Gogo Sentai Boukenger VS Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

I’ve been dreading this one for quite sometime but I won’t hold anything back like I did with Mystic Force. Welcome my friends to Operation Overdrive VS Boukenger. Cue the Music.


This anniversary season has its problems. Well at least on the Power Rangers side of things. I won’t be restraining myself because as much as I can hate on Turbo, the pacing picks up tenfold in its second half. The key word with Operation Overdrive is TRY. Overdrive tried to make things work but fell flat on its face. History of Power Rangers Linkara Started doing and he’s covering the Neo Saban era. You’ll find out my response when we get to RPM anyway let’s get started with talking about Boukenger really quickly.

Boukenger is all about a faction of villains and while they each have their own plot and they’re own vendetta against each ranger. If you haven’t heard about this already, but if you have you might want to skip this paragraph. During the first Power Morphicon, Samuell Benta stole a poster which was meant to go to sick children. Ironically his character was a thief

Overdrive was the 3rd season to have civilian identities be known to the general public. The first being Lightspeed Rescue which was a huge gamble. SPD executed it at a good 50/50. This is actually something that WORKED for overdrive. From the start of Overdrive we know something is not Kosher with Mack, Overdrive Red. Could he be terminally Ill? An Alien? Well we’ll find out but first there’s something I know you guys want me to talk about: Once a f*ing Ranger!

The Overdrive Rangers have a history of quitting when the going got too tough for them. A being known as the sentinel knight who had been introduced prior had recruited 5 Veteran Rangers to replace the overdrive team. So why didn’t I mention Tyzonn? To be honest even though his backstory is interesting it doesn’t quite reach your radar.

The 5 rangers that replace them are Adam, Tori, Kira, Bridge (who’s in Red) and Xander. After Thrax, (Rita and Zedd’s son), cuts off the Overdrive Rangers connection to the Morphin Grid, which hasn’t been mentioned since Dino Thunder cuts off the Overdrive team’s connection they quit once again. Scratch that, they’re fired. This is probably the worst team up. SPD’s History might have been banned from TV but apparently we can’t go through a season without mentioning Tommy.

After a two part episode we have Things not said where it’s revealed that Mack is a robot. Ok, Android but at this late in the game, it’s to the point where I don’t care. So the point might go to Boukenger but I give Disney props for trying. I’m trying to finish this by 4th of July weekend. So for next time Power Rangers Jungle Fury VS Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger



Gogo Sentai Boukenger VS Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

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