J. K. Rowling and her wizarding war against transsexuals and what Mr. Kanter has to say…

This will be the last of two blogs about our dear lad Harry. After this he gets sealed inside my memory vault. Rowling, while I will re read your books and watch the movies. Your little transphobia rant is a disapointment to the Americans.

First let’s talk about what it means to be transgender, then we’ll discuss the books and movies because I’m disgusted as our core 3 and Eddie Redmayne. Someone who is transgender experiences something called gender dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria is where you experience like you were born the wrong gender. Before she changed her name to Aubrey Kessler, she used to be called Freddy Kessler. This blog is dedicated to help her because we have been friends since we were 13! Before I left for Israel, Aubrey helped me buy snacks. Even though I’m still willing to watch the books and movies, I was sorted into Ravenclaw AND Gryffindor!

Since Harry Potter was also made into a video game here’s a longplay of Chamber of Secrets

Before we discuss the books & movies let’s talk about real life for a minute, amongst Cousin Steve, Josh and Nelson I know what I call the sacred meaning of August 28th 1993. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered that day. I can’t watch it alone because of why David Yost left. When I was in Israel, I met someone who knew about the David Yost interview. Her name is Jenna! Although David Yost played Billy, who made the wrist communicators, David is a real life hero for me because he stood up for himself. My synagogue had an openly gay Cantor and an openly gay junior Rabbi who blessed my sense of humor and as someone who’s experienced Anti-Semitism since 5th grade, I wish I could go to Hogwarts. Josh describes Daniel Radcliffe is someone who’d beat you up in gym whereas Tom Felton would help the victim. It turns out that Daniel Radcliffe would start Simpsons Trivia Wars

Favorite Character: Neville Longbottom! Reason? I suffer from Anxiety and my friend Chanelle sees me as Neville but with more confidence. I started this blog in college because I was harassed for being autistic. So far now let’s talk the books and movies and discuss what my rebuttal. Spoilers for the for the entire rest of the series


Year 1 Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone or Philosopher’s Stone if you live in the UK

Rowling said she based Hermione on herself. Everyone seems to forget the golden trio weren’t friends automatically. This for me was a childhood classic. Due to lack of eyesight, I use audio books. The sorting hat explains the 4 Hogwarts houses for the first time. The sorting hat never said Slytherin’s are the baddies, It’s just based off the four elements of basic science with Slytherin being water, Hufflepuff is Earth and Ravenclaw is air! Harry and Ron bond on the train and they become friends with Hermione after they rescue her from the troll. As we all know there’s Defense against the dark arts teacher every year. We’ll address this at the end of the blog!

Year 2 Chamber of Secrets

This is the first time we’re introduced to racism in the wizarding world. In year 1 the first time we’re introduced to Draco Malfoy is when he’s getting fitted for his robes last year and thought he could be friends with Harry but their rivalry sparked because the Malfoys were wealthy. When Hermione fights back by saying everyone on Gryffindor got in on talent, we hear the M word. To me the M word is offensive as the R word. What’s the R word? Retarded! In high school I gave talks about having Autism or Asperger’s as it was known back in the day. One of the struggles I had the most was eye contact. Now I can do it!

Year 3 Prisoner of Azkaban

This is the underrated book of the series. We’re introduced to Sirius Black. This is also the first time we witness Harry going through puberty. We also see fat shaming more. In Year 1, Dudley’s described as a “pig in a wig”! When we’re introduced to Aunt Marge. Uncle Vernon’s side of the family is the overweight side, in college I had to deal with someone who I imagined looked like Uncle Vernon. Cousin Dudley disturbs me because I have one of those but my last blog post was to out the cousin Dudley as the family bully. When Sirius gives Harry the permission slip to go to Hogsmeade, this was like when my Uncle Ralph gave me permission to watch The Simpsons. The Junior Rabbi told me to use your passion for the simpsons in your future. At 28, I started writing blogs about each season and at 23 I met my friend Nelson. Since Ron has no knowledge of the muggle world he calls a telephone a fellytone.

Year 4 Goblet of Fire

This is the first time we explore Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw as well as other wizard schools. We’re introduced to Cho Chang the Ravenclaw seeker and Cedric Digory. This is the first time Rowling sort of showed signs of trouble. Cho Chang is an Asian stereotype. Both Rowling and Chang actress Katie Leung are Scottish. There’s also a line in here about Harry having an erection. At the end of the book Cedric Digory is assassinated by Voldemort. We also learn that Arthur’s knowledge of muggles is limited too. He calls electricity, ekeltricity.

Year 5 – Order of the Phoenix (The book that never happened)

Among my friends most of us agree this is the book that shouldn’t have happened. Well most of them. Sirius died for the sake of death. This was supposed to be Neville’s book. Nothing exciting happens until the third act. This is also the first time we’re introduced to Anthony Goldstein. The Ravenclaw prefect. Luna Lovegood seems to be an innuendo for sex. The departnent of mysteries fight was the only excitement. When I re read this book it was even more boring the second time

Year 6 – Half Blood Prince

Aside from Harry Potter, I love Star Wars. The plot to this book is pretty much Empire Strikes Back. Sectumsempra was an interesting chapter because Malfoy almost died. If you ever read the books, this is one of the most intense chapter because Harry uses dark magic and choses not to finish Hogwarts and the equivalent of a police officer in the wizarding world. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes would be a cool place to visit. Not to mention the Snape/Dumbledore Assassination

Year 7 – Deathly Hallows

For a series that’s supposed to promote kindness and love and Albus Dumbledore  giving the Dursleys a Mr. Rogers pep talk in Half Blood prince, Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia didn’t listen to Dumbledore’s instructions. This book came out my senior year of high school. Although this was a great series, my great aunt gave me Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire when she was still alive.

So who got the most points… Ron Weasley!

Dumbledore is Gay

Sexual Orientation and Gender identity are two different things. Although this is the first time Rowling was starting to show her true colors. Growing up I have LGBT family members. This felt like a Jar Jar Binks moment. Rowling sort of said it as sort of a George Lucas kind of thing to get more money. 

Does anyone want me to discuss the cursed child?

Bart Simpson Cackle

 Potter Movies

Actors I’d want to meet

Tom Felton (friendship)

Emma Watson (relationship)

Dame Maggie Smith (prank her with my Potter crew)

Matthew Lewis (make laugh and become friends with)

Bonnie Wright (possible relationship)

RIP Sir Richard Harris

Movie 1: Sorcerer’s Stone/Philosopher’s Stone

Behind the curtains of the movies, Daniel Radcliffe would start Simpsons Trivia Wars with Tom Felton. It’s ironic that Daniel Radcliffe was the bully behind the curtain and he was a prankster. I was a prankster in high school and in college the bully was the director of my degree. When Matthew Lewis read the books he pretended he was Harry. The actor playing Cousin Dudley was actually named Harry Melling and his first line is “Wake up Cousin! We’re going to the zoo! followed by a little villain cackle. Richard Griffiths is dead and he played Uncle Vernon. Dudley is a product of his environment. This is the only time we see Harry’s scar throughout the entire movie series. The wizard currency makes no sense and neither the books or the movies.

Movie 2: Chamber of Secrets

This is the longest movie in the series but you could see signs of Tom Felton’s puberty. It was also the last one to feature the Harris Dumbledore. Tom might have played the bully but I have more in common with him than Daniel Radcliffe despite the fact we’re both Jewish. If Tom Felton learned that I was bullied since I was 9, he’d probably surprised and that I overcame my bullying and since Emma Watson and I both had our parents get a divorce, I was able to overcome mine by allowing my dad to be talked about on my blog since I started this in college. It turns out Tom and I have a lot in common. Emma Watson lost her on set hamster Millie who had a heart attack. I’m sure somewhere in heaven Fuzzy’s now married to Emma Watson’s Hamster and bragging about the last 11 months of his life. There was a lice outbreak among the child actors. Jason Issacs did a great job as Lucius Malfoy and you see where Tom gets his bigotry comes from. “My father will hear about this.” is a great villain line. It’s the only time we see the Slytherin common room. During the Polyjuice potion scene Harry and Ron basically commit breaking and entering!

Movie 3: Prisoner of Azkaban

This is where we’re introduced to Gary Oldman as Sirius Black. Lupin is my favorite Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. When it’s revealed he’s a werewolf it’s probably one of the best plot twists in the entire series but here’s the late Alan Rickman’s best scene.

Page 394

Harry Potter movies 101 is that she had a crush on Tom Felton. Her parents divorced when she was only 5! My parents divorced right after I finished high school. This is the last movie to have music from John Williams. After Richard Harris died, Chris Columbus didn’t have it in him to do another Potter movie. My Cousin Steve and I grew up reading these books. His grandmother, my great aunt died peacefully in her sleep. I didn’t find out he was Gay until 2018 and that’s why I interviewed him for my blog of the fights I had with my younger brother, I finally stood up for myself against my brother. The scene where Malfoy gets punched was where I was interested in Emma Watson in “that way”

Hatry Potter 4 – Goblet of Fire (The year no one got a haircut)

If you don’t live in America, this is the first movie to be rated PG-13. It’s also the most sexist when it comes to Durmstrang and Beauxbatons. The camera zooms in the Beauxbatons witches butts and you hear one of Ron’s Bloody Hell moments. Behind the curtain Rowling didn’t want the US involved as much. She only allowed Steve Kloves an American to get involved because Hermione is based off of her.

Voldemort Returns Part I
Voldemort Returns Part II
Voldemort Returns Part III

This is the movie that made me want to be one of Tom Felton’s buddies in his day to day life. As a kid, Alan Rickman terrified him. Emma Watson is one celebrity crush I have. Although it wouldn’t be mutual since she likes bad boys. Tom Felton would be impressed with how his music is helping me through the carona virus. Tom Felton is a natural athlete and I can swim 72 laps. Where I volunteer, one of the other volunteers was impressed that I can swim 72 laps. If Tom Felton knew that I could do that at 28, it’s because I obstain from smoking. I had early childhood Asthma. As a teenager I was lactose intolerant.

Felton’s kryptonite is a home cooked meal from his dear sweet mum. I’ve been a volunteer and my record is 20 meals for Chicken and Waffles and Spaghetti and Meatballs during Halloween. One of the staff left but she learned how to make an Israeli cucunber salad.

Time Well Spent

Tom Felton got into trouble for sneaking food while filming. He got into trouble with me because always calls Jason Issacs “Dad” during interviews. I don’t know if Tom knows any autistic people but I was out about my diagnosis to teach people and that’s something I never inherited from either parent

Movie 5 – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

This movie was pretty much summed up college for me. I was abused for being autistic and I faced anti-semitism once I met one of my best friends. Nelson’s the son of missionaries and he met me after I got home from birthright. The David Yost Interview is the day my fandom died so to speak. Helena Bonham Carter did a really good job of being racist. What happened behind the curtain is Matt Lewis got an ear infection from Helena Bonham Carter!

Movie 6 – Half-Boring Prince

Even though I’ve had a crush on Emma Watson as a teenager, Tom Felton went from being a badass Nelson Muntz style bullying, as the films went on he felt more like Bulk and Skull. In the books, I pictured Slughorn looking like Wilford Brimley. The movie felt like a reboot of Empire Strikes Back but if I didn’t interview my cousin, Half blood prince is his least favorite book but that interview needed to happen because love and hate. As the eldest of two, my brother and I always got into fights. My brother’s bullying was a result of jealousy. Matthew Lewis is the tallest of the Gryffindor students and Daniel Radcliffe had a drinking problem while filming. Now he smokes like a chimney.

Movie 7 Deathly Hallows Part 1

The Harry Potter movies were the first series to split young adult novels int to two parts. This movie is pretty damn depressing. Ending on Dobby’s death and Voldemort finding the elder wand as the McGuffin makes it depressing.

Movie 8 – Deathly Hallows Part 2

These two movies pretty much summed up my college degree. Although I graduated in 2014, the director saw me 3 times after I graduated and I kept telling her to leave me alone. In 2016, I lost someone to suicide. I was 27 and she was 53. The scene where Ralph Fiennes goes around the courtyard going Harry Potter’s dead is what it was like when the director was always getting involved in my personal bubble. She had me handle someone I didn’t like, she knew who I was dating in college and Josh put it best, Daniel Radcliffe is someone you’d want to beat up in a fight

The Fantastic Beast Movies are JK Rowling’s views on Autism. That’s all!

And now to address her twitter rant…

If you identify the gender you’re born with it’s called cisgender. After I interviewed my cousin Steve, I realized I was suppressing my bisexuality. The bullying in my life started at 9, there’s even been a bully where I volunteer. Autistics experience censory overload. Although the bully is 20 years older I could hear him as if I was all the way in china. I finally had the chutzpah to have the Bi talk with my family. Because JK Rowling is clearly transphobic and I have met transsexuals I want to conclude with the wise words of sir Ian McKellen

J. K. Rowling and her wizarding war against transsexuals and what Mr. Kanter has to say…