Top 10 Tokusatsu Gimmick Items

Ok so I was supposed to make this list for you guys on the 10th but a combination of laziness and scheduling and time management prevented me. I know, excuses excuses but hey I have what’s called a LIFE. I work, I swim and I have more things to talk about then just Toku. For this list Weapons and Henshin devices are off limits So if you think I’m just a comedian I’ll say this to you.

With that out of the way Here are my Top 10 Toku Items. WARNING: Coarse language sparsely included.

First an honorable mention…

advent card decksThe Advent Card decks in Kamen Rider Ryuki: Ok so this season had some of the stiffest acting of any rider season. But that’s a small nitpick. These card decks made me want to be more of a card shark. I’m not talking Yu-gi-oh or Magic the gathering but Blackjack, Poker etc. Ryuki might not be the best season Rider wise but its kind of like Hunger Games and if you read the books or liked the movies, check this out but the bad acting might stretch suspension of disbelief.

10. Shinkenger DiscsThe Discs from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Ok So If you don’t know, Shinkenger is probably one of my favorite Super Sentai Seasons. Why? It was basically about a war between the two sides. These discs weren’t just for holding mech but also the source of their powers. You’re probably wondering what I thought of Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai. Well… They took the seriousness out of Shinkenger and replaced it with one liners. While that’s not a bad thing but for someone like me who enjoyed the Sentai I kind of would have liked to see something a bit more original. Case in point Space, Zeo or RPM. But if you’re a sentai fan or liked power rangers growing up and want to see a heavily Japanese inspired season. Check out Shinkenger.

9. Fourze Switches.pngThe Astro Switches from Kamen Rider Fourze: Ok so I haven’t finished Kamen Rider Fourze yet but In Space was one of my favorite PR seasons from when it was in its prime. Kamen Rider not only has good action but some good slapstick. Plus with Meteor keeping his identity a secret to everyone but the audience it’s actually quite fun. It’s one of 3 seasons I’m considering of starting my protege on.

8. Gaia MemoriesThe Gaia Memories from Kamen Rider W: What do I like about this season? Well there’s a lot I like about this season. The fact that our rider is two Rider is for the price of one. It has one of the best themes. The fact that I could listen to it and imagine my protege and I kicking ass as W. Oh yeah, that little cunt Akiko. Good fucking g-d. Every time she’s on screen she’s either acting like a toddler with bipolar or getting kidnapped. Even in the Accel movie she’s not much better. Good g-d! Oh well, again minor nitpick.

7. cell medalsThe Cell Medals from Kamen Rider OOO:  Ok so Kamen Rider OOO was actually my first rider season. It had fun and I LOVE Kougami. He is a true scene stealer. Because this blog is supposed to be for my good friend Emily and I know it’s a little late but

6. Core MedalsThe Core Medals from Kamen Rider OOO: OOO was a great starter season, what more can I say?

5. Power CoinsThe Power Coins from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: But Sam, this is a blog about Tokusatsu, you can’t include Power Rangers. Well if you don’t like stop reading the fucking blog and go watch some damn porn or trasformers ya fuckin idiot! Your stupidity will not be tolerated on this blog. I was 4 when MMPR came out. I acknowledge Power Rangers for what it is, Childhood memories. Unlike a lot of you lucky bastards I didn’t have a lot of friends to play power rangers with when I was little. But I digress. I don’t want to get into politics and policies here but I will say this, the memories stick with me and I will buy some props for nostalgia.

4. Engine SoulsThe Engine Souls from Go-Onger: Just as OOO was my first Rider Season, Go-Onger was my first Sentai. It’s very reminiscent of the 60’s Batman which I love. You’re probably wondering what I thought of RPM, I loved it. But we’ll delve into that further in October. As far as the war between power rangers and super sentai, let’s not go there.

3. ZyudenchiThe Zyudenchi from Kyoryuger: Ok so Kyoryuger has its problems and I haven’t bothered to see an episode of Dino Charge as I lead a busy life. I don’t have time for power rangers anymore. Excuses. But you know what? You try fitting in my activities and then tell me. But I digress. I love how these are presented.

2. Lockseed2. The Lockseed from Kamen Rider Gaim: Ok so I haven’t seen Gaim Yet but these make me hungry. But you know what, when I watch Gaim I am gonna munch on a #28 from Jersey Mike’s, some jelly bellies and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake.

And my absolute favorite toku item is….

  1. ranger keys The Ranger Keys from Gokaiger: WAHHHH This is a cop out. Well if you think that, go grab a bottle you arrogant little infant. Gokaiger came out when I was going through an abusive relationship and it was my means of salvation. It brought my friend Katie closer together and it introduced me to my favorite sentai of all. Gai Ikari. If you ever actually have a conversation with me, know that I am very passionate like Gai is. My protege put it best, “Super Sentai ups the ante of power rangers.”

And those are my top 10 Toku gimmick items, if you like my list good for you but if you disagree

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next month for Top 10 coolest British Accents and Top 10 Influential African Americans. This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts and now you know what’s up.

Top 10 Tokusatsu Gimmick Items

Welcome to the first official Blog

Hola! Bonjour! Shalom! etc. etc.

I just wanna warn you guys spoilers and language ahead

If you haven’t seen Chris Stuckmann’s editorial on why anime is important here’s a link: I love anime and still do. With that said, I also enjoy something called Tokusatsu (Toe-KOO-Saw-Tsoo.) I bet you’re next question is, what the hell is that, Sam?! Well… If you take the time to read the blogs you’ll find out my dear readers 🙂 Tokusatsu translates from Japanese to mean special effects which consist of the following:

GodzillaGodzilla Movies

Kamen RiderKamen Rider (Caw-Men) Rider

Super SentaiAnd Super Sentai (Sent-Eye)

Tokusatsu was created by Shotaro Ishinomori IshinomoriRIP (1938-1998) He developed Kamen Rider and Sentai in the 70s.

In 1992, Sentai had Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger Pronounced (Jew-Ranger). Yeah, Yeah I know. downloadWhy do these guys look familiar? Because in 1993 we’ve got Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Season 1S1. Sentai had been going on for 16 years prior to this point. But let’s introduce the casts of Zyuranger and MMPR Season 1.

Meet Geki (Geck-ee) the team’s leader Geki, VS Jason the original Red RangerASJ. Both of them lead their respective teams well but Geki will get the point on this one because he was a fearless leader. St. John was actually a teenager when the show aired. He went on to serve in armed forces, become a paramedic and pay his dues to society. Goushi in ZyurangerThis is Goushi, He’s the teams stoic intellect. VS Zach played by Walter Jones. Even though at 4, I thought it was racial prejudice. Jones actually lost one of his fingers while filming. He lost the middle finger on his left hand. The Camera hid this from Children. Originally Saban wanted to adapt a show called Bioman Which was a sentai series from 1984. BiomanThe Pink Ranger in Zyuranger was named MeiMei ZyurangerShe was portrayed by Reiko Chiba. She was only 17 at the time. VS Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) Dan Dan was the comic relief in Zyuranger. Now this is where PR fans may notice a difference. David Yost played Billy and he was a nerd. But behind the scenes he faced sexual harassment. BoiThis is Boi (Boy) yes… I know he was the Youngest. These heroes were from the age of the dinosaur and a Wizard named Barzar gave them their power coins… I mean… Dino Medallions and they formed Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger. Of course everyone knows the Mighty Morphin Story. 2 scientists land on the moon and awaken Rita Repulsa and A wise sage name Zordon chooses five teenagers to save the world. Here’s the story with Zyuranger Two Scientists from Planet Nemesis awoke Witch Bandora, And then the story begins a wizard name Barza Barzahe was a sage who helped the Zyurangers. and it was interesting. And Now for the Real Heated stuff…

Tommy Green RangerTommy… Everyone who knows who Tommy and Kimberly are. If you don’t, here ya go. Tommy gets kidnapped and brainwashed and it’s a 5 part epic and basically wrecks the command center earns the sword of darkness, then goes onto destroy the zords and eventually joins the team and they get Dragonzord in Fighting Mode. Originally JDF’s contract was supposed to last until Green Candle and then have a small cameo in Doomsday. But kids loved him and Saban brought him back in a two part epic called return of an old friend and he had to rely on Zordon’s energy. I don’t have anything nice to say about JDF but let’s talk about his Sentai counterpart.

Before I start all the Zyurangers were put into Stasis until the world needed them again so now let’s meet Burai

BuraiBurai (Boo-rye) was self trained to become a zyuranger. He was pissed off at Geki because the real king of the Yamato tribe was killed and that was his father. Geki was adopted and then later on they got fighting. He worked for Witch Bandora. It was a 6 part epic, he joined her side for awhile. Maybe because he was tired of all the wild parties Bandora through. So later he meets clotho the spirit of life. In Sentai, were guardian beast gods and since Saban Entertainment didn’t like it, they switched it and called them Zords. Meet Clotho the Spirit of lifeClothoThis little KKK reject gave Burai his own weapon the Zyusoken (Jew-Soak-en) which he could use to summon the Dragon Caesar. He also said I’ve got good news and Bad news. I have prepared a lapless room where no time will pass. The bad news is you actually died in a cave in and died in the age of the dinosaurs and now you’ve got 32 hours to live! Eventually Burai joins Geki and forgives his brother since Geki was an infant and then the Daizyujin (Die-Jew-Gin) (Original Megazord) tells them to come together as one team. Since Burai only had 32 hours left of his life, he was kind of a loner. When the original season came out it made Tommy look like a lone wolf and he was only focusing on his Karate. Kids loved it.

In Japan there was a poll on whether Burai should live or die and live won out and they showed them death is a bitch and they killed him off anyway. Zyuranger used a lot of its own stock footage and throughout the show, they revealed the reason Bandora hates kids. As the series progresses we meat Dai Satan (Great Satan) and it’s revealed that Bandora’s own son Kai was an asshole and loved to futz around with Dinosaur eggs. Burai appears from Death ones to give the Zyurangers one final pep talk and in Sentai Goldar, Griforzer (Grif-four-zer) and and Scorpina (Lami Law-mee) are married and they have a son and are placed in an urn

MMPR Season 1 ended with An Oyster Stew and Mighty Morphin Mutants. Zyuranger ended with some Dino eggs which contain the last two remaining dinos on the planet.

So which is actually the superior season… Zyuranger! Mighty Morphin formed the Megazord from the first episode and Zyuranger built it up for plot! As someone who started watching Mighty Morphin at 4, I think season was tacky but it was a Magic VS Technology feeling.

As Someone who enjoyed toku starting at 20, I knew it would start a new chapter in my life. I met my friend Jasmine Giles on a leadership retreat. This is your shoutout. I hope you enjoyed this review and this has been Sam’s thoughts… Now you know what’s up?!

Welcome to the first official Blog

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Review

ImageSo those expecting a review of Naruto. It’ll come. Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. Ninja Sentai Kakuranger is the story of Sasuke and Saizou as they are tricked into opening the Yokai Door which has stayed closed for 400 years. Now Tsuruhime, Sasuke, Saizou, Seikai and Jiraya all have to work together to reseal the door and restore peace once again. So along the way they get different powers and different ways of handling things. When Saban did MMPR Season 3 he did everything backwards. In the beginning the Kakurangers have the shogun mechs and have to earn their respective mech, The Falcon (tsubasamaru) has a mind of its own.

Pros and Cons

+ Jiraya – in the Beginning episodes Jiraya didn’t speak much Japanese so for us non Japanese Speakers it was nice to have someone to follow along on this journey  

X Tone Inconsistency – This season had really dark moments but they didn’t carry from episode to episode 

Overall this season was a lot of fun to watch and gets a well earned 3 out of 4. It could have had room to improve but what it does well it does well

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger Review