Kalos League Anime Review

Ok so we have come to Kalos anime and I know that Pokemon just started with Sun and Moon so here we go. I gotta give the writers credit for making Ash get 2nd place. After the disappointment in Unova, the anime was a HUGE improvement with Kalos. Ash’s travel buddies were not only a lot more likable but a nice twist. I didn’t like Iris because she was way too condescending. Cilan was OK. To me Clemont and Bonnie were great. Serena was cool because she has history with Ash. To be fair I loved the Kalos anime. So I bet you’re wondering when my Power Rangers Samurai coverage will start. That was just a prank blog. I have no intention of covering the Neo Saban Era. I will however talk about Rogue One soon.

I’m going to give The Kalos Anime a 3.5 out of 4.

Kalos League Anime Review

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