Sam’s Top 10 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Before we get into my book order let’s take a look at my top 10 favorite characters from the series and we’ll see who the best witch or wizard is:

10. Harry PotterHarry Potter himself – I’m just going by the books here. Let’s be honest here, Harry isn’t exactly a nice guy. He gets into a fight pretty much every other chapter, mouths off to teachers religiously and received a detention every year at Hogwarts and yet somehow he gets to be Quidditch captain in Half-Blood prince. Sense made? Zero! Considering your dad was the school bully, some of the stuff he does comes from his father.

9. NevilleNeville Longbottom – Oh Neville, why’s it always you? Because you’re awesome that’s why. Neville is a role model to people who have disabilities and unlike hothead Harry, Neville’s actually sweet. Just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t have short term memory issues but Neville does have some sort of anxiety disorder, as evidence from this I’ve killed Harry Potter

8. SnapeSeverus Snape – Talk about being a victim of your own creation. I don’t want to get into the politics and policies surrounding Alan Rickman but he was hand picked by Rowling herself. Originally he was going to be played by Tim Roth but I do think Alan was a good choice. But poor Snape, all he wanted was the girl.

7. Sirius BlackSirius Black – Ah Sirius it was clear that you had some playboy issues in Deathly Hallows. For me it’s important to have a relative that isn’t mom or dad that you can turn to in case things don’t work out. I’m surprised Harry doesn’t have PTSD? Sirius was the voice

6. Hermione GrangerHermione Granger – Ok Rowling I know you said you based Hermione on you but come on. Sure she’s book smart but she’s every nerd’s pick. Also Emma Watson is EXACTLY who I pictured as Hermione

5. Luna LovegoodLuna Lovegood – This has nothing to do with my soft spot for Evanna Lynch. As a Ravenclaw, you’re all about being yourself. That’s what Luna is all about. Plus she fits the 6th ranger trope quite perfectly for Harry Potter. Different house, marches to her own drum and that’s what I do every day

4. Remus LupinRemus Lupin – He’s probably the one teacher who didn’t let his friendship with James affect his teaching. His death is one of the most noble sacrifices in literature and his werewolfism is terrible but there’s nothing that could be done.

3. Horace SlughornHorace Slughorn – The message that Harry learns in Half Blood Prince is simple. Not all Slytherin are bad and not all Gryffindor are Heroic and noble. Heck Snape busted his hump EVERY DAY just to protect Harry as a double-agent! Although I picture Slughorn looking more like Wilford Brimley haha…

2. Cedric DigoryCedric Digory – All hail the crowned prince of Hogwarts. Goblet of Fire is my second favorite in the series. Turns out Cedric was being raised by his dad, seriously why is there no info on Mrs. Diggory? All we know is that Cedric was the “IT” boy of Hogwarts until his tragic death in 1995.

And for number 1 we have a tie of sorts.

The twinsFred and George Weasley – Honestly I feel bad for these two guys. All they want is to open a joke shop. These guys had it hard. George must have had a hard time when Fred died but losing an ear to dark magic is just salt in the wound. Well that about does it for my top 10 favorite characters. Next time I’ll be going over my bottom 10

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Sam’s Top 10 Favorite Harry Potter Characters

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