Retro Relook Episode 1: Crazy Bones

Welcome to the first episode of what I am calling Retro Relook. This is where I look at something from the past and tell you what I think of it nowadays. If you saw my conclusion to my history of Power Rangers then you know that today I’ll be talking about Crazy Bones:

Crazy Bones are these little pieces of plastic no more than an inch or two tall. They were very popular when I was little. But these days no one ever talks about them. Until now. I can’t help but look at my crazy bone collection with a huge smile on my face. They managed to do a reboot but the reboot doesn’t capture the essence of what these had in the 90’s. I’m sure if I pulled these out of my closet you’d say, “Oh yeah, I remember these guys.”

These are definitely one of the best things to come out of the 90’s. Do yourself a favor. Google it, buy a pack and enjoy them. For those of you who remember these guys comment below and let me know. Here’s what I have planned for next time:

That’s right I’ll be delving into a companion series of Power Rangers, Saban’s VR Troopers! Will it hold up? We’ll have to see!

Retro Relook Episode 1: Crazy Bones

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