On being an Autistic Jew Part 4 – Bar Mitzvah

Ok so now we’re going to be diving into my past and I’ll delve deeper about it because it helped shape who I am. High School and Middle School my depression was at its highest point. Teenage years are a pain in the neck for ANYONE! Since I was 9, My aspiration was to be a comedian who owned his own Restaurant with Joke Shop, Candy Shop, Bakery, Ice Cream Parlor that would show movies. I’d have a stage to do my comedy.

So when a Jewish boy gets to be about 11-12, It’s time for Bar Mitzvah Training. Girls can start as early as 12. All the preparation is a test. It’s not easy because you’re slowly transitioning into adulthood and puberty is very cruel. You also have to give a speech. Rabbis Jim Mirel and Michael Latz were the Rabbis at my synagogue at the time of my Bar Mitzvah. Mirel was the Senior and Latz the Junior and unfortunately he left after a year.

Mirel is retired now. Eventually I started the History of The Simpsons. So we’ll touch more on that later.

For me my Bar Mitzvah and the portion of the Torah was all about rules and boundaries. Because of this I consider myself a pretty mature person. Though my inner 13 year old is still alive. I know we talked a bit about my life but for all other young Jewish Autistics this is for you

  • The day will come – Just be patient
  • The Rabbi is there to guide you
  • YOU are In charge of the service
  • It’s all about your battle with puberty (joke)

The Service is usually depends on the length of the Saturday Service at your synagogue. For the parents of your autistic child:

  • Each one is different
  • You know your child

When I was called to the Torah, I still remember the first 3 words of my portion:

“Ki Ani Adonai” I am g-d, but it being about rules and boundaries… As I got into middle school my depression got worse and when I was 14, Autism was presented to me again but I still wanted to be a comedian. I did get it officially when I was 17 but that’s beside the point.

The most important point I can give in preparing for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is…

Don’t give up! I’m not the most religious Jew but I will tell you \that it’s worth going through.

So It helped shape me.

We’ll talk further about high school even though we touched on it in Part 1: I’m going to give advice because Education is the most important thing.

Until my next one folks…


On being an Autistic Jew Part 4 – Bar Mitzvah

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