In Defense of Legend of Korra

Spoiler Alert!

I want to talk about this show as a whole and even though it was not as good as its parents show, there were some things that made it better. First off I would like to state a quote from Uncle Iroh’s four element talk.

“Air is the element of Freedom. The Air Nomads detatched themselves from worldly concerns. They found peace in freedom. Also, apparently they had pretty good senses of humor.”

The reason Korra struggled with Air bending is because she was stuck in a compound for the first 17 years of her life. She was able to master water as it was her native element. The reason she was able to master Earth and Fire is because she was hard-headed and stubborn enough for the former and hot headed for the latter (No pun intended).

As the first season went on, Korra joins pro-bending. Which helps her become an air bender. Amon, voice by Steve Blum is very reminiscent of V (V for Vendetta). Legend of Korra is set in a steampunk 1920’s era. After training with Aang’s son Tenzin voiced by my man, Mr. Simmons, Korra’s payoff is rewarded for her

I’ll be honest the 2nd Season was my least favorite. But was it g-d awful? It was more the lines of “meh”. I didn’t hate it but wasn’t as captivating as season 1. I can’t talk about Season 2 without talking about Bumi and Kya. Tenzin’s elder brother and sister. Played by Richard Reihle and Lisa Edelstein respectively

Kya is Aang and Katara’s middle and the only water bender among the 3 siblings. Bumi is the comic relief of Legend of Korra but is he good. Well as Tenzin puts it, “You’re the oldest of us, but you always acted like the youngest.” Bumi II is a non-bender and you can tell what kind of person he is.

Although a Non-Bender, Bumi does have one of the best moments of slapstick


As season 3 opens we learn that Bumi was one of the many people who acquired air bending during harmonic convergence. This is where the Spirit Gates and the Material Gates align. This season is one of the most intense seasons ever. Plus by the end of it, you realize there might be more to Korra and her friend Asami. Jinora, Tenzin’s eldest gets her tattoos.

There’s a 3 year time gap between seasons 3 and 4. The payoff for Season 4 is incredible. Korra actually looks like she’s from the 1920’s.

After all that was said and done, I won’t say anything more. After an amazing final battle we have this:

Legend of Korra had its faults but having Korra and Asami become a same sex couple was one of the smartest decisions ever made. For all you Korra haters who say that Korra is nothing but a pouty whiny Lesbian, I counter with this. Korra was 21 at series end. Asami was 22. Aang was 12 and Katara was 14. The world isn’t Gay/Straight/Lesbian. The Tomboy is not dead. Korra is very Tomboyish. My friend Jenna, who recommended this series for me, is a Tomboy. Thanks for reading this. Happy New Year and I hope you have a much better 2017


In Defense of Legend of Korra

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