Power Rangers 2017 honest thoughts

PR2017When watching power rangers you have to set your expectations on very low. Teenage to early 20 year olds in colorful spandex are good whereas space aliens who want to take over and destroy the world are bad. Was it worth it to make Zordon the original red? Not really. It was just fan service.

Was this a good movie? No. Was it good for power rangers? Kinda. It was certainly better than some Disney seasons. Was it a bad movie? Yes! The Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank cameo was so forced, JDF was busted trying to film his own cameo! Here are my biggest wtfs of the movie

  • Zach isn’t an idiot! He wasn’t a brain like Billy in the 90s show but he certainly wasn’t a meathead like Jason
  • Autism does NOT define a character. I swear to g-d Jason is taking advantage of Billy the whole movie!
  • OK I will give the movie this – the realistic feel of them being teenagers is doable
  • Like Billy’s autism, Trini’s sexuality is there just for plot! You have an autistic character there just to be there and you have an LGBT character just for the sake of being there. PR has Autistic and LGBT fans so cut the crap

One of my biggest annoyances is the oversexualization. Elizabeth Banks is in her 40s, Naomi Scott and Becky G are in their early 20s. Hiring overly attractive people does NOT guarantee success on your movie! Was this movie as offensive as the first season? No. I want to thank Tony for giving me a copy to have for my movie library and if you want your nostalgia wiped for a gritty 2 hour reboot, give this a watch. If you don’t, save your memories and the 2 hours and don’t watch this. The choice is yours!

Power Rangers 2017 honest thoughts

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