What’s Cookin’ an interview about my cooking career

Ever since I started living on my own I have learned to cook. My long term goals are to open a food truck and catering company called Unique Foods and eventually a restaurant called Tarzan and Yoda’s. Kevin P, a close friend of mine from high school and his wife, Rachel, will be asking me the questions this time around:

Kevin: Was cooking intimidating in the beginning?

Me: Yes and No. It’s kind of like riding a bike, once you know how it’s easy.

Rachel: What was your life like before learning to cook?

Me: I was severely overweight. I became reliant on frozen and prepared foods. My blood pressure was high and I couldn’t fend for myself.

Kevin: How do you feel now that you can cook for yourself?

Me: I feel independent, I am always coming up with new dishes and aim to inspire people with my recipes!

Rachel: What was your first step in learning to cook?

Me: Getting involved with Jewish Family Services

Kevin: How would I encourage others?

Me: Cooking isn’t rocket science. All you need is the dedication and motivation to step forward.

Rachel: What was the first dish you learned?

Me: Burritos

Kevin: Do you have a funny story to share about cooking?

Me: I was making Enchiladas and I wanted to see if you could do it with Fish unfortunately it was the only recipe to date that was a dud.

Rachel: What was the most challenging thing to learn?

Me: Knife Safety

Kevin: How do you approach grocery shopping?

Me: I think about what I need before I spend. It’s important that you don’t buy it just because you want it.

Rachel: How do you challenge yourself when cooking?

Me: I think about the recipes that I want to make and what would be fun and I find it better to make the recipes that are challenging

Kevin: How do you go about new recipes

Me: I think about new recipes on a daily basis. Sometimes I go with my heart, but I also use books.

Rachel: Which cooking utensil do you use the most?

Me: Skillet and Oven

Kevin: Do you plan your meals weekly or day to day?

Me: Day to day

Rachel: What are 3 things a beginner needs?

Me: Patience, Trial and Error and Discipline

Kevin: Do you cook every meal?

Me: Yes

Rachel will now ask the final question…

Rachel: How does cooking inspire you?

Me: My cousin has always been a good cook. Now that he’s getting older I can follow in his footsteps.


What’s Cookin’ an interview about my cooking career

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