You have Ass-boogers too? All this time I thought I was the only one on the spectrum who liked this! Another digital friendship story

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Australian Flag

If you live in America, you should know I got my start in comedy long before my parents got a divorce,. Their divorce is a scar that cannot be seen but it does hurt because when they divorced I still wanted to be a good son to both of them. As I’ve gotten older the struggle to talk about things like tokusatsu, anime, movies etc was never a burden with my dad. He also was impressed with how I’ve become a really good cook at 25 which is basically the equivalent of a driver’s license for me.

Meanwhile in Australia there’s a young man by the name of Lex. Lex also enjoys anime, super sentai, kamen rider, movies and yes baby boomers we even discuss power rangers with the last good season being RPM. There will be a fact VS stereotype blog soon. In college a former friend used to reference the 1978 Superman

Lex wasn’t jealous that I went to go off to Israel, I also met him before I taught Nelson about Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. He might be allergic to Chinese but as his best friend on Facebook, we definitely have each other’s backs. For those of you who don’t know how this blog got off the ground, it was because I hated my college director and wanted to resort to swearing because I was so angry.

After my breakup with my ex girlfriend, 95% of the people sided with my ex and because both sides of my family are Jewish, I found Jewish students who don’t even know what Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur are. I hate to use this scene from the potter verse because it promotes transphobia but this is what it was like explaining Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur to people of my own faith:

For those of you who don’t know me, I stood up to Rowling through this blog because of her transphobic comments on June 6th. June is pride month for the LGBT community and I’ve identified as Bi but suppressed it but after my last girlfriend wanted sex, I realized I needed to tell my parents the truth and also get them to acknowledge my online community after their divorce.

Lex and I agree that this character from Sentai is a good depiction of Asperger’s/Autism:

Gokai Silver Henshin

Katie probably agrees with me because we talk all the time albeit through messenger and skype. Giving her son my collection was probably one of the hardest sacrifices I’ve made since I started living on my own but even my cousins who are older are impressed with what I can do! So what the hell are Kamen Rider and Super Sentai?

On April 3, 1971 the first season of Kamen Rider was released. The two times it crossed over to American shores it got mixed results. The first time was with Saban Entertainment and we got Saban’s Masked Rider! The 2nd time was with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. I’ve never seen Dragon Knight but I know people who have. On August 28th, 1993, baby boomers that’s when power rangers premiered.

So why is Gai my favorite character from Super Sentai? Well let’s address that in a bit. But let’s watch him kick ass with a power up mode since Lex and I are practically Siamese triplets with Nelson!

There aren’t many people I can talk about Super Sentai and Kamen Rider with. The only person here in America is Nelson. The other 2 are Katie and Lex. I love my parents and I’m luckily to have strong will power because even though I had to deal with a lot of crap in college and that comment about Autism is one of the things that lead to this blog. For lex, here’s some high school standup

Sam at 17…

At 16, I more or less won a comedy talent show at high school and now at 31, The Carona Virus has left me unemployed and with a job coach who’s on her final strike. Strike 1 was seeing me as the autistic guy who is obsessed with Harry Potter albeit this is before Lex and I knew she was Transphobic. Mild irritation but it did define grade school, middle school and Deathly Hallows was senior year. My volunteer site’s bully, I won’t reveal his name but I will out his behaviors that make him “the bully”.

If you read an earlier blog, I’ve abstained from swearing and this impressed one of the staff. As the time’s of this blog is published, the bully is 52 and acts like a stereotype and he’s clearly jealous since I’m more than 20 years his junior. He thinks he’s funny by screaming at the top of his lungs and so far I’ve been successful at ignoring him. My strategy is not to take him seriously and ignore him when he talks in a high pitched voice and uses his catch phrase of “you’re fired”

Here’s my philosophy, when you’re under the age of 18 and you connect with someone on social media you have to maintain certain boundaries. Find things you have in common and grow from there.

With Lex, his parents are very protective of him when really I’m just 4 years older and we like the same stuff…

Lex, Nelson and I all agree that what happened to David Yost was wrong even if Nelson and I disagree politically. Nelson was the friend that Fuzzy wanted me to find in college. When Fuzzy was still alive my journey to tokusatsu was just beginning. I had a falling out with someone in state because that’s all he would talk about and that’s all he gave a damn about. When my podcast with Tony gets started it will be fun. Lex is invested as I am in Tokusatsu. To conclude, here’s a song from Toku in Thailand and some encouraging words for Mr. Louw…

Sport Ranger

Lex, my facebook bro. All your life people are going to judge you. I’ve been out about having Asperger’s starting at 16. I was bullied for it. We both know that being autistic we’re not robots. The Carona Virus has shown the world its true colors. Let’s be thankful that Doug Walker’s surfaced before the pandemic.

Give them hope

Lex, telling my parents I’m bi and my online community was one of my biggest struggles and even though my sexual orientation is now known by my family. It doesn’t matter that you live in Australia or that Nelson’s parents hate me. The day I lost someone to suicide, Nelson came over immediately and gave me a hug. The 3 of us are joined by our but cheeks and even though you have yet to come to Seattle, we are brothers and we always will be!

You have Ass-boogers too? All this time I thought I was the only one on the spectrum who liked this! Another digital friendship story

Power Rangers 2017 honest thoughts

PR2017When watching power rangers you have to set your expectations on very low. Teenage to early 20 year olds in colorful spandex are good whereas space aliens who want to take over and destroy the world are bad. Was it worth it to make Zordon the original red? Not really. It was just fan service.

Was this a good movie? No. Was it good for power rangers? Kinda. It was certainly better than some Disney seasons. Was it a bad movie? Yes! The Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank cameo was so forced, JDF was busted trying to film his own cameo! Here are my biggest wtfs of the movie

  • Zach isn’t an idiot! He wasn’t a brain like Billy in the 90s show but he certainly wasn’t a meathead like Jason
  • Autism does NOT define a character. I swear to g-d Jason is taking advantage of Billy the whole movie!
  • OK I will give the movie this – the realistic feel of them being teenagers is doable
  • Like Billy’s autism, Trini’s sexuality is there just for plot! You have an autistic character there just to be there and you have an LGBT character just for the sake of being there. PR has Autistic and LGBT fans so cut the crap

One of my biggest annoyances is the oversexualization. Elizabeth Banks is in her 40s, Naomi Scott and Becky G are in their early 20s. Hiring overly attractive people does NOT guarantee success on your movie! Was this movie as offensive as the first season? No. I want to thank Tony for giving me a copy to have for my movie library and if you want your nostalgia wiped for a gritty 2 hour reboot, give this a watch. If you don’t, save your memories and the 2 hours and don’t watch this. The choice is yours!

Power Rangers 2017 honest thoughts

Sam’s power rangers ranked worst to best Part 1 of 3

This was a blog requested by my friend Tony and my friend Thomas would want to read this as well. Let’s see how my list compares to his. Since we’re counting Down. Let’s start with Disney, and take precautions as there will be spoilers!

7. Operation Overdrive 

Mercury Ranger

The Good – The factions of villains are pretty fun and honestly they’re better then the sentai. Even though Mack’s story is Pinocchio, he was fine. He was enjoyable. Rose had her moments and was very middle of the road. Tyzonn. He’s honestly a really awesome 6th ranger. Plus the name Mercury Ranger rolls off plus the megazords are pretty cool with my favorite being Flashpoint Megazord

Final analysis. This season is all over the place. It’s like they didn’t know what to do and just hit (Insert explitive here) it it’s enjoyable on The Room level. Mack’s Battlizer is just lazy. Plus what kind of name is Sentinel Knight? The name that drives me crazy the most is Drivemax and Sonic Streaker.


6. Power Rangers Mystic Force

This is the first season that doesn’t fall flat on its face

So what’s good? It has a lot less shut up Dax moments here’s the count for each ranger. Daggeron: 0 Leanbow: 0 Udonna 1 Nick: 2 Maddison: 0 Xander: More or less every line in Petrified Xander. Or any time he mentions Plan Xander Vida: 2 or 3 Chip: Nick: When he gets his light and the episode where he becomes Koragg. The fact that the rangers are their zords is actually pretty fun.

The bad – Nick got way too much focus. Sure it’s good to give the rangers hobbies. but Nick’s backstory is Empire Strikes back. Chip as the comic relief I actually like. Vida is 2nd place for number of Shut up, Dax moments. Xander is tied with Nick if not more. But As for the theme song I actually kind of like it. It’s more open ended

Final Analysis: The Disney seasons range from good to Average with one being a so bad it’s good. That one being Operation Overdrive. This is an average season so I’ll give it a C

5. Power Rangers Dino Thunder

The Good – First of all, this is one of the few themes, I know that doesn’t include, “Go” Do I like that Tommy came back, well yes and no. If I had to tweak Dino Thunder imagine this, David yost comes back as Dino Thunder Black and then have Zach come back but not as Trent but if it’s a reprisal, make Trent Zach’s son.

The Bad – Just because Tommy returned as a mentor turned ranger doesn’t mean it could work. As someone who’s read the comics, Billy has the brawn AND the brains. Tommy might have started out as hired muscle and Zordon did the same thing by making him the White Ranger. As Red Zeo and Turbo, yeah… I got nothing nice. All I can think of as how it was racist. Jason David Frank is Greek on his mother’s side and Native American on his father’s.

4. Power Rangers Ninja Storm… is not terrible

Good – Ninja Storm showed the rangers having jobs besides saving the world. One of my gripes is they never showed a Tori/Blake morph. They showed a Hunter/Shane morph. #RIPPua for those of you who are like my friend Jenna who are unaware but know the occasional things, Pua Magasiva died around the week succeeding mother’s day. 5 of the 6 rangers I did like. Cameron is actually who I am. He’s truly the audience character and no better way sums that better than when he becomes a ranger himself. I’ll talk about Pua Magasiva’s death later and how Nelson and I are the thunder rangers.

3.  Power Rangers SPD

Here’s the good: Ron Wasserman returns. Is it better than Dekaranger, that’s debatable. Sentai Purists would have you believe otherwise. Since this is one thing Power Rangers did better, Bridge is the first known Jewish ranger. Sure he’s the comic relief but he eventually becomes Red but who has the most shut up Dax moments…

The bad – The Omega ranger! With his name being Sam, it’s frustrating! His civilian identity is non-existent. Did  Disney just not have it in their budget to cast someone else? We will never know. They made him Navi the fairy.

2. Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Taking out the bubblegum pop theme of this season. It’s not bad. The villains aren’t evil for the sake of evil this time. RJ seems more like the first stoner ranger than a Zen master.That having been said, this season is a lot of fun. It’s good for first timers and even though it’s one of those divider fanbase seasons but I actually enjoy most of it. Is it better than Gekiranger? Well Gekiranger isn’t a Disney season of power rangers now is it? By process of elimination you know that number 1 is…

Power Rangers RPM

This is probably the most polarizing season I have ever come across as a fan. Some fans love it, others think it’s an in Space rip off. This has been the only season to take place not on the west coast but the east coast and I believe it’s around New York. As I’m also an actor, I can swap accents and dialects quickly and I used to want to be on Channel Awesome but because the walker brothers are bald headed egotists, Doug played the liar revealed card to us fans

To Be Continued…


Sam’s power rangers ranked worst to best Part 1 of 3

Upcoming announcements!

Hey guys, As I post this blog, it’s pretty late here in Seattle but I just wanted to give you guys some quick updates:

  • My French Toast recipe will be up soon, I promise! Probably sometime after Passover!
  • I’ve decided to review Power Rangers 2017 for you guys. I received it as a gift from my friend Tony.

Who is Tony you may ask> Let’s talk about him. After my parents divorced in 2007, I made a wish to find comfort in friends that would help me survive my parents divorce and in Fall 2007 I met Tony online. Tony never got to meet Fuzzy, be there when I got home from birthright or when I graduated college. He did however help me cope with Fuzzy’s death and when I lost a really good friend to suicide in 2016, he stood strongly by my side despite not being there in person. His parents have done a good job raising him!

I even introduced Tony to Nelson. Tony was actually the first person I was able to talk about power rangers with like an adult. We talk about stuff from The 90s a lot. When I was at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, I remember thinking how lucky I am to have him in my life. Then again I own 4 horseshoes but I digress. Tony always finds it amusing when I swear because I rarely ever do.

I think the best part of my friendship with Tony is he’s a fellow doggy owner. One thing you guys will find funny about me is when I used to listen to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, when he would sing, “The bright blessed day and dark sacred night.” I thought he said, “The bright blessed day and dogs say good night.”

Tony acts tough but I’m capable of throwing (explitive missing) back at him! For example, I tell him how far I can go in the water and his response is usually, “You beast!” or if I tell him about a recipe, he’ll usually say something like, “That’s Badass!” If I were to introduce Tony to some of my Seattle crew it would have to be my friends; Katie, Sean, Shawn, Nelson, Josh and David.

When he meets Katie, I’d probably go with him to a Thai or Sushi bar and speak with a British accent and I know Katie wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face and she’d probably tell Katie she has a brain injury and she went to school with me and rat tony out for being the youngest of the 3 of us. I’d keep in character with my British accent and even though Katie has a hard time remembering things due to her brain injury she’d never forget it, just like she never forgot about meeting David.

Sean would be happy that he found someone nice named Tony. He, Shawn and myself were bullied in high school by someone of the same name. In my experiences with bullies most of them were named Tony, Anthony or some variant thereof but I digress.

Shawn would probably want to tell Tony everything he knows about animals. My favorite quote of Shawn’s is, “I love animals but I’m not a vegetarian. It’s not my fault they’re so tasty.” Even though I met Sean and Shawn in High School our friendship transferred over to college. Both Sean and Shawn have met David’s dad.

Avatar Roku once said, “Some friendships are so strong they can even transcend lifetimes.” with David, the proof is in the pudding. Before my Bar Mitzvah I didn’t have any real friends. Two weeks after my Bar Mitzvah, David had his. David and I met at a summer camp in 2002 and the rest is history. David’s best qualities as a friend are his patience, non-judgemental, good sense of humor and man is he smart!

Last but not least is Josh. My 14th birthday was an interesting one. I transferred to a new school after getting diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression. I remember wishing for a friend around my younger brother’s age, Enter Josh! Because of his work, Josh and I aren’t allowed to see each other after hours. With that said, he reads my writing, follows my advice and we have enough in common 8 ways to Sunday. Although both of us are of are of the Jewish faith, Josh’s ancestry is a little more diverse than mine. At the end of the camp, Josh’s counselor introduced him to me in the hopes we’d be lifelong friends. Well he got his wish and when I get married both the counselor and Josh will be invited.

Those are the people Tony would enjoy meeting in Seattle. I’ve been twisting his arm to see Coco. I’m a Pixar lover with Coco being the gold standard. My 3 favorites besides the Toy Story trilogy has to be Coco before that it was Up. If it wasn’t for Tony, I wouldn’t have been able to weather the storm of my parents divorce. I’m thankful for 11 years of friendship and to conclude here’s a song from the 90s Tony and I didn’t talk about…

Be Our Guest!

Upcoming announcements!

Belle exists? A tale of friendship

Before we get into the ideologies of Ravenclaw and Slytherin, I want to talk about a special friendship that has meant a lot to me over the past 8 years.

From 3rd grade to my sophomore year, I was the target of my synagogue’s bully. What I don’t understand is why he would pick on me? We carpooled with his parents and they were on the synagogue’s choir. Although I’ve been bullied my whole life, the 3 I had in grade school admitted they were wrong. 2010 was a mixed bag for me, I started getting active in student leadership and I left after a year because nothing was getting done and I was shamed for being autistic by an instructor and I joined the freshman mentors. I met two friends online and a 3rd on my Israel tour

The first person I met and her name is Tammy. Not only was I the first Jewish person I met but I was also the first person she met who had Asperger’s. She and I first started talking. Her dad had recently died and Fuzzy had been dead for a few months. Now she wants me to walk her down the aisle. I’m saving money for a flight.

The 2nd person who changed my life I met before I left for Israel and she left told me to have a lot of fun and even though power rangers aren’t a part of my life here’s why David left for those unaware:

Her name is Katie. Like me Katie is the warm and Fuzzy type and we’re both foodies. Difference is I was fortunate enough to be born in Seattle and I’ve helped her improve her English and now my friend Nelson and I want to get David Yost and hopefully some other actors because even though I was 18 when I was diagnosed with Bipolar and at the time of this blog’s release I’m not even 30.

When I went on my trip, I didn’t like myself very much but one of my friends online told me it’s ok to have butterflies in your stomach about seeing someone again. This friend is the one who reminds me of Belle. I think she should actually go as Belle for Halloween or Purim and I would love to have her at my place. When I first met her she already knew about David. Side note: although I’m not gay, David is one of my favorite names. Anyway she brought up is that Beauty and the Beast was nominated for best picture and in 1992 that was unheard of. One of the things I brought up is the movie that Kevin watches in Home Alone is fake. her response was, “Oh my g-d really?”

That having been said, what really impressed her the much was how much I knew about power rangers and even though I’ve stopped watching one of the show and my knowledge turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After my tour I met a friend from college who will be my co-host for a comedy show called laugh your ass-burger off. As I got older we don’t lose friends but those who truly are our friends they stick to us like butter on a skillet.

In conclusion I’m still continuing my skills as a chef, comedian and goals to be a class act. Coco taught me that you must remember the things you do in this life. Mewtwo put it better though

Finally you should know my friend Alex’s favorite Pokémon is Dragonite so this is for him

Belle exists? A tale of friendship

Hero to Villain – My testimony regarding channel awesome

WalkerHello I’m the Nostalgia blogger, I write about it so you can forget about it! Let’s talk about Douglas D. Walker. In the early days of YouTube Walker created a character called the Nostalgia Critic, someone who rags on 80s and 90s stuff and I wanted to work for him but now that the change the channel movement has come and is a thing now I’ll give you my will and testimony. Just to warn you, all my venom will be vented through my writing, so if I say any swear words and you happen to like Doug, so did I… once! Before I start ragging on the guy I will give some props. Getting rid of the autism joke in the Ernest Saves Christmas review was smart and to admit it was in poor taste, good job Walker.

Walker started making videos on YouTube but then started his own page because YouTube’s copyright laws were getting out of hand. In December  of 2010, I met Jenna. A tour mate who believed that my knowledge of Power Rangers, Super Sentai and Kamen Rider could get me a job with channel awesome and believe you me, I wanted to work for Walker. So why don’t I now? We’ll get to that later.

After I learned to cook, I figured I’d do a comedy/cooking show for Walker. Maybe I could do something unique and creative. There was one hiccup, Walker was all the way out in Chicago and I’m in Seattle. Then the Anniversary specials started happening and they were… iffy. As time went on, it was clear something wasn’t kosher.

Justin Carmical AKA Jew Wario killed himself in 2014 and one of Doug’s contributors wanted to leave his thoughts on the death, Walker told him no and we got this

Apparently if you’re away from you’re computer for more than 15 minutes, you could get fired if you worked for channel awesome. There was a lot of under the rug, hush-hush stuff that us viewers weren’t seeing

Walker isn’t the only hero turned villain. When the change the channel movement came out, my friend Jenna pointed out that it’s like the me too movement.

These days, I’m just typing away at my blog, not doing anything besides working on my comedy, new recipes and do I think that Doug Walker can go to hell? Yes! Apparently the walker brothers were stingy with the green. I idolized him and to find out about being stingy with your money and not even giving your employees copies of something they worked on FOR you? What the hell is the matter with you!

Then after returning the character of the nostalgia critic decides he wanted to host a game show, he only put together 12 episodes so that Indiegogo could be satisfied. Consider the following: I told Walker I wanted to be in Channel Awesome to share my recipes and be on the site. He’d probably say no because he already has Linkara and Walter Banasiak.

As time passed, Doug grew less impressive in my eyes. How it Should have ended is funnier. Do I still want to be part of channel awesome despite all the seediness and controversy? Of course… NOT!

Walker is a cringe king, his videos are getting worse and worse and I feel bad for Tamara and Malcolm. The one thing kinda sorta enjoy nowadays is Disneycember otherwise things aren’t exactly smooth sailing. I’m just a middle class Jewish autistic comedian with a vision loss trying to make ends meet. Before you rag on me for trolling on walker, know that Little Kurriboh was a lot like him. The only reason I don’t rag on him is because I haven’t watched Yugioh Abridged in a while but as for Walker, clean up your act, treat your employees better, Michaud and Ellis and maybe I’d work for them.

Anyway it might seem like I’m a little harsh on Doug but honestly, after hearing these testimonies and the fact they weren’t even paid or got next to nothing. What was really sketchy was a few years ago when Doug Walker was asking for donations for his game show. For the more expensive prizes you also had to pay to go to Illinois. It may seem like I’m ragging on walker but guess what, I idolized him as mentioned earlier but now he’s awful.

Throwing a tantrum just because someone on his site made a tweet that he and Sub Zero were the same? I know that I really shouldn’t speak ill of Walker since I never met him but the fact that he was hiding so much and since he went downhill, was just… ugh! Anyway, the next blog will be far more positive I just wanted to say that Doug Walker went from being wonderful to soaking up 15 minutes of fame and needs to be humble to sum this up better than me, here’s someone far more suited to rag on walker


Hero to Villain – My testimony regarding channel awesome

Power Rangers – Dimensions in Danger was it good?


As someone who loved Power Rangers as a kid and who wanted to be a part of channel awesome to have debates with Linkara and to have his own panel at Power Morphicon or some kind of con one day and whose made a choice since he was 10 to act older than his age group but still lets his inner 13 year old take over when doing comedy or speaking I try to please MOST people. In fact, I’m working on a follow up blog to my Alexandra Olson blog but this unsung hero is still alive. Anyways, Dimensions in Danger was it good?

It starts off where Outfoxed left off and because of what I’ve heard about the Neo Saban Era from Mr. Weenie, things are 50/50. It starts off with a new villain named Draven abducting veteran, excuse me LEGENDARY rangers replacing them with robots. The only 4 able to escape him were Wes Collins (Time Force Red), Koda (Dino Charge Blue), Gemma (RPM Series Silver) and his royal majesty the great ruler of 1990s and eater of long haired Pomeranian chihuahua mixes everywhere Tommy Oliver (MMPR Green/White/Red Zeo/Black Dino Thunder and Red Turbo I). Other cameos were Rocky DeSantos (MMPR Red II/Zeo Ranger 3), Katherine Hilliard (MMPR Pink II, Zeo Ranger I, Pink Turbo I), TJ (Red Turbo II, Blue Space Ranger) Trent Mercer, (Dino Thunder White) Antonio (Gold Samurai Ranger) and Gia (Megaforce/Super Megaforce Yellow). While I do think Ciara Hana is pretty and Mr. Weenie Interviewed her for his YouTube channel and while I haven’t gotten around to watch his interview with Ciara she starts to show signs of being Makeup driven which for someone young, granted Ciara and I are in the same age bracket and I am older than her albeit not by much and Gia is a part she got hired for, my grand aunt lived to be 90 and left behind a legacy of warmth, kindness and talents but I digress back to this episode. The legendary rangers split ways with the ninja steel team and then they invade Draven’s fortress. Tommy fights himself, while that scene was ok, Tommy says you need something called a master morpher. to fight because the robot lacks heart the ninja steel teams up with the current team. Draven is defeated. Madame Odius (which I’ll give credit where credit is due is a decent name for a PR villain) makes him grow but good ol Tommy summons the Falconzord to save the day. Everyone gives Mazel Tov to the Ninja Steel team and the episode ends with each team of rangers returning to their different dimensions.

Well Pros and Cons

Good…ish Seeing Tommy fight his doppelganger. Until he morphed into Green which still makes no g-d damn sense because of Green No More, was really fun

Bad… Giving Jason Frank too much to do. Neither Mr. Weenie nor I are fans of this multi-colored glory hog. It was clear that it was a Katherommy story. Even though I’m straight, I came from a family where there’s lots of love, I’d embrace him in a hug if he asked me too. My best friend whom I’ve known since middle school is getting married and I’m a middle class Jewish comedian from Seattle

Good seeing Wes and Gemma hold their own. In Time Force, Wes started off as the spoiled rich kid who earned his powers. I volunteer at a non profit making meals once a week and have a part time job and Matt, one of the staff pointed out to me, I’ve changed the way people look at meal times but I digress. Although I do think Li-Ming-Hu is cute the twins get on my nerve for personal reasons and I don’t want to delve into it on my blog

All and all it looked kinda forced and sloppy with Tommy and Katherine having a child named JJ. Does it have repeat value? No. But people need to know this about me, you might have read my blogs, you might read my words, you might see my stand-up but ask yourself at the end of the day, did I do some things that I needed to accomplish today. I’ve been out on having Asperger’s since I was 16, when I publish my next unsung heroes blog you’ll learn about someone who met me when I was 14 and that friendship became a brotherhood

Final Grade… C-

What was I expecting? This is power rangers. While I have been watching the 2003 Ninja Turtles lately. Power Rangers tries too hard to stay trendy and cool at times. My friend Jenna believes in me enough to be on channel awesome before it folded and the change the channel movement started.   As someone who Idolized Walker but as a nice Jewish guy who wouldn’t be stingy with his talents but can call someone out if necessary, if you’re bullying someone, I’m the kinda guy who will say, “cut it out” and on my next unsung heroes blog you’ll find out about Mr. Abel Charrow and how his friendship lead to a prophecy that came true in college

Thanks for Reading

Power Rangers – Dimensions in Danger was it good?

Dimensions in Danger – Will it be good?

For those of who know me, know that I’m a guy who while I’ve stopped watching the power rangers, I know a lot about it. In fact, I won over a few close friends with how much I know about the show. When I was in my early 20s I started discovering Tokusatsu. If you want to be black and white about things, yes Power Rangers can count but as American Tokusatsu but so can Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While I haven’t seen Ninja Steel, I am going to look at the Dimensions in Danger anniversary episode and review it, just to say I’ve seen it.

The last season I watched in full was Power Rangers RPM. In high school and parts of college I would watch off and on for Nostalgia. The only ones that I liked from that point where I was watching off and on were Dino Thunder, SPD, Jungle Fury and RPM. Ninja Storm is starting to grow on me. So yes, expect a review. I’d now like to

I’ve met a lot of wonderful people via the power rangers including my friend Tony whom I have known for 10 years. Jon, who’s known on YouTube as Mr. Weenie. Katie, who I met in 2010 who’s all the way in Russia. Even someone who I met on my birthright tour who’s not a fan but was blown away by how much I know. I also met a fan in India. I also met fans in South Carolina. I even met some fans in the UK who are pretty rad.

One of the UK ranger fans encouraged my reading goal of 100 books. As of this moment I’m at 34. I think he’d probably be proud of this. My hopes aren’t very high but I will make you readers a deal. If I like it, I will cover and review the Neo Saban seasons on my blog, if I don’t, you guys find a way to owe me for those 20 minutes I spent watching :P.

Here are the rules:

  • If I give it a B+ or better, then I promise to give me thoughts on the Neo-Saban Era of Power Rangers including Beast Morphers and beyond.
  • If it’s Below a B+. then well… how about someone give me a recipe to try out. I don’t know.

This is someone who’s been a fan since the beginning. Anyway I’ll be watching later…



Power Rangers Movie trailer thoughts

When I was a kid, power rangers were the best thing. As I got older I discovered Tokusatsu and that novelty seemed to wear off. Am I a sentai purist now? No! So let’s talk about the trailer. Well, there is going to be grit, that’s for sure. Does this movie look good? That remains to be said. Ever since Christopher Nolan rebooted Batman, it seems everyone is riding his coattails and now it’s time for power rangers to do the same thing.

If you ask me, the trailer just showed the whole movie. Good job. If you haven’t heard my thoughts on Rita and the rangers I’ll give it to you briefly. Rita looks like shit, the costumes look like Iron Man costumes and some people are letting their nostalgia cloud their judgement. However I’m not totally heartless. At best I will say this looks better than the Turbo movie.

The Turbo movie was in continuity but it’s been panned by fans and critics alike. While the first movie was panned too, some regard it as a guilty pleasure, myself included. As a movie, it’s just stupid. As for the movie it’s been pushed back several times. So that can’t be good. Let’s just hope to remember this is 2017 and not 1993. Go go power reboot. In all seriousness, I don’t know how I feel making the power rangers delinquents. Hopefully this won’t be last air bender bad, fingers crossed.

And if you haven’t seen the trailer, here you go

Power Rangers Movie trailer thoughts

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger VS Power Rangers Jungle Fury

And now welcome to the penultimate review. Welcome my friends to Power Rangers Jungle Fury VS Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger.


This and RPM have two totally different environments. Jungle Fury is kind of like a self-aware B Movie. This and RPM will be spoiler free. Jungle Fury’s bubblegum pop style theme can be annoying but if you look past that, you actually have a fun popcorn season. Sure Power Rangers is known for its camp factor, but this isn’t Joel Schumacher campy, it’s more like a Jackie Chan style camp. Jungle Fury knows exactly what it was and what it wasn’t.

Gekiranger’s atmosphere is more like a fast past yet action driven anime. Such as Dragon Ball Z, Naruto etc. I think my only gripe is the dialect for Jan, Geki Red. EZ Rider of Toku Time has a ptoblem with the Red Ranger being a Jungle boy. The character dynamics in Gekiranger are much different than in Jungle Fury

While I can’t quite give Jungle Fury the point, the race is rather close. The point will go to Gekiranger only because of one thing Disney left out. The animal Kinsei. Close but no cigar. And last but certainly not least…

Power Rangers RPM VS Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger VS Power Rangers Jungle Fury