The next project

Those who know me in Person know that even though I might know all about Power Rangers, they aren’t my favorite superheroes. Even though in high school I remember the fond memories and that’s why I shared my memories of watching the show. My favorite superhero is Spider-Man in case you guys didn’t catch that subtle clue in my RPM blog.

During my high school years I wondered why David Yost left. Did he have cancer? Was he unhappy with the salary? Neither the answer was revealed in 2010.

At this stage of my life I had a Pomeranian Chihua Mix named Fuzzy who died in February of 2010 whom my mom and I owned for 11 months. I made a vow to myself to stay in college. On August 22, 2010 I met my Russian Pen Pal who made me the uncle to her child. It turns out that David was being bullied behind the camera for being Gay. When I heard about this, I was as surprised as any fan of the show would be. David has always been one of my favorite names and when I heard about this news straight from the horse’s mouth I wanted to say that how proud I am of him as a human being.

David has been one of my favorite names and if I actually met David Yost, I’d actually want to ask him to come to my college and maybe make him a sack lunch and as a blood donor one of my best friends from college who always teases me for my blood donations and since my best friend is as hard working as I am. He’d jokingly tell me that all my blood donations brought David Yost to our college.

Even though I’m not Gay, If I could meet any of the original 6, It would either be Walter Jones since Zack was the comic relief and David Yost who played Billy was the smart one. I have two best friends who I have met within 4 months of each other. With one of my favorite restaurants closing in October I decided my way of coping with my loss is by passing the torch


In May of 2012, I met Nelson. Who’s a Seattle Sports buff who I took under my wing and his opinions on Mighty Morphin can be found in my blogs. Will now share his thoughts with you. Nelson will be interviewing me about my birthright tour in August and Our first collaborative videos will be on YouTube and Patreon. The clean trailer will be on YouTube but the uncensored version will be on Patreon

Here are some things to know about Nelson besides being a Seattle Sports buff:

  • He has a really infectious laugh
  • His dominant ancestry is Nicaraguan
  • His favorite power ranger is Jason
  • And both of us served on the same college leadership team together

Nelson has only seen the first 3 seasons of Mighty Morphin thus far but I am putting him through the other seasons and having to watch reruns we can watch them like two adults who are pursuing their hopes and dreams. You’ll see us on Camera in a video come August. I leave you with this clip from Mighty Morphin as a transference of Opinions

The next project

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