Power Rangers RPM VS Engine Sentai Go-Onger

Well folks here we go, the swan song of the Disney era. How will I decide this? Balls to the Wall people, this is Engine Sentai Go Onger VS Power Rangers RPM… Get in Gear!


History of Power Rangers is meant to counteract Linkara of Channel Awesome fame. I’m well aware of things like the Neo-Saban Era and the David Yost Interview and as for the latter I don’t think it’s necessary and appropriate for me to bring it up due to the Orlando Shootings. When I started this project I wanted to share my opinions and get people acquainted with Sentai.

RPM is unlike any previous season of Power Rangers. Because I don’t want to spoil it for you guys and you to watch it for yourselves I’ll delve into pros and cons of both seasons. RPM is probably the grittiest season since Time Force or Lost Galaxy. One of the things I always wanted to see is Chris Nolan direct power rangers and this is what it feels like. This season is a nail biter. As for Ziggy, RPM Green ranger, I ask you guys why all the hate? I don’t care for the twins. They never shut up! RPM is one of those love or hate seasons. With me I enjoyed myself. My only gripe is it’s a little too exposition heavy. So if you feel like channeling your inner 10 year old. Give it a go and get in gear plus check this out

As for Go-Onger. I love it too. The Camper is also used as the main transportation for the Go-Ongers. I think my pros for this season is it’s campy in the way Jungle Fury was. But it knows when to be serious. The way the go-ongers play off each other is sheer brilliance. So which do I like better? This is apples and oranges so I give the point to both instead of a tie. So I bet you’re wondering, will I be covering the Neo-Saban era. Here’s my answer:


Power Rangers RPM VS Engine Sentai Go-Onger

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