Birthright tour- A look back

A birthright tour is a tour you can take if you’re Jewish and between the ages of 18 and 26. My best friend and protege Nelson Amador, who’s currently sharing his thoughts about Power Rangers will ask me some questions he had and how it affected me before and after I got home. He will also ask me some questions about the trip since he has never been to Israel.


  1. What was your favorite landmark? There was a mall in Jerusalem I got to talk with my friends I made for the last time and I also had the best Ice cream
  2. Out of all the ladies I met who was your closest friend? I met someone named Jenna Lonsdale who I share my scripts recipes amd with and during the tour we would talk about movies and I told her what I knew about power rangers.
  3. Were customs hard? Not as hard as you might think. The two hardest parts were a holocaust museum and the flights to and from.
  4. What were your favorite foods? Being a foodie I really liked my breakfast of a poached egg and tomato casserole and pickled herring.they even served amazing pastries in the morning. On Friday Nights we were served a stew of Chicken, Hard boiled eggs, sweet potatoes and prunes. They even served us cheesecake in the morning. I even brought at least 5 pounds of Jelly Bellies, Trail Mix from trader joe’s and Banana Chips.
  5. What were your final thoughts before going to Israel? Will I make any lifelong friends during the tour. How will I grow?
  6. Did you make this decision yourself? It’s been something I wanted to do since I came of age. It was a little harder to be around people since my dog died.
  7. Were you able to maneuver around the country? Yes. There was a giant shuttle bus.
Birthright tour- A look back

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