Harry Potter Movies Ranked from worst to best

The Harry Potter Movies are their own medium but are they classic movies or just products of their times? I decided to lump the two Deathly Hallows movies as Harry Potter was the series that started the break a young adult book into two movies thing but let’s dive into the wizarding world once again before I do my Neville Longbottom spinoff series of books but before we get started with this list I wanted to tell you something really quickly.

HPB6Harry Potter and the Half dud prince isn’t just a bad Potter movie. It’s a bad movie period. My brother Josh and I are twice the actor Daniel Radcliffe is and it’s the last one in the series to be rated PG. It’s also got almost no color. One thing I noticed in both the book and the movie is that Rowling basically did Empire Strikes Back.

POAMHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is my guilty pleasure of the series although once again Josh and I have acting skills that surpass Daniel’s. The ending to this movie is cringe and the forced comedy does nothing to help. From Azkaban to Phoenix, Malfoy and his cronies were given the Bulk and Skull Treatment. The book however is sacred to me due to a late great aunt who passed away in 2018.

Deathly Hallows moviesDeathly Hallows movies were pretty good but ending on Dobby’s Death for part 1 and an end to a good series is wonderful but JK Rowling made everything too Heteronormal. Rowling wants to stay relevant. Part 1 is very depressing and kind of reminds me of Green Candle from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Part 2 is good but because of how the series ends it was ok

Harry Potter 5Order of the Phoenix is the worst book in the series but the movie is easier to stomach. Is this a good movie though? It’s debatable but you have to wonder what happened after what happened to Umbridge with the centaurs. Imelda Staunton did a great job of making you despise her. I had a real life Umbridge and it’s when I was in college but that’s a story for another day!

HP1MHarry Potter and the Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s stone probably has the worst acting from our 3 main leads but it’s a shame Rupert Grint and Tom Felton sort of disappeared after Green Candle I mean Deathly Hallows 2. One of my favorite actors to imitate is Felton and I can also imitate him if he were from New York but I digress. Even though Tom Felton and I look nothing alike the way I keep my inner child alive is a collection of figurines. I love to read as much as Hermione does and you’ll find out something about me in my #2 pick

GOFMHARRY DIDYOU PUT YOUR NAME THE GOBLET OF FIYAHHHH????!!?!?! was the first and only movie to be directed by Mike Newell. It was the first one to be rated PG-13 if you’re one of my American readers. The Yuel Ball dance scene is when I noticed that I have a thing for Emma Watson. Yes, I’m willing to admit that on the internet haha. Emma herself should be flattered because if she meets me, she should know I’m not crude but I come from a divorced Jewish family and true genius comes from the diagnostics from childhood.

and finally…

COSMHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is the last one to be directed by Chris Columbus and have the late great Richard Harris as Albus Dumbledore. It’s a 3 hour tour de force that only feels like an hour and a half. It’s also the one that made me think. Hey If I start a blog one day, I’d want Emma Watson to know about me as I have enough interests to fill a library. As for how I feel about Ginny Weasley in the movies, she’s the prize Harry gets for defeating Voldemort.

On the whole my uncle once told me there’s a difference between movies  and films. These are all movies. So… Who wants me to discuss the cursed child?



Harry Potter Movies Ranked from worst to best

Sam’s Old Man Marley theories

Home Alone has been a favorite of mine and it came out when I was 1. As I got older, I learned more about the movie. Fact: Old Man Marley was named for Jacob Marley from the classic novel, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Here’s are my theories and spoilers in case you haven’t scene Home Alone 1

Buzz the packrat

In the first act Buzz tells Kevin makes a homophobic comment and tells Kevin he wants pray on Kevin’s weaknesses before leaving for Paris. While harassing Kevin, when Old Man Marley is introduced, he’s lying to Kevin the whole time because he just wants to be a childish simpleton

Old Man <Marley’s pep talk

During high school I was in special education and I wanted to make sure my peers knew that even though I had disabilities I didn’t let my demons get the better of me. During my senior year my closest friend who helped me realize I wasn’t an idiot was actually named Kevin and the classes we had in order were Horticulture, English, Political Science and then we had lunch. During the senior graduation party I always made sure I was on top of my studies. As someone who has a talent for theater, that’s who I was in high school. A theater geek who could imitate other people. It wasn’t until we saw Coco together I learned his parents are what I call, “Simpsons Banners”.The only time I use my Judaism is for comedy and being a better person and since I have talents that would make anyone laugh. That’s what I want to focus on because even though I despise things like people taking advantage of, there have been moments where I just want to focus and Old Man Marley’s pep talk helped Kevin (McCallister) recover from his death.

Kevin waves back

I’ve advocated for myself since I was 11. Home Alone may have been a slapstick comedy but the original ending was supposed to be everyone laughing and fade to black. The last thing you that was happened in the final draft of the film was Kevin smiling and Buzz yelling, “Kevin, look what you did to my room!” Kevin waving back told Old Man Marley that Kevin was clearly not afraid of him, As Buzz is related to Kevin Biologically Kevin told Buzz the truth about what happened and for the first time in Buzz’s life, he was proud of Kevin. Instead of having Kevin reimburse him, he actually was amazed.

Final Verdict

While Home Alone might be a children’s film from 1990, there’s a lot of adult jokes in there most of it comes from Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Old Man Marley was played by an actor named Robert’s Blossom. Although Blossom is dead, he was known to play elder characters that were always older than him. This theory is dedicated to Michael Brown who is alive. Even though I’m Jewish, Mr. Brown is a great dad to his kids and has seen me perform live at a non-profit and although I am employed, he laughed with me and not at me.

Although I’m Jewish by birth, going gluten free is something I need to do to get ready to make my audience laugh. Donating a collection I’ve had since childhood and during college I tried to encourage other students to donate but due to circumstances beyond my control, I decided to show people that even though college was rough and people treated me like I was an infant, I succeeded and the person who might have hated the most might have left on a work related matter but I didn’t give into peer pressure

(Copyrighted 1989)


Sam’s Old Man Marley theories

In defense of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I’d like to dedicate this blog to Carrie Fisher, may the force be with her and her family… Always.

Ok so in all honesty, the Disney trilogy thus far I feel is what Star Wars prequels SHOULD have been like. Like many people, I believe that the prequels are bad movies, but they’re not cringe worthy. The original intent for Star Wars was to be based on Saturday Morning Serials from the 1930’s and 40’s. That’s the feeling I liked about it. let’s get the bad stuff out of our system first and just to warn you guys but this goes without saying, a spoiler warning is now in effect

Let’s start with something open for Discussion

Killing  Snoke and Luke: In the second act of a star wars movie someone always loses a hand to the dark side and I thought this was going to be Rey. Let’s talk about Snoke’s death first. The problem I have with Snoke is he was a poor substitute for Palpatine. I highly recommend the book Star Wars: Darth Plagueis by James Luceno. Emperor Palpatine is a fascinating individual one thing so when Anakin killed Palpatine, he redeemed himself. Snoke’s death was out of left field

Luke’s death: Although Luke’s death was justified, I was expecting Rey to loose a hand to the dark side. With Ben Solo, he’s a scared and confused young man. But as Kylo Ren, he believed it was the right thing to do.

This movie was all about gray areas and honestly that’s what made it good. I decided to change this series name from in defense of to The Good, The Bad The Indifferent

The Good

Yoda’s Cameo

Disney, Thank you! Make Yoda likable again.

The Porgs

The Bad

This is the longest Star Wars by ten minutes. We have 3 fake-out endings. Was it bad? Yeah

That damn Finn and Rose side story. This was probably the only bad thing and it drove me crazy. Throughout.

Killing of Snoke and Luke – First of all we didn’t know the first thing about Snoke in Episode 7, So, Nu? What do we know about him, not a thing. You kill off Han Solo in Force Awakens and you kill off Luke in Episode 8. Episode 9 is going to be called to grab an Ice Cold Beer and it’s going to be about Rey getting drunk for 3 hours

All kidding aside, killing off Luke was brutal considering Carrie Fisher died. Now it’s up to the new cast to handle this trilogy themselves. Can they do it? We’ll have to see next year.




In defense of Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Sam’s Favorite 90’s Movies

This list is in no particular order but remember this is my opinion. This isn’t a complete list but it’s a bunch of them and I’ll give some explanations:

  1. Big LebowskiThe Big Lebowski: Anybody who knows me, knows this is my favorite movie of all time. The basic plot is a guy who gets mistaken for a millionaire and he wants compensation because some thugs pee on his rug. The F bomb count is pretty high in this movie so you might not want to watch in front of small kids but the reason its important to me is because after graduating high school I went to visit family in Israel and this is my Uncle’s favorite and the more I think about it and the more times I watch it the funnier it is.
  2. Shawshank RedemptionShawshank Redemption: Shawshank Redemption is a movie about a prison escape. It’s cool how Tim Robbins Plans the escape and the struggle is always there. Of course the acting is amazing and it feels like you’re along for the ride.
  3. Ed WoodEd Wood: When I was applying for colleges the instructor told us to check out this movie. It really hit me where I live. As a cinephile, I’m always looking to improve my craft. Well there’s no evidence to prove whether or not Lugosi cursed like a sailor is just a part of the whole journey. The movie doesn’t tell you whether to Admire him or Pity him. The guy just wanted to make movies. Dolores Fuller (Sarah Jessica Parker) actually passed away not too long ago and it’s a wonderful movie and a good cautionary tale.
  4. Edward ScissorhandsEdward Scissorhands: Yet another movie that’s been with me for a long time. I didn’t see it when it first came out because, I was an infant. Tim Burton’s direction and how it doesn’t tell you the time period is just brilliant! Of course at this time Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp were together. Originally I wanted to write a parody about Edward Scissorhands, now I just have a bit for my standup
  5. Home Alone 1Home Alone 1 – G-d, the theories I have about this movie would blow your mind! But that’s a topic for another day. If you’re a 90’s kid you probably know the plot. Instead I’ll share my favorite part and my personal story. Favorite Part For years and years I thought this was a clip from a real movie. Only to find that it wasn’t. I told my tour mate and she was blown away. Of course I can’t go without mentioning Uncle Frank, I think even the emperor is scared of him 😉 Please for the love of g-d, someone call Child Protective Services on the McCallisters!
  6. BatmanMoPBatman: Mask of The Phantasm: The real tragedy of this movie is that it was a box office dud. Probably because Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was the newest thing and nobody saw this. The plot is a villain called the phantasm is going around killing gangsters and everyone thinks it’s Batman. Plus this movie is pretty layered.
  7. Beauty and the Beast 1991Beauty and the Beast (1991) My tour mate told me that this was nominated for best picture. At the time it was unheard of. I have a romantic side to me. and if you haven’t seen Disney’s dark side with Channel Frederator: Disney’s Dark Secrets, Beauty and the Beast is more than just a tale for kids.
  8. Image result for mrs. doubtfireMrs. Doubtfire – For those of you who don’t know me, Robin Williams was one of my personal heroes. I didn’t actually see Jumanji until much later in life. Mrs. Doubtfire is great for kids because the original ending was going to see Daniel and Miranda back together but Williams and Field thought that life doesn’t work like that so they had it so Daniel got custody of the kids at times. Divorce is a tough burden but I believe it’s the children who suffer the most: Final Speech
  9. Image result for Lion KingLion King: Disney adopted Hamlet. Ok so I think this movie is SLIGHTLY overrated but that being said, I can’t deny the impact this movie had. Surely we could have chosen someone different than Matthew Broderick for Adult Simba. With James Earl Jones returning as Mufasa for the remake. Jon Favereau is in the director’s chair again and let’s see what he can do. As for this movie, the moral it’s TRYING to teach is don’t shirk responsibility. Plus we all know Hakuna Matata doesn’t mean no worries but fuck it.
  10. PoEPrince of Egypt – How could a nice Jewish boy like myself not include this? There’s more depth to this than a first golden age Disney Musical. There’s more to this than meets the eye. Sure it’s just a telling of the Exodus from Egypt and Jeffrey Katzenberg even pitched this to Disney but they said no. Disney might have a dark past but they’ve gone a long way from their beginnings
  11. Disney HunchbackWhile Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame isn’t a perfect movie, It’s still got a great villain with Frollo and Tony Jay does a good job of basically making him into 19th Century Bill O’Reily. They went down the ugly duckling route and I think the only thing that didn’t do it is the Gargoyles. I agree with Doug Walker that they should have been inside Quasimodo’s head. This movie came out when I was in first grade and of course Hellfire is a great villain song.
  12. Ghost in the ShellGhost in the shell: Yes, an anime flick on the adult level. I’m an anime fan and while I think the Matrix might be slightly outdated now with its technology and special effects Ghost in the shell remains a timeless classic right up there with Inception. These types of movies question what is humanity and what isn’t? But will there be some studio Ghibli films? Just keep reading. As for the Scarlett Johannson flick…
  13. The RocketeerThe Rocketeer: If you haven’t seen this movie, I’m not surprised. Cliff is a pilot during world war two and uses his rocket pack he finds to defeat Nazis. It’s done by Disney and Joe Johnston went on to do Captain America 1. If you want some fun on a rainy day, you might want to look into this one.
  14. AladdinAladdin: A friend of mine from middle school would kill me if I didn’t put this on the list. Aladdin is definitely tied with Beauty and the Beast in a spot on my favorite solo Disney projects. The animation really pops and the songs are memorable, I’m grateful Jafar’s villain song was cut but Proud of your boy was the last song Alan Menken wrote before his death and it is heartbreaking. You can listen here if you haven’t heard them: Humiliate the BoyProud of your Boy
  15. NBCI didn’t see Nightmare Before Christmas until High School but it was certainly wonderful when I did. Of course why do I have the feeling that Jack Skellington has a house in the land of the dead?
  16. Schindler's ListSchindler’s List: Spielberg’s 3 hour tour de force isn’t exactly a movie you can sit down and watch willy nilly. This movie needs to be digested slowly like a fine wine, Of course the best thing about it is it’s based off a true story. Hollywood, you have to stop saying that. Honestly!
  17. WHCBBWild Hearts Can’t Be broken was recommended to me by one of my many digital pen pals and it’s about a horseback rider and it’s certainly an adventure at that. It’s also based off of true events.
  18. PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia came out at the height of the AIDS epidemic and back when we believed it was limited to gay men. This movie was directed by Jonathan Demme, the director of Silence of the Lambs. I think this is a good teaching tool about AIDS and what it stands for.
  19. Forrest GumpForrest Gump. What a movie. Of course everyone knows the plot. This wonderful little dramedy sparked Tom Hanks’ second Oscar. This movie’s greatness comes from the simplicity of Hanks.
  20. Porco RossoPorco Rosso: Ah the Story of a World War I pilot who has a pig’s face. The english dub stars Michael Keaton. Talk about a far cry from Batman and Beetlejuice
  21. Princess MononokePrincess Mononoke is a wonderful tale about the environment and it has a LOT of impact to say about society. Although I do think the message is powerful and the bad guy is not a cookie cutter villain. This movie has layers.

And now for some movies that are so bad, they’re good…

Batman ForeverBatman Forever isn’t a movie. It’s a Batman Vegas show. Same could be said about Batman & Robin. You have to wonder what was going through Joel Schumacher’s Head. Honestly.

The Santa ClauseOk this movie has a LOT of jokes and dark humor in the first act that would fly over kid’s heads. But it also tries to be whimsical and I got to say it was definitely worth a try. If you’re willing to give it a shot, look into it. Just don’t expect TOO much.

And finally…

PinocchioThe Pinocchio from 1996 starring Martin Landau as Gepetto and Udo Kier as Lorenzini is one of those movies that blew you away as a child but is now so bad it’s good. Udo Kier really chews up the scenery and provides some wonderful fun as the villain and some great background.

Thanks for reading. Until next time



Sam’s Favorite 90’s Movies

Sam’s Top 5 Favorite Pixar Movies

Another thing that I really enjoy is movies. My tastes are very eclectic and since I want to share some movies with you guys. I’ll explain why:

5. IncrediblesWith the hype of Incredibles two on the Horizon and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Being a thing, It’s amazing how Incredibles is all about the dynamics of a family. Capturing all the heart and energy of life with the energy of a comic book movie. Now if there’s a post credit scene in 2, well let’s just wait.

4. Finding NemoFinding Nemo – Finding Nemo is definitely a classic. Ellen DeGeneres is one of my heroes. I can’t how hard it must have been to come out as a Lesbian in the nineties. If I could meet Ellen, here’s what I’d tell her:

How her courage inspired me

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory

How good it is to be an Ally

As far as Finding Dory goes, it felt more like a direct to video sequel. Pixar’s starting to make sequels work. That and being an Animal lover helps.

3. RatatouilleRatatouille – As a chef, I’m always learning from others. Last week I learned how to make Wonton Soup. Now to practice 3 times and earn my “degree” haha

2. Up UpOk so Up is a slice of life dramedy. It’s an amazing journey that Pixar’s done with this. Sure it hasn’t FULLY resonated with me, yet. But Carl Frederickson’s design was heavily inspired by Spencer Tracy.  Dug’s design is perfect.

Honorable MentionThe Toy Story Trilogy: The toy story trilogy: In order: 3, 1, 2. As someone who’s collected things, I know how valuable toys are. I’m not one of those people who says, “Don’t open it!” As for Toy Story 4, I think it’s now trying to appeal to the new generation. I’m not sure. They ended the trilogy so well.

And Sam’s number 1 Pixar Movie is…




Inside Out and Coco – Let’s talk about the former. My lead emotion has always been joy. If Pixar wanted to do a decent Trilogy. Maybe make one about Riley as a teenager and one where she graduates from High School. If you think it’s just a movie about puberty, nope. Bing Bong is an excellent use of an imaginary friend. I would love to see a short where we see Miguel’s emotions.

Coco hit me where I live, My dream since childhood was to be a comedian with his own restaurant that shows movies, and has its own bakery, joke shop, candy shop and ice cream parlor. On Friday Nights I’d show some standup comedy. It would be international spread. As well as original dishes

Thank you for reading



Sam’s Top 5 Favorite Pixar Movies

Coco and the last Jedi reviews

Coco and The Last Jedi blew my expectations out of the water. Both of them had their flaws to be sure. I wanted to talk about them together. Anyway, let’s talk about Coco since it will give me time to mull over The Last Jedi, with that said. SPOILER WARNING for both movies.

Coco is Pixar’s latest masterpiece. It’s nice to have a Hispanic main character. However, this is not Pixar’s first attempt at Racial Diversity. Russell from up was Asian American. But now let’s dive into Coco.

Let’s talk about the good: Coco has a lot of heart to it. Which makes it up there with the likes of Inside Out, Finding Nemo and The Toy Story Trilogy. Coco is all about the good and the bad with every family. Being the first all Hispanic cast it really shows that Pixar goes above and beyond the call of duty. The story is basically the keeping a secret from your family story but the way it’s executed is so good it’s like you don’t know the story. Pixar knocked it out of the park and then some. By the 2nd act of this movie you can kinda figure out that Ernesto De La Cruz is the bad guy. But the way the animation is done and its execution is amazing. I felt just as amazed as when I was watching inside out. The movie itself should be shown in a high school Spanish class. Do I have any nitpicks about the main movie itself? probably not but as for the bad, well… (Looks hesitant)

The Bad: The bad can be sumarized in 3 word, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. I remember both times I saw it, Doug Walker of Channel Awesome didn’t hate as much as most but unlike walker, I thought it was drivel. Was it good for the target demographic? Yes. So how bad was it? It wasn’t so bad it was good. No, this is Barney the Dinosaur bad. If Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is Barney, than what’s Barney? Avatar the last airbender and Batman the Animated Series. I remember being bored. Normally this would be a nitpick but this short was 20 minutes. If they had shaved 10 minutes off of this, then I probably would have been, well OK. I still think this should have been a TV special

The Nerdy: OK, I know this is normally Andre Meadows’ Gimmick but if he’s a black nerd, then I’m a Jewish nerd. Miguel is actually played by Anthony Gonzalez, who is an unknown. Gonzalez is 13 and by g-d, this kid has range. I know a lot of people like Remember Me, but I like Un Poco Loco granted both are good songs but Un Poco Loco sounds like something you’d here at Homecoming whereas Un Poco Loco. I really think this kid is going to go places. Imagine him at 18. Gael Garcia Bernal did his singing for both the English and the Spanish version

Final Thoughts and Grade: Coco is not only a good film but amazingly enough I highly recommend this to be shown in High School Spanish Classes. Was it as good as inside out. No. But will it become a classic, Claro Que Si!

I give it an A. Inside out might have been all about the emotions, but Coco takes the emotions and brings them up to 11. If you can get past the short and I use that loosely, than the movie is definitely worth more than the price of admission. Put on your sombreros and head south of the border!

The Last Jedi

Ok… This has flans split down the middle. Either fans loved it or hated it. I liked it but didn’t love it. I can the internet in a few years saying, “Oh this is Empire Strikes Back again, Disney’s just recreating the first trilogy again.” No, this is a movie about redemption, Empire Strikes Back was about suffering. As a wise man once said,

With that out of the way, talk spoilers we should.

The Good:

Ok, this first one is a MAJOR spoiler. Yoda came back and it was for a cameo. It’s amazing how much this movie wasn’t a parallel and I think his cameo gave it a few bonus points. I love how this one wasn’t as black and white as some entries. The way Disney handled Carrie Fisher’s death was impeccable. The irony of it all is Mark Hamill is still alive. Did Disney handle this well? Yes, they did. Out of all the deaths that impacted the world last year the thing’s that hurt me the most are the Trump Administration and Carrie Fisher’s death. With that said, I digress. I always thought of Yoda as a bipedal Pikachu covered in Wasabi and Guacamole. Well, that’s how the prequels made him look anyway.  What else was good, our leads are amazing. A lot of people can accuse Rey of being a Mary Sue but honestly, in her defense Luke was a blank slate in a New Hope. This movie doesn’t have a lot of answers in fact it ends on a cliffhanger. This is the best thing about the Disney Trilogy. But the good news is regarding Yoda, during his cameo, You’re probably wondering what I thought of the porgs. Where can I get one as a pet? Because they filmed off the coast of Ireland, Porgs are based off of an Irish Puffin. Disney does a good job of cute comic relief characters. Even though I don’t like Frozen, I thought Olaf was cute in the beginning but he’s overstayed his welcome.

The Bad.

Most of it is no one’s fault but there are moments where I felt like I was watching a star wars comedy. When Finn and Rose go off to find Benecio Del Toro is where I had to shave off a few points. Carrie Fisher’s death did not affect the way I scored this movie. Would I watch it again? Yes. Was it better than the prequels and Rogue  One. Yes. The side story with Rose and Finn on the casino world was more guardians of the galaxy


Final Score and thoughts


I really enjoyed this entry into the star wars universe. Was it disappointing that no one lost a limb, yes. Was I disappointed with Snoke’s reveal. Yes. Am I going to buy this and Force Awakens on DVD. Probably.

Have a happy new year and see you guys in 2018. By the way the review for the third season of the Simpsons isn’t happening anytime soon. What do I have planned for the holidays? Well I’ll be talking about a Christmas Classic and one of my favorite movies of all time.

What’s that? You’ll just have to wait and see.






Coco and the last Jedi reviews

Spider-Man Homecoming trailer review

I know you guys want me to talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer but honestly I don’t have much to say about it that hasn’t already been pointed out. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and spectacular spider-man while not perfect has probably been the best thing since the Raimi films. This trailer did everything the Power Rangers trailer did wrong. I know lots of 90’s kids are excited about the new power rangers movie but I hate to sound like a wet blanket but I have no intention of seeing it. I’ll explain why after I review this trailer.

This trailer features Peter Parker coming into his own and it did a good job. Power Rangers has NEVER been subtle. Marvel does a good job of showing you just the right amount. With the exception of a few seasons, Power Rangers has never truly been subtle.

It seems everything that Spider-Man homecoming did right, Power Rangers did wrong. So let’s talk about the Power Rangers movie coming out. I already did my thoughts on the trailer so forgive me for being hard

  1. Power Rangers is an outdated fad. I know they’re trying hard to make this work but by g-d does this movie look sloppy. I know they had people who have worked on previous movies on this but it looks like the trailer showed us all.
  2. Rita looks like shit.

I know I should give more reasons but my friend Jenna said that if you don’t want to see something, don’t see it. I’m not letting Nostalgia blind me but it just looks awful. Will this movie make money, yes? Will it be a hit, probably not? Spider-Man homecoming could be a hit. Only time will tell

Spider-Man Homecoming trailer review

Why are DC Movies tanking at the box office?

Ever since the release of the dark knight trilogy it seems that DC has lost their momentum. So why are the DC comic book movies turning in one dud after another. My theory is that they’re taking themselves way too seriously. Part of what made Captain America Civil War and other movies so wonderful was that they took some time to breathe by adding in humor. Just relying on fandom of seeing your favorite characters on screen is not necessarily enough to keep one invested.

I went to see suicide squad and while it was an improvement it was still a bad movie. DC seems to be banking on fandom of favorite characters. The other factor is that they need to choose people who know what they’re doing with the directors and behind the camera. Part of the charm of the 1990’s Batman Cartoon is while being fresh and new, also knew when to take itself seriously and when not to. Part of the reason Batman is a timeless cartoon.

If DC were to lighten their toneand make it just a little more humorous then I’m sure it could be fun. Have a happy Halloween and let me know what you guys think

Why are DC Movies tanking at the box office?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie: The Blog

]Before I get started with MMPR Season 3 VS Ninja Sentai Kakuranger I wanted to take somne time to talk about the first Power Rangers Movie. The real annoyance with this movie is it’s not in cannon with the show’s mythos. Again I throw out that there are spoilers without so to the three of you who haven’t seen this movie, be advised. So some construction workers unleash a giant tub of silly putty upon the world. The silly putty turns out to be Ivan Ooze. Ivan OozeOoze is truly the best thing about this movie and is probably the only reason I don’t truly hate it now. After getting a briefing from Zordon about him the rangers are dispatched to a construction site where they confront Ivan. Ivan then sends his Oozemen after they rangers, they morph and fight against the oozemen. The Power Rangers win at the cost of their powers because Ivan has entered the command center. A rule in season 1 established that no one could enter the command center without a power coin. So why the hell were Rocky, Adam and Aisha allowed in when they were civilians?! Explain Saban Explain! So Ivan enters and wrecks the command center leaving the power rangers with enough power to handle his oozemen. The rangers find Zordon out of his time warp and near death. Alpha tells the rangers about the only hope for Zordon being on Phados and they only are able to get it via this woman named Dulcea DulceaA half naked Amazonian who gives the rangers their ninja powers. Due to copyright enfringement from Fox the Tengu Warriors became Tengas in Season 3. Originally they wanted Marishka Hargitay of Law and Order fame to play her. Interesting choice, Saban. There the power rangers are tested.

Meanwhile on Earth, Ooze has begun digging up his own baddies the ecto-morphicon titans. Unlike Rita and Zedd who can make their baddies, Ivan has to dig his fuckers up. Oh I can’t believe I forgot about Mordant MordantAlong with Goldar, Mordant is Pudgy Pig’s transvestite cousin. He was a movie exclusive and he wasn’t memorable. So after being tested the power rangers get their powers recharged and come back and because of Tommy being the show’s Jesus they form the ninja megazord but all systems seem to fail unless Tommy and the Falconzord come into save the day. The difference between the Ninja Megazord in the show and the movie is this one has a sword. The final battle is Ivan Merged with one of his machines and Ivan gets hit in the nads towards a pasing commet. Zordon is pretty much dead until Jeebus I mean Tommy tells them that those who possess the great power,. all is possible. They revive Zordon and all is good.

Ok final thoughts, this movie is a guilty pleasure. Although I am more into Tokusatsu I can still watch it despite the absurdity. However this is only a pipe dream readers. I would love nothing more to roast this movie with my friend from college, Katie and Mr. Weenie Productions and Black Nerd Comedy. I’m Sam and I’m a Jewish Nerd. This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts. Now you know what’s up?

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Sam’s most anticipated movies of 2015

So if you know me, even if you don’t. It’s no secret, I love movies. And in the spirit of everyone doing this. I think it’s time I do mine.

I’ll be honest, January through April is mostly the dry season. But you never know, last year we got Captain America the Winter Soldier and the Lego Movie and those were pretty damn awesome. The first one I’m excited is Avengers the age of Ultron. Hopefully we can see some good come from this. Pixar’s Inside Out is really impressing me and I can’t wait see what it offers. Of course I plan to see it with some pixar lovers. As long as we’re on the subject of animated movies, I really have high hopes for the Minions movie. It’s an hour and a half of minions. Cute. When I saw the Ant Man trailer I thought it was by the numbers and didn’t look too exciting. But we’ll have to see. The Goosebumps movie looks interesting especially with me. I read the books and watched the show. Let’s just hope the movie is better than the show. The acting is horrendous. Maybe the movie I’ll see with my Aunt and Uncle this summer will be Fantastic Four. The originals were total duds I may see Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II but I need to rewatch the first one. Ok so why the hell are they making Hotel Trannsylvania 2? The first one was good but no big laughs. Oh wait, I know! Quick and easy money. Finally there’s Kung Fu Panda 3, which I hope is awesome. But the big one for me will be and drumroll… STAR WARS! I am so excited. That’s my anticipated movies. I hope they are different than yours. Have a nice day

Sam’s most anticipated movies of 2015