Retro relook Episode 2: V. R. Troopers


Welcome to another episode of Retro relook. This time we’ll be looking at Virtual Reality Troopers or VR Troopers. Saban bought many tokusatsu shows in the 90s and Power Rangers was definitely the most popular. VR Troopers was actually a companion show and it didn’t do as well. While it’s not hard to see why, it is fun if you take the time to get used to it. It’s actually a lot more violent than power rangers. Monsters get impaled and stabbed as opposed to being taken out by a megazord.

So what’s our story? 18 year old Ryan Steele is searching for his estranged father, Tyler. Meanwhile the evil Grimlord plans to put a dent into Ryan’s plan. Troopers have an issue of the day, Grimlord tries to thwart it Troopers win etc. Seems very similar to power rangers doesn’t it? Well it certainly is. Eventually *spoiler alert* Ryan gets reconnected with dad. The show didn’t have much of a wrap up and if you want to watch the series check it out at If you enjoy humor you might want to check out this gag reel:

So… What shall we do for next time? I know! How does a history of digimon sound? Hope you enjoy! See you next time.

Retro relook Episode 2: V. R. Troopers

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