Honoring Carrie Fisher

carrie-fisherHow’s it going guys and if you haven’t heard by now, we lost Carrie Fisher to a heart attack on Tuesday, December 27. Now if you guys don’t know, I’m a star wars fan and my protege Allie was the one who told me. She sent me a text saying that Carrie Fisher was dead. Now to me this was absolutely heartbreaking.

Star Wars has been a huge part of my life and Princess Leia is easily one of the best characters. Fisher was around the same age as my mom. I’ll admit 2016 has been difficult for a lot of us and I hope that 2017 provides a lot better opportunities for all of us. We have to look ahead and be optimistic. Carrie would not want us to be sad.

If we look ahead we can do what’s best, please remember Carrie and try not to think about episode. May the force be with you all and have a happy New Year.


Honoring Carrie Fisher

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