Wu’s revelation: Chapter 1: The Earth Kingdom Colonies

Preface: This is my first public fan fiction, please feel free to give constructive criticism. Please note that I am an ally to the LGBT community. Please take my writing with a grain of salt.

For David Yost and Alan Palmer, whose courage and sacrifice on Power Rangers helped make this fan fiction possible.  For Rajia Baroudi who reminded me why I am on this earth. Forr Wayne Daniels and Aubrey Kesler, showing me that you can’t always take something at face Value and finally for Josh Dixon, their friendship

Wu sat at his throne. With his mother, Queen Ho Ting being dead for 3 years taking it’s toll on him. As the first non-bender king in 173 years, Wu had a lot more pressure. That and he had to hide the fact he would rather date a man than a woman. Avatar Korra was on her way over with her girlfriend, Asami.

“Is this a social visit?” Asami asked

“Yes and No,” Wu Replied.

Wu had explained that earth kingdom law prohibits same sex relationships. Ba Sing Se had agreed to overrule the constitution. Ba Sing Se had become a stronghold for those in Same Sex relationships. All of its citizens were refugees. Although there were some citizens from Kyoshi Island who preferred a same sex partnership, a lot of them had refused to pass the law. Wu’s boyfriend, Hu was the latter. Wu asked for Korra’s help in revoking the constitution.

“You seem to have things under control, so where do I come in?” Korra asked

“I figured it out myself that you and Asami are romantically involved.” Wu added

Asami asked what would he call himself instead of King Wu

“I was thinking either Prime Minister Wu or Senator Wu.”

Korra and Asami looked at each other in thought and said at the same time, Senator Wu

Korra looked at Wu. What else did you want to talk about?

“Give me 20 minutes and I’ll be back”

20 minutes later, Wu came back dressed as a Kyoshi Warrior complete with face paint.

Asami understand why Wu might do this. Korra tried to hide snickering. Asami glared at Korra. Wu explained that he needed some help making the earth Kingdom a stronghold for same sex partnerships. The next day, Senator Wu held a conference with Korra and Lin Beifong was there with Tenzin. Lin turned to Toph.

“Mom, can you tell me what’s going on?” Lin asked.

Toph smirked, “If I told you, you won’t like it.”

Senator Wu addressed their people. They had made an announcement that Ba Sing Se was to become a stronghold for same sex relations not just for refugees of all nations. One reporter asked them, “Senator Wu, with this change in the earth kingdom? Why are you abdicating the throne?”

Wu took a deep breath and revealed that they were in fact Homosexual. The boyfriend emerged from the crowd and smiled. “I’m ptoud of you.” he said softly



Wu’s revelation: Chapter 1: The Earth Kingdom Colonies

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