Why are DC Movies tanking at the box office?

Ever since the release of the dark knight trilogy it seems that DC has lost their momentum. So why are the DC comic book movies turning in one dud after another. My theory is that they’re taking themselves way too seriously. Part of what made Captain America Civil War and other movies so wonderful was that they took some time to breathe by adding in humor. Just relying on fandom of seeing your favorite characters on screen is not necessarily enough to keep one invested.

I went to see suicide squad and while it was an improvement it was still a bad movie. DC seems to be banking on fandom of favorite characters. The other factor is that they need to choose people who know what they’re doing with the directors and behind the camera. Part of the charm of the 1990’s Batman Cartoon is while being fresh and new, also knew when to take itself seriously and when not to. Part of the reason Batman is a timeless cartoon.

If DC were to lighten their toneand make it just a little more humorous then I’m sure it could be fun. Have a happy Halloween and let me know what you guys think

Why are DC Movies tanking at the box office?

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