So, Sam…

Welcome to a new section of my blog called So, Sam. This is where I answer 10 questions about me so you guys get to know me further. As a person. I’ll try to do these once a week. So Sam, let’s get started!

  1. So Sam, why do you still like power rangers, it’s stupid, it’s for children etc. Well I don’t like it for the reasons I did as a kid. Even though the episodes are formulaic now, I watch it because it’s stupid and cheesy. That’s why I love it. Some seasons are so bad it’s good and others are so bad it’s great. I’m not a fan anymore like Linkara and I would appreciate it if you didn’t asked me questions on power rangers.This one doesn’t count.
  2. Ok. So Sam, what’s your favorite color? Navy Blue
  3. So Sam, where about are you located? Seattle
  4. So Sam, what’s your favorite place in Seattle? That would be Archie McPhee. A joke shop in downtown Seattle.
  5. So Sam, aside from anime and tokusatsu, what are your favorite TV Shows? Monk, House, Batman the animated series, Avatar the last airbender, Gotham and the Batman show from the 1960s.
  6. So Sam, I noticed that Batman appears 3 times in your favorite shows, do you like Batman more than Power Rangers? Yes! Batman is my 2nd favorite superhero. Spider-Man is my first.
  7. So Sam, if you and your friends could tour 2 places in the US where would you go? Washington D.C. and The Jelly Belly Factory.
  8. So Sam, what do you want for Christmas? Etsy gift cards
  9. So Sam, what is your biggest dream? To one day open a restaurant that would show movies, have a built-in joke shop, candy shop and bakery.
  10. So Sam, why are you motivated to swim miles? It gives me the strength to get through the day.
  11. So Sam, when are you going to share your recipes? Well after much thought I decided to post my recipes online. It’s gotta be less expensive than publishing a book

Have a good day everyone and a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah. See you guys next week for more Q&A


So, Sam…

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