Power Rangers Costume reveal

How’s it going everyone? Today I decided to talk once again about the reboot movie for next year. This movie is giving me a fucking headache. No pun intended. Now I’m not a sentai purist but these costumes look, just OK. Rita looks like Scorpina had Sex with Poison Ivy and they were given a dildo by Joel Schumacher. If you haven;t seen it here’s a picture Rita Image'My buddy Katie and I are both extremely disappointed with this. Saban is just capitalizing on the stuff from his glory days. Saban, you have 7 seasons plus the Disney Years. While the suits look just ok. It appears he’s going for a dark gritty reboot. One of the things I hated about college is 95% percent of the populous thought my favorite superheroes were the power rangers. NO! It’s Spider-Man. Well one of them. True they’re a huge portion of my childhood. Saban, let me give you a clear message right now. Most of your fanbase are in their 30’s and 20’s. If you want to reboot day of the dumpster, go ahead. I have no intent on seeing it. All you want is to capitalize and revitalize your fan base! The only way, I’ll see your movie is if I’m joined by Katie, my college protege and/or Mr. Weenie Productions. Good day sir!


Power Rangers Costume reveal

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