Bakryu Sentai Abaranger VS Power Rangers Dino Thunder

How’s it going everyone? Before we get started with this, I want to talk about something that haunts me to this day, suicide. Every day lots of people leave notes, make attempts and kill themselves. That’s how Robin Williams died and that’s how I lost someone who I met after I graduated college. Normally you’d think this’d be another fun power rangers blog comparing it to its Sentai counterpart but this time I have a favor to ask of you the reader. The favor is this. Not only share this blog with other power rangers fans but please donate $5 or less to a suicide or depression awareness cause.It’s not that much money and I’ll talk a little bit more about it after the review but for now…. Bakryu Sentai Abaranger VS Power Rangers Dino Thunder with full spoilers ahead:


The Red, Blue and Yellow rangers in Abaranger are from our world whereas Black is from a world where dinos still are sentient and still alive. Plus Red has a niece he has to look over. Eventually Black gets his powers back and joins the team. They fight baddie after baddie before Abarekiller shows up. The music in Abaranger is more than enough to give it the point but I won’t gush for too long. Abarekiller eventually has to comes to terms with that every time he morphs it leads to his death. Gee… Where does that sound familiar?

The difference between Abarekiller and the Titanium Ranger is Abarekiller goes out in a blaze of glory and Seattle is mentioned in the finale.

For Dino Thunder we have Conner the Soccer player who’s our leader, Kira the Avril Lavigne wannabe and Ethan the Gamer. I’ll be honest, Disney captured the spirit of the teenager. I was a freshman in high school when this season came out but probably the reason most fans like it is because of this

For those of you who are familiar with Linkara, it’s clear his favorite power ranger is Tommy. Same with Jeremy Jahns. We’ll delve into some questions and answers after I review RPM VS Go-Onger. The first 500 episodes are all exposition to lead up to have Tommy return. I’ll get into why I don’t like Tommy in the Q&A after RPM but you guys should know that even though I don’t care for the character, I have a Green Ranger reboot planned for you guys on YouTube. Like Linkara and Mr. Weenie, I grew up on Power Rangers. These days my power rangers days are memories like in Inside out. But I digress Tommy joins the team as the Black Dino Ranger and Trent gets consumed by “The evil white dino gem” encases Tommy in amber and it’s because JDF needed to be with his family. So after that we have the new three working alongside Tommy to bring Trent to the light. We get an episode called Fighting Spirit, which felt more like an ego trip. JDF returned to the show and then we have the team up with Ninja Storm. Thunder Storm. UGH! I know people complain about the SPD Dino Thunder team ups but hear me out.

The plot is simple. Lothor escapes the Abyss of Evil and Brainwashes Shane, Dustin and Tori. He gets the Abaranger baddies and starts reeking hell on generic town here. I know it’s called Reefside but come on people. If you’re just an overgrown 10 year old and still love power rangers than fine. This retrospective is that of a person whose blog will end soon. The team up is pointless because it felt like they couldn’t do anything without Tommy. The finale wrapped everything up nicely but unfortunately the point goes to Abaranger because it didn’t rely on star power but it also has some cool jams. Just so you Tommy fans don’t feel gypped here

and check out this villain song

And finally there’s one gem from Masaki Endoh, Singer of Abaranger that I can’t go without mentioning

Like I said at the start of this video, please find a noteworthy suicide cause and donate $5. Or a similar amount. I’m not committing suicide, I want to prevent depression. It sucks. Thank you so much for reading. Next time we’ll be covering Toksou Sentai Dekaranger VS Power Rangers SPD in June. Thanks for reading 🙂


Bakryu Sentai Abaranger VS Power Rangers Dino Thunder

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