28 random things about me that you should know

Welcome to a once a year segment I’m calling Random Things you should know about me. I think it’s pretty self explanatory. Let’s get started:

  1. I didn’t see the movie Jumanji until I was 22
  2. My favorite anime titles include Berserk, Death Note, One Punch Man, Cowboy Bebop Digimon Tamers and Ranma 1/2
  3. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired on August 28, 1993. One of my best friends was born that day but not that year.
  4. If money weren’t an issue I’d have a restaurant on the Seattle Waterfront and it would show movies of my choosing and it would have a built in joke shop, candy shop and bakery. Said restaurant would have all day Breakfast and dim sum on weekends. The Menu would be diverse and feature my fusion cuisine
  5. The first movie I ever saw in theaters was Aladdin
  6. I’m 6′ 2″ and owned a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix named Fuzzy. Another Close friend is 5′ 8″ and owned an Alaskan Malamute
  7. My Grandfather on my dad’s side, died of cancer the same week Yitzhak Rabbin, the prime minister of Israel was assassinated.
  8. If I could hang out with 3 celebrities for 24 hours it would be Steve Blum, Ryan Reynolds and Rose McIver. I would give Ryan Reynolds shit because Rose McIver’s first name is actually Frances.
  9. I was interviewed on NPR in 2003.
  10. I have no intention of getting a tattoo or piercing
  11. I would love to be in a debate against Linkara about Power Rangers
  12. My favorite TV Shows are Monk and House
  13. The first time I heard Louis Armstrong’s what a wonderful world, I misheard “the bright blessed day, and dark sacred night.” I heard, “The bright blessed day and dogs say goodnight.
  14. I specialize in what I call fusion cuisine. It’s where I mix one or more types of food.
  15. I can speak some Spanish
  16. I can swim 40 laps. 20 without a break
  17. If I could pick a movie director’s brain, I would choose Steven Spielberg
  18. My dream vacations are to Japan and Greece.
  19. My favorite actor is J. K. Simmons
  20. I spoke at an interfaith service during the 3rd anniversary of 9/11 at a Muslim School in Downtown Seattle
  21. My favorite thing to cook is Tortas
  22. My dream is to enter a cooking contest and aim for at least 2nd place.
  23. In College, I had an internship at the museum of flight
  24. My favorite time periods are The 1920’s, The 1960’s and The 1990’s
  25. My favorite candy is Jelly Belly jelly beans
  26. My parents have been divorced since I was 18
  27. My favorite super sentai season used to be Chojuu Sentai Liveman, nowadays it’s Choudenshi Bioman.
  28. My favorite Kamen Rider Season is Kamen Rider OOO. At least so far
28 random things about me that you should know

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