How the Turbo Movie and the Season could have been better.

Spoilers for Zeo: At the End of Zeo, Jason transfers his powers back to Trey and Rita and Zedd manage to destroy the Machine Empire. What if inbetween that Gasket and Archerina discover this and during the first act is Divatox rusting Gasket and Archerina, then in the movie, Zordon introduces them to Divatox who poisons the Zeo Crystal, causing them to lose their powers. This idea would only be possible if David Yost wasn’t harassed.

Billy tells the 5 core rangers that Divatox has severed their connection to the Morphin Grid and they need to find replacements. We know that Carlos was on Adam’s soccer team and that Ashley was on the cheerling squad and that Cassie and TJ met Katherine willy nilly. What about this? Let’s say that TJ was a friend of Tommy’s from Karate Practice or knew him since childhood. We know that Catherine was a diver back in Australia, so what if Cassie was on a diving team that Katherine joined at Angel Grove high? It makes sense. Well at least by power rangers standards. They can keep Carlos and Ashley to their respective mediums. So they tell them that they’re the power rangers. They find a way to transfer the power. Instead of having Rocky throw his back out, maybe have him be the first ranger to actually die on screen.

As for replacing Zordon with Dimitria, that could have been saved for the show. As for Justin, instead of us making him a foster kid, have him be Rocky’s brother or cousin. Then after the cast change in the movie, Billy introduces a man made ranger he’s been working on, the Phantom Ranger.

Turbo might have been panned by fans but these are my ideas. Keep them in mind before you criticize me.

How the Turbo Movie and the Season could have been better.

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