About Nelson

Nelson Amador was my apprentice during my years as a Freshman Mentor at Bellevue College. Nelson is Hispanic and his dominant ancestry is Nicaraguan. Although we have covered Mighty Morphin in a previous blog, Nelson is a huge Seattle Sports lover and I hope to catch a game or two with him and get to know his world. Nelson is my college apprentice and has served under my wing.

When I first met Nelson in May of 2012, he was just an incoming Freshman who happened to be Hispanic. Our mutual love of movies was a starting point, then when I first met him he brought up Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. His favorite Power Ranger is Jason because when shit hit the fan he held together, especially during the Green ranger Arc. We are starting with Zeo. Since we already covered Mighty Morphin. In August Nelson will be interviewing me on my birthright tour.

When I first went to his house for a labor day Barbecue I showed him the pilot for Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, it intrigued him. The reason Nelson is such an important person in my life is because when my dog died, I made a vow to stay in college and was rewarded with what happened to David Yost, a pen pal in Russia, Nelson and a really good friend of mine who realized that even though I might have disabilities, I’m not pathetic or petty.

The craziest moment happened was when I was at his house and we were watching The Beavis and Butthead movie and his sister just yells, “NELSON I’M TRYING TO SLEEP!” Even though the family’s nice, I thought that something must have disturbed his sister.

Nelson’s least favorite Power Ranger is Rocky because he puts Hispanics in a negative light. Like with my history we’ll go up to RPM But unlike my history we’ll just primarily focus on Power Rangers and his views on Sentai will be up to him. Until next time…Enjoy the zeo theme

About Nelson

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