Sam’s Old Man Marley theories

Home Alone has been a favorite of mine and it came out when I was 1. As I got older, I learned more about the movie. Fact: Old Man Marley was named for Jacob Marley from the classic novel, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens. Here’s are my theories and spoilers in case you haven’t scene Home Alone 1

Buzz the packrat

In the first act Buzz tells Kevin makes a homophobic comment and tells Kevin he wants pray on Kevin’s weaknesses before leaving for Paris. While harassing Kevin, when Old Man Marley is introduced, he’s lying to Kevin the whole time because he just wants to be a childish simpleton

Old Man <Marley’s pep talk

During high school I was in special education and I wanted to make sure my peers knew that even though I had disabilities I didn’t let my demons get the better of me. During my senior year my closest friend who helped me realize I wasn’t an idiot was actually named Kevin and the classes we had in order were Horticulture, English, Political Science and then we had lunch. During the senior graduation party I always made sure I was on top of my studies. As someone who has a talent for theater, that’s who I was in high school. A theater geek who could imitate other people. It wasn’t until we saw Coco together I learned his parents are what I call, “Simpsons Banners”.The only time I use my Judaism is for comedy and being a better person and since I have talents that would make anyone laugh. That’s what I want to focus on because even though I despise things like people taking advantage of, there have been moments where I just want to focus and Old Man Marley’s pep talk helped Kevin (McCallister) recover from his death.

Kevin waves back

I’ve advocated for myself since I was 11. Home Alone may have been a slapstick comedy but the original ending was supposed to be everyone laughing and fade to black. The last thing you that was happened in the final draft of the film was Kevin smiling and Buzz yelling, “Kevin, look what you did to my room!” Kevin waving back told Old Man Marley that Kevin was clearly not afraid of him, As Buzz is related to Kevin Biologically Kevin told Buzz the truth about what happened and for the first time in Buzz’s life, he was proud of Kevin. Instead of having Kevin reimburse him, he actually was amazed.

Final Verdict

While Home Alone might be a children’s film from 1990, there’s a lot of adult jokes in there most of it comes from Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Old Man Marley was played by an actor named Robert’s Blossom. Although Blossom is dead, he was known to play elder characters that were always older than him. This theory is dedicated to Michael Brown who is alive. Even though I’m Jewish, Mr. Brown is a great dad to his kids and has seen me perform live at a non-profit and although I am employed, he laughed with me and not at me.

Although I’m Jewish by birth, going gluten free is something I need to do to get ready to make my audience laugh. Donating a collection I’ve had since childhood and during college I tried to encourage other students to donate but due to circumstances beyond my control, I decided to show people that even though college was rough and people treated me like I was an infant, I succeeded and the person who might have hated the most might have left on a work related matter but I didn’t give into peer pressure

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Sam’s Old Man Marley theories