FAQ’s Regarding Sentai, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider

Ok, so we’re not completely out of the woods just yet. I decided to take care of some questions and comments that might pop into someone’s head. As I said in my conclusion, I have other projects I want to do. Let’s focus on some common questions, comments and my answers:

Are you a sentai purist?

Have you not been paying attention to my blogs? There are some seasons that I think have better narratives Zeo, Lost Galaxy, In Space etc.

Ok smarty pants, if you’re not a sentai purist and you’re not a pr purist how come you haven’t gone to power morphicon yet?

I’d rather not. I have much bigger fish to fry.

What is your favorite PR season(s)

Zeo, Lost Galaxy, Time Force, SPD, Jungle Fury and RPM (Guilty Pleasures): Lightspeed Rescue and Ninja Storm

Why do you not like Tommy/Jason David Frank so much?

To be honest, Tommy’s kind of a blank slate. Before you start flagging my blog hear me out, you have a 16 year old abducted by a space witch. As for JDF, he was told be a doctor he might have ADD but he chose not to listen

What are your favorite sentai seasons?

(Pre Zyu era): Bioman, Maskman, Liveman, Jetman (with Sun Vulcan being a guilty pleasure) Zyu and Beyond: Dairanger, Kakuranger, Timeranger, Gekiranger, Shinkenger, Gokaiger, Go-Buster and Ninninger

What’s your opinion on Kamen Rider?

I love it.

Why won’t you review a season?

Because I don’t feel like it! What part of exploring other venues is not easy to grasp?


How come you’re not going to see the new Power Rangers movie if you’ve talked about the costume designs for Rita and the rangers?

A) I have much better things to do with my life B) I have a feeling a bunch of fans will do my job for me C) I already went on enough of a tangent regarding the Elizabeth Banks/Rita Repulsa design

Would you go to Power Morphicon if you were given the opportunity to speak at a panel regarding your blog?

Yes but why would Saban want an indie Seattleite. Especially after the gritty reboot went viral. I know about JDF and Joseph Khan but still.

You’d be worthless in a debate against Linkara

I just covered 17 years of power rangers and so I need a new project! If you want me to go further, how about you start paving my way to Saturday Night Live?

Will you be covering Saban’s other 90’s stuff, the cartoons and VR Troopers and whatnot?

Yes! That is my latest project. I’ll be looking over stuff from my childhood and early adolescence  and reviewing that for you guys. The full idea is raiders of the story arc meets old vs new from the Nostalgia Critic.

Are you a nostalgia critic fan?

We’re getting off topic but, I was. Nowadays my confidence in him has been shaky. I used to think he was funny, now it’s like he’s a shell of the comedian he was.

Were there any other Saban brand shows you liked?

You’ll find out in my new project.

If you like Kamen Rider, what are your favorite seasons?

OOO, Fourze, Kabuto, and W (so far)

Are there any seasons you couldn’t get into and/or didn’t like?

Well Wizard was more of a guilty pleasure. Ryuki I liked but  the acting was PR level bad. The problem I had with Kiva wasn’t that it was too dark but rather the time jumps between the present and 1986 made it hard for me to follow.

Why is Adam your favorite power ranger?

When you see the friendship between him and Billy, it’s kinda like my kinship with me and a close friend of mine from college. I’d really like to thank him for giving me the inner strength to do this blog. I always follow my dreams and passions and that’s something Adam always did in the show. Billy was the one person he could confide in and always back him up. He had Aisha but that was more like a sweetness to it.

Who is your favorite Super Sentai character?

Here’s a clue:

Is there anyone you’d like to acknowledge before you tap out?

I’d like to thank Mr. Weenie Productions for always giving me strength. My protege who always looked up to me and encouraged me to make this blog. My friend Jenna from my birthright who was impressed about my knowledge, My college bro, Alex who without him I never would have started the Unique Foods Food Truck. I’d also like to thank Katie E. in Russia whose Tomboy nature was the inspiration for this blog. So until you guys see my tribute to Crazy Bones

The End


FAQ’s Regarding Sentai, Power Rangers and Kamen Rider

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