Top 10 British Accents

Ah the British Accent. Probably one of the most charming accents in the world.It’s prerry much the most the most charming accent in the world. Today we’re here to honor 10 of them. This blog is dedicated to the memory of Alan Rickman. AKA Professor Snape

First an honorable mention:

RokuWe have James Garrett. For those of you who don’t  know, Garrett was the voice of Avatar Roku in Avatar the last Air bender. If you haven’t seen this show, do yourself a favor and give it a watch! Now onto the list

10. Jeremy IronsJeremy Irons: Jeremy Irons seems to make his British monotone intimidating and threatening. Case in point, when he played Scar. Svar.While Lion King might not be my favorite movie there’s a certain class to his accent that strikes fear. Jeremy wouldn’t be the same if he were from New York. But I digress. His accent stuck fear into me when I was 5 and still adds an oomph that always seems to it.

9. Colin FirthColin Firth: Colin Firth is the Oscar Winner for King’s speech and has a great charm to his voice. I own King’s speech in my movie collection. If you haven’t seen king’s speech, for the love of g-d watch it. In the movie, the guy stutters when he’s talking to his kids. It’s difficult to watch. For those who want to know what my favorite scene is, it’s this one: Swear Scene good job Colin!

8. Tom HiddlestonTom Hiddleston: I’d really like to meet him one day and grab lunch and just shoot the breeze. From what I have heard from people, he’s a really nice guy. As Loki, he makes his accent intimidating and to which I say kudos.

7. Ralph FiennesRalph Fiennes: Ralph Fiennes has had a lot of intimidating roles in his career. My favorite has to be Ramses from Prince of Egypt. Always Bone Chilling. Most of my peers might know him better as Voldemort but whatever floats your boat.

6. Patrick StewartPatrick Stewart: Now I’m not a trekkie but I do think he adds a quality to his voice that demands presence. Here’s a fun piece of trivia: Originally Patrick was supposed to play Jafar. He was unable to but he didn’t. Nonetheless still a great movie. But I digress.

5. Sean PertweeSean Pertwee: Recently I became a fan of the show Gotham and Pertwee plays Alfred. His accent is pretty damn intimidating.I think that his voice is very gruff and very intense. Take a watch if you don’t already

4. Martin FreemanMartin Freeman: G-d! If there was ever a voice that expressed great Comedy, it’s Martin Freeman. While I didn’t like the Hobbit trilogy I love Sherlock. Plus he’s certainly fun in the world’s end.

3. Ian McKellenIan McKellen: Ah Ian, you’re amazing! You’ve played Gandalf and Magneto. You have such a command in your voice. You’ve done Shakespeare. What can’t you do?

2. Emma WatsonEmma Watson: Ah Emma, why do you tempt me? I’m just a nice guy in America wanting to shoot the breeze with you? What’s that you’ve got a boyfriend already? Damn! All kidding aside, If you don’t know she’s one of my celeb crushes too. Let me tell you something reader, if we were dating I’d love to have her try my cooking.

So who takes home the gold. Well this one is personal… Here we go!

#1. Ace Trainer LiamAce Trainer Liam: For those of you who don’t know, I love Pokemon. Liam is actually my friend and does YouTube videos about Pokemon. I’d actually want to hang out with him. He’s a good friend and he’s got a cute dog. We have much more in common than just Pokemon. I have made him some promises I intend to keep. I can’t wait until we hang out my friend. You’re a great guy! Thank you for being a great friend!

And there you guys go. My Top 10 List of the best British Accents. Sorry for taking so long. See you guys next time, This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts, now you know what’s up!


Top 10 British Accents