Film Theory: The Burglars in home alone aren’t the real bad guys

Spoiler Warning!

The following is a theory and not actual facts. There will be spoilers for Home Alone if you haven’t seen it you might want to. The first act of the movie introduces us to the burglars and Uncle Frank. Right from his first line of dialogue, Frank comes across as unlikable. When the pizza tells him he owes him the money he shrugs it off and says, “It’s my brother’s house, he’ll take care of this.” and of course there’s the scene where Kevin tackles his brother buzz.

In the original drafts of the script, Uncle Frank hired the burglars to kill Kevin. I’m glad they changed it. I think the Burglars are just a figment of Kevin’s imagination. Sure they aren’t successful and get arrested but is Kevin the bad guy? No. The real villain of home alone is… Uncle Frank and Buzz.

Here’s my logic: Uncle Frank doesn’t feel a lick of sympathy to Catherine O’Hara when she leaves Kevin behind. Uncle Frank says that he feels bad because he forgot his reading glasses. He spends the first third of the movie antagonizing Kevin. There’s a deleted scene where Kevin gets his pants pulled down by Frank in the first one.. So is Uncle Frank the bad guy? Well everything that comes out of his mouth is very scrooge like.

Of course the McGuffin for the actual bad guy is really detailed and interesting. I know it may seem like I’m tearing this movie apart but I grew up watching it. It’s one of my favorite movies but is the sequel better? Not really. But if you think about it, Both the burglars and Marley are projections of what COULD happen to Kevin. Sure in the beginning of the movie, Kevin is an obnoxious little brat but by the time we get to the end of the first movie and he sees his mom in the foyer, he doesn’t forgive her at first. He does, but the reason I think Kevin’s brother Buzz is also the main bad guy is because of someone of the dialogue and the last line is his brother’s and he says, “Kevin, what happened to my room?”

I’ll turn it over to you guys. Are the Burglars in Kevin’s head? Is Uncle Frank the true bad guy of home alone? Leave your input in the comments below.

Film Theory: The Burglars in home alone aren’t the real bad guys

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