What’s your name again?

Growing up my synagogue had a really awesome summer camp. A 9 year old boy named Josh Maduell sang She loves you by the beatles.

A rabbi named Michael Adam Latz gave a sermon on the importance of MiChamocha (Who is like you Eternal G-d)

A year later Josh who was now 10 had a counselor named Abel who introduced Josh to me. What Abel didn’t know is at home, I was dealing with a very dysfunctional family. My parents tried to love both my brother and myself equally but my brother has used me as a punching bag my entire life.

At 12, Josh and I became co counselors for the synagogue’s day camp. I told him I had Asperger’s and now it’s a life long friendship. Unfortunately that summer ended quickly but not before I set the bar pretty high by telling Josh that I have Asperger Syndrome. Our mutual bonding point before that was our mutual love for Harry Potter and all things geek. Little did we realize the author was sucker punching us and promoting transphobia

The next 11 years go by but there are a few crucial moments of my life. Matt recruited Josh for the B’nai Brith Youth Organization. Josh didn’t hang around my brother that often but when he did, he knew how dangerous he was and to be related to your biggest bully is an embarrassment.

Here are the things that happened in the 11 year jump. Well obviously my parents divorce was probably the biggest kick in the teeth but I could sense it coming since even in my senior year. It caused me to have panic attacks.

I adopted Fuzzy, a pomchi as a 20th birthday present. Fuzzy was a nerd with a napoleon complex. He loved me for all my autistic interests. He was also the funniest son of a bitch alive! When he was searching for food, I swear we heard him oink. When it was time for a walk, Fuzzy would swagger.

It was clear that Fuzzy didn’t like fish. I had to brush his teeth with salmon toothpaste he would stick his tongue to his button nose and stick his butt in the air and moon me.

Of course there was Bath time…

I was clearly the lesser of two evils after that bath! Fuzzy was a birthday present from my mom and he once jumped into the front seat and put his paws on the steering wheel. In his own little way, Fuzzy was hinting at my friends Katie, Jenna and Tammy. The magnum opus of my memories of my memories of him is when I was taking a shower and he wanted a walk. Somehow and some way he played stow away into the bathroom and saw me completely naked.

After a breakup, Fuzzy knew I was sad. So he massaged me and fell asleep on my butt. A month later, Fuzzy died of a seizure. That summer I met an ex, Tammy Roland and Katie Elokhina. I also saw something that crushed my inner 9 year old’s heart.

Tammy Roland is a woman in South Carolina with Anxiety and cerebral palsy. She’s very shy and has requested me to walk her down the aisle in lieu of her father who also passed away in 2010 to lung cancer, he was 56. She’s engaged. The groom has requested my cooking and comedy, the bride has requested me to walk her down the aisle. The date for this wedding is unknown and I’ve never received such an honor.

Fuzzy died of a seizure on February 11, 2010 and 6 months later on Facebook I met Katie Elokhina too.

Image may contain: 1 person

On August 22nd 2010, The friendship between Sam Kanter and Katie Elokhina began but back then she was still single. As I have been the target for bullies, 3 days later my inner 9 year old was crushed. David Yost who played Billy the Blue Power Ranger revealed why he left.

Why Billy left
Why Zach left?

Now growing up the power rangers were the biggest thing since Michael Jackson and I won over someone on my birthright tour with how much I know. When I got back to the states I received toxicity within the director and while I graduated the same year as Emma Watson, me with an associate’s and her in English Literature at Brown.

During the quarter I was supposed to graduate, a former friend named Michael Ahlrep told me he was Gay. At the time I told him I didn’t care because even though we had fights, we always made up but over the friendship he showed his true colors once I met Nelson Amador.

Nelson has the most infectious laugh and he always looked up to me. The summer we met he revealed he was a huge power rangers fan when he was little and even though we disagree politically we agreed never to discuss politics but he agreed to understand the Jewish culture through food and our customs.

In September 2012 the director scheduled an event on Rosh Hashannah the Jewish new year and the director threatened to fire me if I didn’t show up to the event. It took a lot of my energy to prevent from swearing and getting angry but my mom just said to show up anyway.

A month later I moved out on my own and that December my dad asked me to take my younger brother in. Nelson has noticed that my brother and I don’t get along to save our skins. When I was living with him, he found that I had not had sex and did what is called Virgin Shaming. Virgin Shaming is when you find out where someone has not had sex before.

2013 was my junior year of college and Mike and I had another fight that was because I wanted to get more involved with leadership on the main campus and not just my degree. Mike is highly functioning autistic and mainly has German ancestry and after doing a DNA test 20% Jewish. Nelson and I were friends and Mike would question the way Nelson would talk. What does that even mean? “The way he talks.” Do Gay men think about fashion and musicals all the time? No!

Throughout my friendship with Mike, things got downhill once Nelson showed up. Nelson and I had our gym classes together during my degree and Nelson witnessed a presentation I did.

In my day to day life I describe myself as the joker but as the hero rather than the villain. When I graduated the director spotted me 3 times and as tempted as I was to swear I just kept saying leave me alone but she never listened. Her she actually received a villain name so offensive, I gave it to her because she had German ancestry and was Aryan looking.

In Passover 2016, Alexandra Olson committed suicide and Mike didn’t give a damn and Nelson came to give me a hug. That summer Nelson became more than just a close friend, he became a brother.

Nelson has tried my cooking several times and we went to Archie McPhee, a local Seattle joke shop and for Thai food. What impresses Nelson the most is my resilience but our friendship and sense of humor hasn’t changed just because I’m a Jewish Bisexual but because of the stuff I know that came from Japan.

Because love and laughter was all around my family growing up, I was able to comfortably talk about death of loved ones with both Nelson AND Josh. The difference is, I have a healthy set of boundaries prior to coming out. More likely than not, I’m liable to fall for a woman. If I had a boyfriend I know it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

8 times out of 10 I’m liable to fall for a woman. After I was pressured into sex and my last girlfriend wanted sex, I knew telling my family was of the utmost importance after interviewing my cousin. Coming out as Bi wasn’t easy because you have celebrities like Marlon Brando and Alec Guiness. Do I want to have sex? Yes but when I am comfortable.

If I have a girlfriend they have to respect that one thing I love to do is donate blood. The girlfriend has to be as geeky and nerdy as I am. Sex has to be earned and not forced into. If I have a boyfriend, as I said it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

If I have a boyfriend, they have to realize donating blood is something I enjoyed when I thought I was straight. Because I was pressured for sex twice, this is how I know I’m bi. I’ve been taken advantage of by gay men and by women and it took me a few months to come clean to my family. At 31 I’m still young and even though 2 of my 3 high school friends are married I have 3 rules for whomever wants to go that extra mile into marriage.

  1. Rabbi Michael Latz has been my hero since my Bar Mitzvah, so a Jewish wedding is possible
  2. I’m a foodie which means all foods of the world represented and we can agree on the cake but I’m a cheesecake or pie is my vote
  3. The theme of the wedding must be mutual

I do NOT have a crush on Josh! Josh and I have been friends for 15 years. He’s witnessed abuse via my brother 2nd hand. My brother and I will never get along and Josh has met Nelson. Josh is my brother through Judaism because even though we aren’t the most religious, when Nelson had his first bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup at a mall, he became unofficially Jewish. Since Josh saw my stand-up from my college days, here’s the standup from high school:

Sam at 17…

Another recipe is under way! Stay safe!

What’s your name again?

You have Ass-boogers too? All this time I thought I was the only one on the spectrum who liked this! Another digital friendship story

Simple and Clean
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Australian Flag

If you live in America, you should know I got my start in comedy long before my parents got a divorce,. Their divorce is a scar that cannot be seen but it does hurt because when they divorced I still wanted to be a good son to both of them. As I’ve gotten older the struggle to talk about things like tokusatsu, anime, movies etc was never a burden with my dad. He also was impressed with how I’ve become a really good cook at 25 which is basically the equivalent of a driver’s license for me.

Meanwhile in Australia there’s a young man by the name of Lex. Lex also enjoys anime, super sentai, kamen rider, movies and yes baby boomers we even discuss power rangers with the last good season being RPM. There will be a fact VS stereotype blog soon. In college a former friend used to reference the 1978 Superman

Lex wasn’t jealous that I went to go off to Israel, I also met him before I taught Nelson about Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. He might be allergic to Chinese but as his best friend on Facebook, we definitely have each other’s backs. For those of you who don’t know how this blog got off the ground, it was because I hated my college director and wanted to resort to swearing because I was so angry.

After my breakup with my ex girlfriend, 95% of the people sided with my ex and because both sides of my family are Jewish, I found Jewish students who don’t even know what Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur are. I hate to use this scene from the potter verse because it promotes transphobia but this is what it was like explaining Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur to people of my own faith:

For those of you who don’t know me, I stood up to Rowling through this blog because of her transphobic comments on June 6th. June is pride month for the LGBT community and I’ve identified as Bi but suppressed it but after my last girlfriend wanted sex, I realized I needed to tell my parents the truth and also get them to acknowledge my online community after their divorce.

Lex and I agree that this character from Sentai is a good depiction of Asperger’s/Autism:

Gokai Silver Henshin

Katie probably agrees with me because we talk all the time albeit through messenger and skype. Giving her son my collection was probably one of the hardest sacrifices I’ve made since I started living on my own but even my cousins who are older are impressed with what I can do! So what the hell are Kamen Rider and Super Sentai?

On April 3, 1971 the first season of Kamen Rider was released. The two times it crossed over to American shores it got mixed results. The first time was with Saban Entertainment and we got Saban’s Masked Rider! The 2nd time was with Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. I’ve never seen Dragon Knight but I know people who have. On August 28th, 1993, baby boomers that’s when power rangers premiered.

So why is Gai my favorite character from Super Sentai? Well let’s address that in a bit. But let’s watch him kick ass with a power up mode since Lex and I are practically Siamese triplets with Nelson!

There aren’t many people I can talk about Super Sentai and Kamen Rider with. The only person here in America is Nelson. The other 2 are Katie and Lex. I love my parents and I’m luckily to have strong will power because even though I had to deal with a lot of crap in college and that comment about Autism is one of the things that lead to this blog. For lex, here’s some high school standup

Sam at 17…

At 16, I more or less won a comedy talent show at high school and now at 31, The Carona Virus has left me unemployed and with a job coach who’s on her final strike. Strike 1 was seeing me as the autistic guy who is obsessed with Harry Potter albeit this is before Lex and I knew she was Transphobic. Mild irritation but it did define grade school, middle school and Deathly Hallows was senior year. My volunteer site’s bully, I won’t reveal his name but I will out his behaviors that make him “the bully”.

If you read an earlier blog, I’ve abstained from swearing and this impressed one of the staff. As the time’s of this blog is published, the bully is 52 and acts like a stereotype and he’s clearly jealous since I’m more than 20 years his junior. He thinks he’s funny by screaming at the top of his lungs and so far I’ve been successful at ignoring him. My strategy is not to take him seriously and ignore him when he talks in a high pitched voice and uses his catch phrase of “you’re fired”

Here’s my philosophy, when you’re under the age of 18 and you connect with someone on social media you have to maintain certain boundaries. Find things you have in common and grow from there.

With Lex, his parents are very protective of him when really I’m just 4 years older and we like the same stuff…

Lex, Nelson and I all agree that what happened to David Yost was wrong even if Nelson and I disagree politically. Nelson was the friend that Fuzzy wanted me to find in college. When Fuzzy was still alive my journey to tokusatsu was just beginning. I had a falling out with someone in state because that’s all he would talk about and that’s all he gave a damn about. When my podcast with Tony gets started it will be fun. Lex is invested as I am in Tokusatsu. To conclude, here’s a song from Toku in Thailand and some encouraging words for Mr. Louw…

Sport Ranger

Lex, my facebook bro. All your life people are going to judge you. I’ve been out about having Asperger’s starting at 16. I was bullied for it. We both know that being autistic we’re not robots. The Carona Virus has shown the world its true colors. Let’s be thankful that Doug Walker’s surfaced before the pandemic.

Give them hope

Lex, telling my parents I’m bi and my online community was one of my biggest struggles and even though my sexual orientation is now known by my family. It doesn’t matter that you live in Australia or that Nelson’s parents hate me. The day I lost someone to suicide, Nelson came over immediately and gave me a hug. The 3 of us are joined by our but cheeks and even though you have yet to come to Seattle, we are brothers and we always will be!

You have Ass-boogers too? All this time I thought I was the only one on the spectrum who liked this! Another digital friendship story

The 5 basic questions of why Steve M is now under my wing and while not related, Nelson is my brother too…

Purple Ribbons Raise Suicide Prevention Awareness - The Village ...

Look guys, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 4 and again at 14. I’m just one person with it. My last blog post was aimed at my mom to get her to understand why my friendship with my friend Katie in Russia is so sacred. She’s never asked for money, sex or social security number. After my ex girlfriend and I broke up, I realized I was bi because my ex girlfriend wanted sex. I like using he/him for the people who are within my age range. I knew at some point at I needed to tell my parents and since my younger brother and I can’t get along to save our own skins, Steve gets my recipes and I made a vow to show him my standup in DC.

We’re actually second cousins. What Steve probably didn’t know about me is I’m 4 years his senior but I’m shorter. Which isn’t easy to do. I told Steve through text that I felt like I won the lottery after swimming 72 laps. My brother wouldn’t care because believe me, my younger brother will have to live with the fact we got into fights as kids for the rest of his life and even though I’m autistic, I’m highly functioning.

Aside from our height, probably the most jaw dropping moment, “Oh my g-d I can’t believe that happened to you!” moment of my life that I can’t believe happened to me.” Was Alexandra’s death. Fuzzy was taken via a seizure, Alexandra suicide. She was 53.

My last blog was sort of a smack in the face to my mom since Katie’s seen as the “forbidden friend” when really we just do things like exchange recipes, talk about our mutual interests and it sucks because Katie didn’t give a damn that I was Autistic. She didn’t give a damn that I was bi. She values me as if I was her younger brother. About a 1.25 year difference!

My dad taught me that if you’re going to fight someone, you’d better have a good reason to fight back. I don’t have to fight my cousin for ANYTHING!

When we lost the mutual love one, I was forced to stay home but Steve gave me the strength within to come out as bi to my parents and friends. My mom was confused at first but now that she knows about the David Yost interview, my next step is to convince her that my online crew doesn’t want my address. social security number or to take advantage of me.

Asperger’s gives me a photographic memory, the next time Steve and I have a face time with his roommate we can all swap birthright stories. The reason I started posting recipes online is because it’s what my Grandpa Sam would do if he was a millennial. Grandpa Sam died at 57 and never got to finish high school , I’ve got an associate’s from college and my revenge because the director of my degree tried to extract my sense of humor but didn’t.

Here’s my next step since Steve wants me to perform again and I was invited to perform in South Carolina. Once this g-d awful pandemic comes to a close. I want to fly out to Washington D. C.; see the usual tourist traps and of course, make a home cooked meal for him and his roommate and I already have a travel buddy picked out… Nelson Christian Amador Jr!

Nelson’s the college buddy that I wanted to find my entire life. He was my shoulder to cry on when Alexandra died. Nelson stood up for me even before our friendship was as strong as it is. Nelson’s favorite dishes of mine are my pasta salads, meat loaf and an Israeli burrito. His favorite food of all time is buffalo wings which I learned how to make. Nelson knows about my birthright tour despite his parents

After Steve’s interview and my breakup, I realized that for since I was 21, I was denying my own bisexuality. Now that I’ve embraced it, some people know where I volunteer. It’s online and I’m no longer ashamed or in denial since Steve cares about me. My pronouns are he/him and they/them but the former is preferred with my generation.

Even though Nelson witnessed it, I told Steve he has bragging rights that I swam 72 laps because he and I are related. What I didn’t know is that Steve took Spanish in high school and so did I. He likes to ski and I lettered in it! Since my crew of friends includes Steve and my cousin Julie too. Steve was the cousin who gave me the strength to tell my mom I’m bi!

So how did my parents take my bisexuality? My mom thought I was straight but my breakup with my last relationship made me want to come clean because she doesn’t like being mentioned on here but if she’s going to be around when I get married, she has to realize there will be people who aren’t American at her son’s wedding.

As for my dad he was the “yeah, whatever.” parent. He was proud of me for doing a post about him but I did it because Dad always said it was ok for me to do what I do and always had admired me strengths on social media. 2 years ago I helped him move and now it’s my turn to do blog posts about my online crew! My next one will be about someone I met in 2009 and I got annoyed with a former friend who was a type 1 diabetic because his aspirations are the same as mine!

The 5 basic questions of why Steve M is now under my wing and while not related, Nelson is my brother too…

Mr. Kanter who’s Tammy Roland and what is the sacred meaning of August 28, 1993?

Tammy Roland

For those of you who know me online know that Fuzzy died my 2nd quarter of college from a seizure. Autism made it longer for me to go through the 5 stages of basic grief. Meanwhile also in 2010 a man named Jerry Roland died of lung cancer at 56.

I have never been to South Carolina or met Jerry Roland, but on Facebook, I met his daughter, Tammy!

Tammy met me when I was living at home and before I left for Israel! On what’s called a birthright tour!

HaTikvah The Hope

During my birthright tour I discussed the power rangers with a friend of mine and my friendship with Tammy is so strong despite the fact we’ve never met, I was invited to perform at her wedding and walk her down the aisle! As a Jew, I don’t discuss money unless necessary! Spoiler for the next blog, it will talk about what I witnessed growing up and all the bullying experiences and all the crap I’ve experienced!

Tammy doesn’t know who my favorite ranger is but in 2014, I graduated college. This blog started when I moved into my apartment and after I got abused for the umpteenth time. Most of my abuse has been by people who I thought were friends, my brother and even former friends.

I have never met Jerry but as a child, getting a haircut was hard to do. Jerry meant everything to Tammy! Jerry’s cause of death was lung cancer but he smoked a lot. Jerry’s death must have been a struggle for Tammy since she idolized him. As of this blog is to honor Jerry’s memory. As a Jewish person, I’ve received anti-semitism on facebook. I was stalked by my college director after I graduated and I ran into her 3 times after!

In Judaism we have a prayer for the deceased called the Mourner’s Kaddish

The Mourner’s Kaddish id s prayer for the deceased. Jerry might be gone but I do want to have some independent fun since I live on my own and even though I live on my own, the carona virus has made it hard for me do even the simplest thing such as get a haircut. Here are some ideas of what I want to do before and after the wedding


The wise words of the wonderful Rabbi Michael Adam Latz told me at 13, “Sam there’s no blessing for The Simpsons but it’s up to do with your love for them.” That blessing became my comedy career starting at 16. Learning to cook at 25 and that 2 mile swim at 28 gave me the strength to eventually tell people I’m bisexual. Right now I’m in a relationship when this blog is published and hopefully I can see is the Kwik E Mart and bring some merch because I’ve been a pack rat at 10!

Normally I have a beard and brown hair so to honor Tammy’s memories of her dearly departed father it’s up to Tammy and I to decide what my trip to the south will be like. Tammy’s really shy but I’ve always been outspoken!

Seattle is a great city and this next blog will be difficult for my dad to see but it needs to be published because Alexandra would want me to because even though she and Fuzzy are dead, the things I told her I couldn’t tell one of my parents. I tried to but if I hadn’t remained true to myself, this next blog is to honor what Alexandra admired about me the most my integrity. It will also honor what Josh admires about me the most, my resilience because this won’t be a publish for my Seattle Crowd!

Mr. Kanter who’s Tammy Roland and what is the sacred meaning of August 28, 1993?