Conclusion to History of Power Rangers

If you read my RPM blog you know how I concluded it. In all honesty, I feel like RPM is the TRUE conclusion to power rangers. After RPM ended Disney showed the first 30 episodes of Mighty Morphin Season 1 again. As it stands I’m behind on Zyuouger and while Saban might have bought the show back, I’m well out of the age range intended.

I will say though that I am working on another project called retrospective, reboot and re look. It’s kinda like the Nostalgia Critic’s Old VS New with a little of Chris Stuckmann’s Hilariosity and Retro Rewind thrown in there. Except Unlike them, it’s not just going to be on more than just movies and tv. My first one is on crazy bones

I’ll be looking at Early 2000’s and 90’s. If you want to know if I’ll be talking about the turbo movie or the mighty morphin movie all I have to say is as a response btw readers I’m Chandler in this situation:

All my life I’ve felt like Chandler. Tomorrow I’ll be giving you my Questions and Comments. If you’re wondering if I’m going to do any other Saban stuff, Yes. Plus Pokemon is already being covered. If you’re wondering if I’ll be talking more about PR, yes. But it will be from Nelson’s perspective. I’m pursuing other venues. Plus I have a cookbook and food truck to start.

I’m also going to start a podcast called The Genie’s lunch hour. This has been all for now. Later guys




Conclusion to History of Power Rangers

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