Tales From the Pokedex Volume 4: Sinnoh

Now we come to one of the best regions of the Pokedex, Sinnoh. Ladies and Gentlemen and everything in-between, welcome to tales from the Pokedex, Volume 4: Sinnoh

Torterra artwork by Ken SugimoriBesides Groudon, Torterra is the other continent Pokémon. Small Pokémon have actually built nests on this Pokémon’s back

Chimchar artwork by Ken SugimoriThe flame on Chimchar’s butt is fueled by gas. Even water can’t put it out.

Piplup artwork by Ken SugimoriDespite being as cute as a button, Piplup doesn’t like to be babied, It often has a hard time bonding with its trainer. The anime tends to contradict this.

Empoleon artwork by Ken SugimoriThe bigger the better. With Empoleon, the one with the biggest horns is the leader.

Starly artwork by Ken SugimoriStarly chase after bug Pokémon, the pokedex thinks their song is noisy and annoying

Bidoof artwork by Ken SugimoriApparently Bidoof and Rattata have teeth that grow at the same rate

Shinx artwork by Ken SugimoriShinx’s fur dazzles if danger is sensed and it’s temporarily blinded

Cranidos artwork by Ken SugimoriCranidos toughen each other up by butting heads.

Bastiodon artwork by Ken SugimoriA group of bastiodon when attacked they form a wall and they make Donald Trump pay for it.

Wormadam (Plant Cloak) artwork by Ken SugimoriWormadam (Sandy Cloak) artwork by Ken SugimoriWormadam (Trash Cloak) artwork by Ken SugimoriWhen Burmy evolves into Wormadam, the cloak can’t be changed. It can’t be shed

Pachirisu artwork by Ken SugimoriPachirisu rub their cheeks in order to share electricity with each other

Floatzel artwork by Ken SugimoriFloatzel tends to chase its prey and its sac can double as a raft

Cherubi artwork by Ken SugimoriThe ball on cherubi’s back is filled with nutrients that Starly try to peck it off

Cherrim artwork by Ken SugimoriDuring times of strong sunlight its petals bloom and it becomes more active.

Shellos artwork by Ken SugimoriAs you can see, Shellos’ coloring vary depending on its habitat.

Ambipom artwork by Ken SugimoriAmbipom uses its two tails for nearly everything now. It barely uses its hands. Is this even sanitary?

Drifloon artwork by Ken SugimoriDrifloon is known to drift children away. And I thought Drowzee and Hypno were bad. The two are probably in cahoots.

Drifblim artwork by Ken SugimoriBe careful what time you catch Drifblim because if you catch at dusk. you die.

Mismagius artwork by Ken SugimoriMismagius chants incantations while the lion’s share cause pain. There are a few that cause happiness.

Glameow artwork by Ken SugimoriGlameow can be a bit of a diva. It scratches the nose of the trainer if it’s not fed.

Stunky artwork by Ken SugimoriI always wanted a skunk pokemon and Stunky and Skuntank didn’t disappoint. It releases a noxious fume from its tuchus that lasts for 24 hours.

Mime Jr. artwork by Ken SugimoriMime Jr.  likes to mimic foes. Once mimicked the foe can’t take its eyes off its opponent

Happiny artwork by Ken SugimoriHappiny are usually well behaved but if you take away its stone it throws a tantrum

Spiritomb artwork by Ken SugimoriBecause of the mischief caused by this Pokémon, It was imprisoned

Garchomp artwork by Ken SugimoriGarchomp will often have battles with salamence for food.

Lucario artwork by Ken SugimoriHere’s what I don’t get about Lucario. It’s only 3′ 11″ crazy!


Skorupi artwork by Ken SugimoriAs soon as Skorupi’s tail claw closes it secretes poison. It can actually survive a year without food

Croagunk artwork by Ken SugimoriThe goop that runs from Croagunk’s fingers might be poisonous by itself but can be used as a remedy for back pain

Mantyke artwork by Ken SugimoriMantyke are friendly towards humans and the pattern on their back varies based off of habitat

Weavile artwork by Ken SugimoriI want you guys to know I think Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Sandshrew are super cute so it pains me to find out that those two are Weavile’s main source of food. Here’s what my response is

Lickilicky artwork by Ken SugimoriLickilicky has an extensive tongue. Don’t get too close or you’ll wind up covered in drool

Electivire artwork by Ken SugimoriElectivire pushes its two tails against the opponent and it then releases 20,000 volts of electricity

Yanmega artwork by Ken SugimoriYanmega is 6′ 3″. That doesn’t make sense. I’m 6′ 2″/ A bug bigger than me. What?!

Gliscor artwork by Ken SugimoriGliscor is 6′ 7″ and 94 pounds. Will somebody please tell me how that works?

Mamoswine artwork by Ken SugimoriNow Mamoswine is big at about 8′ 2″ but I honestly thought it would be so much bigger

Gallade artwork by Ken SugimoriGallade is a master of courtesy and swordsmanship. It fights using the swords on its elbows

Froslass artwork by Ken SugimoriHere’s something creepy. It’s said that a woman who died on the mountains was reborn as frosslass

Rotom artwork by Ken SugimoriRotom would be perfect for Loki. It can enter certain electric devices and cause mischief

Mesprit artwork by Ken SugimoriMespirit is the being of emotion. It taught human beings the meaning of joy, happiness, sadness. Its favorite movie must be Inside Out.

Azelf artwork by Ken SugimoriIts believed that Azelf is a triplet as it, Uxie and Mespirit come from the same egg

Regigigas artwork by Ken SugimoriRegigigas created the regi trio from magma, rocks, and ice.

And finally the llama…

Arceus artwork by Ken SugimoriIt is believed that Arceus shaped the world with its 1000 arms. Wow.

And that wraps up the sinnoh Region. Sinnoh did some great things for Pokémon. Introducing evolutions to old Pokémon that needed an upgrade. The physical special split and Ash was actually smart in the anime. So what’s on out plate for next time? Join us as we travel into Unova… See you in September for that

Tales From the Pokedex Volume 4: Sinnoh

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