Final thoughts on the 2017 PR Movie

Ok, so since I’m going to see the PR Movie with my buddy Nelson, I might as well give my final thoughts before seeing this movie. Considering the other two movies aren’t that great, I honestly think the first one is more of a rainy day guilty pleasure and the Turbo movie was there to just introduce Justin, I’ll make a blog called “what if the Turbo movie was good” in a little while but for now, here’s what I have to say.

As long as I keep my expectations on low, I might get some enjoyment. I don’t know, I haven’t been involved with the Neo-Saban Era but I would like to participate in a debate against Linkara. From what I gather, the Neo Saban era has been regarded as Lukewarm from fans like Mr. Weenie Productions and I know that Megaforce was hated even more than Turbo.

Ever since Christopher Nolan did the Dark Knight Trilogy, Everyone and their grandmother wanted to copy their formula. That’s why the amazing spider-man didn’t work but I digress. Just including the original theme is not enough to win me over, I’ll be leaving my nostalgia goggles at home so don’t expect me to hold ANYTHING back. When I say anything I mean ANYTHING. .

Final thoughts on the 2017 PR Movie

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