Top 10 things to know about people on the Autism Spectrum

Sure this movie is a bit outdated now but I used it in High School to raise awareness for Asperger Syndrome but it’s now called Autism Spectrum Disorder. Welcome my friends to another Top 10 for Sam’s thoughts. Remember that this is all opinion based. Anyone sensitive to someone else’s opinion might want to stop reading. but before we get started I’d like to thank Pilar Lopez an internship coordinator at Bellevue College who even though she has two autistic sons, realizes that even though the cat was out of the bag when she met me, just saw my strengths realized my talents in leadership and was by my impressed with my abilities one of which was being able to speak Spanish. The other person I would like to thank is my health teacher from high school who taught me that I am better than “Normal.” Nowadays I just say that Normal is just a type of Pokemon. With that out of the way let’s started:

10. Just because two people have it doesn’t mean they get along: During my college years I was bullied a lot and while I don’t want to go into details let’s just say I got the short end of the stick. I had to deal with so much bullying it felt like Middle School

9. What you see in the movies, isn’t always true: A lot of people like to romanticize Autism and Asperger’s. Rain Man was good for the late 80’s, Forrest Gump did a great job of capturing it with Bubba. Adam was good but not great, not all Autistic people want to remain single for the rest of their lives! I give The Story of Luke an A for effort but the movie fell flat in some areas.

8. Learn from our stories: I decided to publish a memoir called Shattering the Ice. I want to get my book out there, not just so that I can be an autism advocate on the spectrum but as a Suicide prevention advocate, blood donor etc. I try to be a good person and I believe that I am thanks to some recuperation

7. Some of us can understand Idioms: Autism is a vast a wide spectrum. For some of us, Idioms are too over the top. I can understand them like, “adding salt to the wound” etc.But others may not

6. No two people with Autism are the same. We all have different areas of social skills that we need to work on in some area or another. Some might have it harder finding a job

5. We CAN get things like Humor and Sarcasm: For me Humor and Sarcasm come naturally since I am a comic. I want to make sure that people realize that people with Autism aren’t one trick emotionless robots

4. Just because social skills are harder, doesn’t mean we’re introverted. I actually like being around certain people. The ones that treat me with respect and dignity. Because I have a diagnosis of Autism doesn’t mean I’m not social and outgoing.

3. We have different ways of looking at the world: I contribute to the world by making people laugh, learning to cook etc. Just because we might not see the world YOUR way doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way. You shouldn’t judge someone because they don’t think the same way you you do.

2. We have more than one interest. Now this is one I’m really getting tired of. My ex thought my only interests were stand-up comedy and the power rangers. The latter I outgrew, I am doing a blog chroncling my personal history with the show. I have a multitude of interests such as:

  • Anime
  • Movies
  • Donating Blood
  • Swimming
  • Camping
  • Writing
  • Standup Comedy
  • Cooking
  • Blogging
  • Script Writing
  • Tokusatsu
  • Mimicking Different Accents and Dialects
  • Marvel and DC
  • Collecting Figurines
  • Different foods
  • Democratic Party

Do you see Power Rangers on here? No? That’s because it’s not so much a part of my life as they are childhood memories. My Dino Thunder VS Abaranger blog should be ready soon

And finally the most important thing to know about Autism is…

We are NOT Idiots!!!! Sure, social skills might be harder for us. But we just have a lot of hurdles and barriers that we break down almost every day. I have people I dislike as does everyone. There is absolutely no reason to treat someone with Autism like a child. Believe you me, I have been dealt this hand. Anyway if you encounter an autistic adult, see what gifts they offer. Don’t treat them like they have one interest and are 12. Someone with Autism might invent something useful #blackfridaymexicanfood

I think I have gone on my soap box long enough, that’s my time. I’ll see you later

Top 10 things to know about people on the Autism Spectrum

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