Rita Repulsa costume reveal

Rita Image'.jpgThis image is of Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa and as promised here are my opinions. While the original Rita was stock footage of a space witch this one has problems…

For one thing I don’t have a problem with them being creative but this looks more like power rangers porn then actual power rangers.  Saban is bating Tommy fans by making Rita’s wardrobe entirely green and the only way he’s getting my $ is if I get together with some good internet buddies. I would have gone with something a little more subtle. Saban needs to make up his mind. Is this reboot for the kids or the older fans? He needs to realize that most of us who grew up with the originals are now in our early 30’s and late 20’s.

Power Rangers is a children’s fad that went extinct eons ago. Now I’m not a sentai purist I just think this costume looks too overly sexual and Saban can do WAY better. It’s annoying but hey I moved on with my life. I just wanted to share that with you. Do Better! This isn’t 1993!

Rita Repulsa costume reveal

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