Is there such a thing as white privilege in this day and age?

I want to talk about something I don’t normally talk about on this channel but with this being February and me being a white male and this being Black history month I wanted to do this not as a white male, but as a proud citizen of the United States. I just want to warn readers that this may contain political bias.

Even though I have a good sense of humor and a good heart, I know as a white male I want to think outside the box. I want to use anime as a good example. I love anime because the characters aren’t always black and white. I have a close friend who is Hispanic and our families couldn’t be any more different.

One person who still inspires me to this day is a nursing student who went to my college. After bringing up that I went to Israel and that I have Autism she got to know me. I bring this up because I wanted to talk about something that is getting on my nerves:

Ok I want to talk about the upcoming ghost in the shell movie. Yes, the one starring Scarlet Johansen. Before you fanboys get your panties all bunched up about her being a cyborg let me say this: This is white washing.

I’m not writing this blog out of ego or narcissism, I’m just writing it as a 27 year old who wants to do something to help his country.

I want to challenge all of you. Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Help a neighbor with their grocery shopping. Offer to give someone a ride to practice if you have a car. Go to church with a friend.  Help your son or daughter with an assignment. Donate blood. Volunteer for a non profit

Here’s the bottom line: There’s enough violence in the world and you can complain and blame the opposing political party or you can not give up hope. I haven’t. Show love to your friends and family. Call your parents. Give your brother or sister a hug. Life doesn’t stop at your convenience no matter what you do , care about others.

Just because this blog entry is finished doesn’t mean decency and kindness have to.

Is there such a thing as white privilege in this day and age?

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