Spider-Man Homecoming trailer review

I know you guys want me to talk about the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer but honestly I don’t have much to say about it that hasn’t already been pointed out. Spider-Man is my favorite superhero and spectacular spider-man while not perfect has probably been the best thing since the Raimi films. This trailer did everything the Power Rangers trailer did wrong. I know lots of 90’s kids are excited about the new power rangers movie but I hate to sound like a wet blanket but I have no intention of seeing it. I’ll explain why after I review this trailer.

This trailer features Peter Parker coming into his own and it did a good job. Power Rangers has NEVER been subtle. Marvel does a good job of showing you just the right amount. With the exception of a few seasons, Power Rangers has never truly been subtle.

It seems everything that Spider-Man homecoming did right, Power Rangers did wrong. So let’s talk about the Power Rangers movie coming out. I already did my thoughts on the trailer so forgive me for being hard

  1. Power Rangers is an outdated fad. I know they’re trying hard to make this work but by g-d does this movie look sloppy. I know they had people who have worked on previous movies on this but it looks like the trailer showed us all.
  2. Rita looks like shit.

I know I should give more reasons but my friend Jenna said that if you don’t want to see something, don’t see it. I’m not letting Nostalgia blind me but it just looks awful. Will this movie make money, yes? Will it be a hit, probably not? Spider-Man homecoming could be a hit. Only time will tell

Spider-Man Homecoming trailer review

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