this blog. I was 4 when MMPR came out. I acknowledge Power Rangers for what it is, Childhood memories. Unlike a lot of you lucky bastards I didn’t have a lot of friends to play power rangers with when I was little. But I digress. I don’t want to get into politics and policies here but I will say this, the memories stick with me and I will buy some props for nostalgia.

4. Engine SoulsThe Engine Souls from Go-Onger: Just as OOO was my first Rider Season, Go-Onger was my first Sentai. It’s very reminiscent of the 60’s Batman which I love. You’re probably wondering what I thought of RPM, I loved it. But we’ll delve into that further in October. As far as the war between power rangers and super sentai, let’s not go there.

3. ZyudenchiThe Zyudenchi from Kyoryuger: Ok so Kyoryuger has its problems and I haven’t bothered to see an episode of Dino Charge as I lead a busy life. I don’t have time for power rangers anymore. Excuses. But you know what? You try fitting in my activities and then tell me. But I digress. I love how these are presented.

2. Lockseed2. The Lockseed from Kamen Rider Gaim: Ok so I haven’t seen Gaim Yet but these make me hungry. But you know what, when I watch Gaim I am gonna munch on a #28 from Jersey Mike’s, some jelly bellies and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.

And my absolute favorite toku item is….

  1. ranger keys The Ranger Keys from Gokaiger: WAHHHH This is a cop out. Well if you think that, go grab a bottle you arrogant little infant. Gokaiger came out when I was going through an abusive relationship and it was my means of salvation. It brought my friend Katie closer together and it introduced me to my favorite sentai of all. Gai Ikari. If you ever actually have a conversation with me, know that I am very passionate like Gai is. My protege put it best, “Super Sentai ups the ante of power rangers.”

And those are my top 10 Toku gimmick items, if you like my list good for you but if you disagree

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month for Top 10 coolest British Accents and Top 10 Influential African Americans. This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts and now you know what’s up.

Top 10 Tokusatsu Gimmick Items

The Best and Worst Pokemon Movies

Pokemon Movies have been hit and miss. Some have been Good, Some have been terrible and others have been just OK. Today we’re here to look at the best and the worst. Please note I’m only going by the dub so I will do subbed movies later.


First off before we get started, I do have some honorable mentions

LucarioLucario and the Mystery of Mew is truly a swan song for the original cast. I had a fun time watching it and I really think Veronica Taylor, Eric Stuart and everyone gave it their all.

Jirachi Wish MakerJirachi Wish Maker is good because the focus for once isn’t on Ash this time around. It’s nice to see that.

5. Pm2kSure this movie features Ash saving the world from a plot but you know what, it’s fun. Plus Lugia is good

4. Kyurem and the Sword of JusticeKyurem and the Sword of Justice is a great coming of age story. Once again Ash isn’t the focus, Keldeo is. At a time when Pokemon was at its darkest hour this movie broke barriers and got me excited

3. DarkraiWhat?! Darkrai’s not number 1? Well hear me out. This is my list. Sure this movie is good but it’s insanely popular and while I liked it and give it the bronze on this list, it’s just not my favorite. I hate how Dialga sounds like that lizard creature from the prequels.

2. 4EverAllow me to tell you guys a little story. Let’s rewind the clock to February 2014. The Seahawks have just won the superbowl. I’m a senior in college on my way to work. I’m stuck in traffic, due to taking the bus. I don’t think I’m going to make it to work. What’s worse I need to find a bathroom. I ended up a mess and had to go home. There was no way I was going to make it to work. I am desperately upset so I pop in the 4th Pokemon movie and all my worries go away.

  1. ArceusArceus and the Jewel of life is the first Pokemon movie that felt like an actual movie. Sure there are flaws and the Jewel of Life is a McGuffin but you know what, I had fun with this one and wouldn’t mind owning it.

Now that we’ve talked about the good ones let’s get to the fun half, the bad ones


Pokemon Movie 3The Fan base seems to like this one but I really can’t stand it. I know a lot of people like it but honestly it’s just forgettable to me

HeroesHonestly I saw the twist ending from the beginning of the movie. Plus the animation isn’t pleasant

DiancieDear g-d they’re not even trying anymore! It’s like it was written by a 6 year old. Ok I know Pokemon’s target audience is kids but still, show at least some dignity for the older viewers

5. Pokemon RangerI used to really like this movie. But the more I watched it the more I realized it’s just a commercial for the ranger games plus it’s a 2 hour movie. F***!

4. #1I can feel the hate already but hear me out. I saw this movie when I was 9. I watched it again as an adult and I found one thing that really pissed me off. The fact that they made it all to be a dream. How Lazy is that?!

3. GiratinaThis Movie had one job and that is to not suck. It failed at that. I’m sorry but Shaymin is a brat. The Villain is forgettable and I’m tired of Villains who are the sidekick who want revenge!

2. Genesect novieWhy does Ash act like he’s never seen Mewtwo? Oh right this is a different Mewrwo! I get it… UGH!

  1. ZoroarkDamn this movie. You had one job. Make a smooth transition to Gen V. This movie is a smack in the face and deserves much worse than an F.

And there you have it… My Best and Worst Pokemon. Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta catch em all!




The Best and Worst Pokemon Movies

Top 10 Pokemon I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley

With Halloween being two weeks away, I thought I might give you guys a look at some Pokemon that I’d hate to bump into a dark alley. Get ready for some frightening fun…

10. Ursaring: UrsaringNow if I had a 6 foot tall bear staring at me I would know shit is about to hit the fan. I’m 6′ 2″ and with Ursaring being about as tall as me I know that one Hyper Beam or Focus Blast could send me to the hospital!

9. Electrode: ElectrodeIf you have ever played Pokemon Snap or watched an episode of the anime, you know that the slightest touch of these guys will set them to explode.It makes you wonder how they ever get caught! but as I wrote about in blind as a bat, maybe causing one to explode would lead to blindness

8. Primeape: PrimeapeNow I’m not scared of Monkeys at all but a pig monkey with a temper, Shit is going to hit the fan if you make this guy angry. The last thing I want is to beaten up in the dead of night.

7. Muk: MukNow I what you’re thinking; Sam, Muk’s just a pile of shit! Well consider the following friends, Do you want a pile of poisonous shit, globbing over you until you die? In the anime, Ash’s Muk was hilarious and I know the joke. But let’s be mature here! If Muk is caught the wrong way you could be 6 feet under!

6. Weavile: WeavileWeavile is one fast and deadly . Plus do you want to be frozen solid? Let’s just be glad that Pokemon aren’t real because it would screw you over.

5. Scyther: ScytherNothing like a giant praying mantis staring you in the face before you reach your end. Ironically Scyther is one of my favorite Pokemon but I don’t want it staring me in the face at night.

4. Victrebel: VictrebelDo I need to say more than this image?

3. Spinirak: SpinarakI don’t like spiders, I used to be afraid of them but now not so much. Now I just don’t like them. Considering Spinarak is based off a spider, It’s a little hard to stomach

2. Mr. Mime: I hate and am afraid of clowns and while Mr. Mime is generally helpful to humans, I hate clowns. I hate em! Therefore Mr. Mime is #2 but what’s #1

And the Pokemon I’d never want to run into a dark alley is….

HoundoomHoundoom! Now I’m not religious but what’s Houndoom based off of? A hell hound. Houndoom may be one of my favorite Pokemon but being based off the very personification of hell? Kudos game freak. Quite an impressive feat you got there. For those who don’t know, I love dogs but seeing this as the last thing, I’d know I’d be doing something wrong

This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts and now you know what’s up!

Top 10 Pokemon I wouldn’t want to run into in a dark alley

Top 12 Batman the Animated Series Episodes

What can I say about the Batman Cartoon from the 90s that hasn’t already been said? Well… I can think of one thing. Unlike the Nolan-Batverse which spelled everything out for its viewer, the cartoon made you feel like you were following the case alongside Batman. Case in point, the demon’s quest. Consider it an honorable mention or top 13, but honestly I couldn’t leave these two episodes off. Yes, readers the show is that good. It was actually the first show to mention death. The only show to do that later would be Avatar the last air bender. They’d also mention drugs in The Desert, Which happens to be my favorite episode of ATLA but I digress. Well without any further let’s get down to brass tax and delve right into the top 12 list

WARNING! This blog may contain spoilkers and opinions. If you can’t stomach someone else’s opinion. Why are you here? This blog is called Sam’s thoughts for a reason!

12. The Laughing Fish, Joker FishVegans and Vegetarians don’t have anything to worry about with this episode! When the Joker gets ahold of a fish supply in Gotham he creates his own Joker Fish. each with it’s own personal grin. Of course Joker kills it in this episode. Especially with the scene where he sticks a fish head on Harley Quinn. Laughing Fish. What makes this episode work is perhaps the slapstick If I’m ever in a bad mood, this episode is one that will cheer me up.

11. Beware the gray ghost btggbeware the gray ghost. is a good cautionary tale. Adam West returns as the title role. Plus it’s nice to see a happy moment from Bruce Wayne’s childhood. plus it’s nice to see Adam West return. It’s a good nod to the 60’s Batman and when someone mimics the plot from an episode of the Gray Ghost this episode gives an example of what I said earlier, we solve the case alongside Batman. What else can I say but some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

10. The Man who killed Batman tmwkbtalk about a morally grey episode. A gangster called Sid the Squid who’s a cowardly gangster appears to have killed Batman. This episode is another overlooked gem but I think it’s picking up in popularity thanks to the Nostalgia Critic  As a spoiler, it only looks like Batman was killed. It’s a good mixture of comedy and drama and how a little lie can go a long way. By the way the excerpt is from this episode.

9. Perchance to dream ptdThis is where the all a dream cliche is used correctly. And by the picture the villain in this episode is one of Batman’s most underrated villains the Mad Hatter AKA Jervis Tech. Both Ra’s Al Ghul and The Mad Hatter represent what would happen if Batman crossed the proverbial line. This episode delves right into Batman’s Psyche and hits him where he lives. Speaking of which…

8. Two Face: two faceThis episode is also very morally gray. Hell, it’s a recurring theme. Harvey “Two Face Dent” was actually built up as a likable guy making his fall from grace that much more heartbreaking. They gave him a split personality, and it felt like it could happen to anyone. Here have a look 

the animation in this episode is particularly beautiful. What more can I say but don’t talk to the wrong Harvey

7. Joker's favor The Joker’s Favor: Another Joker focused episode. What makes this episode in interesting is Batman isn’t the main focus, the common man is. A run of the mill guy makes a deal with the Joker that if he leaves him alone he’ll do him a favor. It’s a neat character study on everyone’s favorite clown prince of crime. It’s almost as if Batman is an after thought

6. Blind as a BatBlind as a Bat. This one really gets your brain pounding. While Marvel has Daredevil, a Blind attorney by day, this story really could have been a two part episode if they wanted to flesh it out for morals. After showing the latest in weapon technology, the penguin steals The Raven, the newest art of warfare from Wayne Enterprises. After getting caught an explosion, Bruce temporarily loses his eyesight. Making this episode one hell of a nail biter. This episode needs more recognition! No pun intended but see this one for yourself.

5. Trial TrialThis is one everyone’s favorites and it’s not hard to see why. With Joker playing judge and it really does question whether or not Batman is as unstable as the criminals he brings in. It’s interesting how this episode works itself out.

4. Heart of Ice hoiWinning an Emmy for this episode is Heart of Ice. This is a good example of a sympathetic villain What’s interesting about this one is how this show reinvented Mr. Freeze. take a look 

if that’s not good writing I don’t know what is.

3. Mad Love: Mad LoveIf you want truly being a victim of your own creation look at Harley Quinn/ Harley Quinzel was an intern looking to write a tell all book about the hardcore psychotics of Gotham City. As I said, victim of your own creation. This episode is intense on a psychological sense. Had Heath Ledger lived I would have liked to see Harley Quinn in the Dark Knight Rises. Such as life.

2. Almost Got ‘im This is just the Batman Villains being the Villains. What more do I need to say but “I threw a Rock at Him! It was a big rock!” but the reason it’s not number one is the ending but the bigger winner of this top 10 list is…

Baby Doll Baby DollThis episode takes what Beware the Gray ghost did and made it 10 times better and i’m not going to lie that the ending does get me to cry. It’s a tale that could happen to anyone.

Those are my top 12 Batman episodes. I’ll be back to give you more thoughts and opinions. This has been Sam with Sam’s thoughts, now you know what’s up.

Top 12 Batman the Animated Series Episodes