10 things you never want to say to someone who has Anxiety and Depression


We all suffer from Anxiety and Depression at times in our life. I’m here today to offer things you should say but I need to list the things you shouldn’t say and then replace them with what you should say. This isn’t going to be a top 10 list because I don’t think it’s appropriate. I’m an optimistic person although sometimes I can be skeptic

  1. “Get over it”: Saying Get Over it is more likely to upset someone than it is to make them feel better. Sometimes people might not always know what to say. Saying things like Get a grip or Get it together and Pull your shit together are never appropriate. As was discussed in a prior blog this is a micro aggression. Instead, try saying, “What happened?” or “What can I do to help you?”
  2. There’s nothing wrong with you: Although this can be a double edged sword sometimes we need to talk about our feelings and get them out.
  3. Forcing someone to smile when they’re at a low: All of us need to feel sad. If you force someone to feel happy, you’re just going to make them feel worse. Feeling Sad is not a bad thing, in fact sometimes crying can be the best thing for someone.
  4. Stop freaking out: If you want someone to calm down, tell them to take 3 deep breaths count to 10 and take a nap?  Talk to them in a calm reassuring tone.
  5. You’re overreacting: This is only going to make someone angry. That’s the last thing you want to do. Especially if they have bipolar. Bipolar disorder used to be called Manic Depresion.
  6. It’s all in your head: While this is similar to you’re overreacting it’s not the same thing. Saying this will trigger frustration
  7. Shape up: This probably the worst thing since You’re overreacting. You have to let people’s emotions run their course.
  8. Go do something else. This is known as passive aggressive behavior and if you offer an alternative it can preoccupy them.
  9. I don’t want to hear it. Ignoring someone who’s depressed is probably the most selfish thing you can do.
  10. You Just want attention: If you say this out of spite, all these things I mentioned are subject to be rationale. I know I didn’t give HUGE explanations but given the content you might not want to say these things. Plus I wanted to pave the way for another project. Stay tuned for my next big project, the genie’s lunch hour you’ll see…
10 things you never want to say to someone who has Anxiety and Depression

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