Wu’s Revelation: Chapter 2: Hu

Hu was an earth bending citizen from a middle class Kyoshi Island family. He was also Senator Wu’s boyfriend. His family had supported him in his decision. Even if it was against Earth Kingdom now Earth Colonies constitution. Hu knew that Wu would remew the constitution.

At 28 and Wu at 24, they had a great strong and enduring relationship for about 4 years. They had been together since Avatar Korra had been poisoned. It didn’t matter to him that Wu couldn’t bend. What mattered is that Wu had found their place as a senator.

Hu had learned how to Metal Bend from Toph Beifong and had been her top pupil since he was 13. Lin, who was only 30 at the time was still not on speaking terms with her mother. As a child, Hu had struggled with deafness in his right ear. The left ear he could completely. The right ear, well at most 10-20%. This is because on a trip to Ba Sing Se as a child, he was caught in a rock slide. A doctor who was a water bender told him he would never be able to hear from the right ear again.

What he lacked in hearing, he made up for with his abilities as an earth and metal bender. Avatar Korra was impressed and had never seen such talent.The Earth Colonies were now starting laws to protect non-benders, Senator Wu was taking center stage and making sure each earth colony was going in the right direction. Omashu was already starting to put up a statue of King Bumi to honor his leadership but was also finding a senator. They chose a citizen by the name of Dai Ken.

Hu had prepared a Platypus Bear sandwich for lunch. With the air nomads returning, councilman Tenzin had made a ban for eating sky bison. President Raiko, Fire Lord Azumi, Chief Tonraq, Avatar Korra and Senator Wu were all for it. He finished his lunch to find his boyfriend, Avatar Korra and Asami Sato eagerly awaiting his arrival

Wu’s Revelation: Chapter 2: Hu

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