Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Looking for a fun but intense Batman adventure? What’s that you’ve seen the Dark Knight? Check out Batman Mask of the Phantasm. In my opinion it’s much better than the dark knight. Mask of the Phantasm is a well constructed thrill ride. I got it as a birthday present from my great friend Josh. I have since shown this movie to others and the result has been genuinely positive. If you want a different Batman Movie and don’t feel like watching Burton, The 60’s show or the Nolan Films. Check this out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Top 12 Batman the Animated Series Episodes

What can I say about the Batman Cartoon from the 90s that hasn’t already been said? Well… I can think of one thing. Unlike the Nolan-Batverse which spelled everything out for its viewer, the cartoon made you feel like you were following the case alongside Batman. Case in point, the demon’s quest. Consider it an honorable mention or top 13, but honestly I couldn’t leave these two episodes off. Yes, readers the show is that good. It was actually the first show to mention death. The only show to do that later would be Avatar the last air bender. They’d also mention drugs in The Desert, Which happens to be my favorite episode of ATLA but I digress. Well without any further let’s get down to brass tax and delve right into the top 12 list

WARNING! This blog may contain spoilkers and opinions. If you can’t stomach someone else’s opinion. Why are you here? This blog is called Sam’s thoughts for a reason!

12. The Laughing Fish, Joker FishVegans and Vegetarians don’t have anything to worry about with this episode! When the Joker gets ahold of a fish supply in Gotham he creates his own Joker Fish. each with it’s own personal grin. Of course Joker kills it in this episode. Especially with the scene where he sticks a fish head on Harley Quinn. Laughing Fish. What makes this episode work is perhaps the slapstick If I’m ever in a bad mood, this episode is one that will cheer me up.

11. Beware the gray ghost btggbeware the gray ghost. is a good cautionary tale. Adam West returns as the title role. Plus it’s nice to see a happy moment from Bruce Wayne’s childhood. plus it’s nice to see Adam West return. It’s a good nod to the 60’s Batman and when someone mimics the plot from an episode of the Gray Ghost this episode gives an example of what I said earlier, we solve the case alongside Batman. What else can I say but some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.

10. The Man who killed Batman tmwkbtalk about a morally grey episode. A gangster called Sid the Squid who’s a cowardly gangster appears to have killed Batman. This episode is another overlooked gem but I think it’s picking up in popularity thanks to the Nostalgia Critic  As a spoiler, it only looks like Batman was killed. It’s a good mixture of comedy and drama and how a little lie can go a long way. By the way the excerpt is from this episode.

9. Perchance to dream ptdThis is where the all a dream cliche is used correctly. And by the picture the villain in this episode is one of Batman’s most underrated villains the Mad Hatter AKA Jervis Tech. Both Ra’s Al Ghul and The Mad Hatter represent what would happen if Batman crossed the proverbial line. This episode delves right into Batman’s Psyche and hits him where he lives. Speaking of which…

8. Two Face: two faceThis episode is also very morally gray. Hell, it’s a recurring theme. Harvey “Two Face Dent” was actually built up as a likable guy making his fall from grace that much more heartbreaking. They gave him a split personality, and it felt like it could happen to anyone. Here have a look 

the animation in this episode is particularly beautiful. What more can I say but don’t talk to the wrong Harvey

7. Joker's favor The Joker’s Favor: Another Joker focused episode. What makes this episode in interesting is Batman isn’t the main focus, the common man is. A run of the mill guy makes a deal with the Joker that if he leaves him alone he’ll do him a favor. It’s a neat character study on everyone’s favorite clown prince of crime. It’s almost as if Batman is an after thought

6. Blind as a BatBlind as a Bat. This one really gets your brain pounding. While Marvel has Daredevil, a Blind attorney by day, this story really could have been a two part episode if they wanted to flesh it out for morals. After showing the latest in weapon technology, the penguin steals The Raven, the newest art of warfare from Wayne Enterprises. After getting caught an explosion, Bruce temporarily loses his eyesight. Making this episode one hell of a nail biter. This episode needs more recognition! No pun intended but see this one for yourself.

5. Trial TrialThis is one everyone’s favorites and it’s not hard to see why. With Joker playing judge and it really does question whether or not Batman is as unstable as the criminals he brings in. It’s interesting how this episode works itself out.

4. Heart of Ice hoiWinning an Emmy for this episode is Heart of Ice. This is a good example of a sympathetic villain What’s interesting about this one is how this show reinvented Mr. Freeze. take a look 

if that’s not good writing I don’t know what is.

3. Mad Love: Mad LoveIf you want truly being a victim of your own creation look at Harley Quinn/ Harley Quinzel was an intern looking to write a tell all book about the hardcore psychotics of Gotham City. As I said, victim of your own creation. This episode is intense on a psychological sense. Had Heath Ledger lived I would have liked to see Harley Quinn in the Dark Knight Rises. Such as life.

2. Almost Got ‘im This is just the Batman Villains being the Villains. What more do I need to say but “I threw a Rock at Him! It was a big rock!” but the reason it’s not number one is the ending but the bigger winner of this top 10 list is…

Baby Doll Baby DollThis episode takes what Beware the Gray ghost did and made it 10 times better and i’m not going to lie that the ending does get me to cry. It’s a tale that could happen to anyone.

Those are my top 12 Batman episodes. I’ll be back to give you more thoughts and opinions. This has been Sam with Sam’s thoughts, now you know what’s up.

Top 12 Batman the Animated Series Episodes