Zootopia Movie Review

On the surface, Zootopia seems like just another buddy cop comedy when really there’s a lot more to it than that. Ginnifer Goodwin plays a rabbit who wants to be a police officer and Jason Bateman plays a con artist fox. This is probably the first time since Robin Hood or Lion King where we have had sentient animals. Although this movie is flawed this will actually contain some minor spoilers so consider yourself warned as well as some thoughts that I got after while I was going home.

The Message is be true to yourself and you can accomplish anything. Women can do anything men can do. Straight guys can do anything that the LGBTQ can do. etc. It’s two people or rather a rabbit and a fox trusting each other and it actually held my attention. The opening is a little weak but it actually brought some prevalent issues that needed to be addressed.

For those of you wondering about my sexual orientation, I’m straight but the reason I bring the lgbtq into this is because I have Gay jokes made at my expense for liking to cook. I’m a pesco vegetarian now but while learning to cook with meat I invented Black Friday Mexican food. As a comedian, I’m always thinking on my feet like Nick. Judy actually reminds me of someone I met on my birthright tour named Jenna Lonsdale. I dealt with a lot of dysfunction in my life but Jenna was there to turn my frown upside down. The scene where Nick is Muzzled was basically college for me. I received a lot of sexual harassment and anti-semitism I almost wanted to become an Atheist and drop out of school. I stayed because I wanted that degree.

The scene where Nick gets muzzled was all the harassment I received in college and even growing up life was difficult. No kids would play with me during recess, I had a few close friends in high school despite being popular. Overall Zootopia was a great movie with a great message but it had its flaws and one of the problems I had with my experience is there was a baby that wouldn’t stop crying. But it’s a Disney movie. What can you do.

Final Grade and words: A-

I really had a fun time with this. I think what broke my concentration was the fussy baby but the greatest strength was seeing Kevin Richardson playing a Fenec Fox and look forward to seeing it again. It was cute and I look forward to catching more gags



Zootopia Movie Review

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