It’s Morphin Time!! An Interview about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with Nelson Amador

If you’re a 90’s kid, you know that August 28, 1993 was the Debut of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Nelson Amador is a fan born one year before the premiere. In this blog we will be comparing our first three seasons before moving onto Zeo. Everybody knows the first season story. Two innocent astronauts release Rita Repulsa on the moon which results in the wizard Zordon and his assistant Alpha 5 to pick 5 Teenagers to save the world. Nelson will share his story and I will be asking the questions and be giving my answers as well.

Question 1: What was your opinion on Rita as a stand-alone villain?

Nelson: When I was little I thought she was a menacing villain. Now, Rita’s still good in terms of magic but other than that it was the same lather rinse repeat formula. Why couldn’t she go after them herself? She could have used her magic to do more.

Sam: As a kid, I found the voice kind of annoying but I watched it religiously anyway. As I got into my 20’s, I started to see the camp and the stock footage was noticeable

Question 2: What was your opinion on Zordon and Alpha 5?

Nelson: As a kid I admired Zordon and David Fielding was Iconic, every time you saw him he commanded presence. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had Splinter. Spider-Man had Uncle Ben but I loved Zordon how he always cared for them.These days, I still have positive memory he was ahead of his time. (On Alpha): As a kid, Alpha was cool and Ay yi yi was a cool catch phrase. As an adult, he was kind of outdated.

Sam: Zordon provided wisdom for the rangers and I agree with Nelson. Alpha always got on my nerves.

Question 3: Do you remember Mr. Kaplan and Ernie and what did you think?

Nelson: As a kid and now, I don’t remember them much and were one dimensional. He was strict when unnecessary and funny times.

Sam: They were kind of forgettable but gags with Kaplan were always interesting.

Question 4: What did you think of Bulk and Skull and their role during the first season?

Nelson:  When Bulk & Skull come to mind, I consider them more side characters as opposed to generic bullies as opposed to bullies yo oppose the rangers and went on to be downgraded as the show went on.

Sam: Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons has more depth

And now for the 6 rangers themselves. If you haven’t seen the show we’re delving into spoilers. Be advised that if you haven’t watched the show or seen Linkara’s history you might want to before going further…

Question 5: What was your opinion on Jason?

Nelson: Growing up as an overweight kid, I did like Batman and Superman and when I first saw Power Ranger, not only did I think he was the best I hope to be somewhat like him when I get older.

Sam: Jason was a bold leader he lead his team to victory and didn’t have the answers but when his team needed him he was competent.

Question 6: What was your opinion on Zach?

Nelson: I loved Zach because he had a fun personality. He also had really cool dance moves and I was inspired by him.

Sam: Zach was a great optimist and even though he failed to impress Angela, his love interest. I’m just glad they didn’t do it every single episode.

Question 7: What was your opinion on Kimberly?

Nelson: Like every other 90’s kid, she was my first ranger crush and thought she was cute and was given good outfits. My gripe was that  Kimberly went backwards after Tommy was introduced. Katherine Sutherland’s acting was better. I ship Kim and Jason over Kim and Tommy.

Sam: Before Tommy was introduced, Kimberly seemed strong and independent when battling Rita. After Tommy was introduced, the writers took a step backwards and made her reliant on Tommy.

Question 8: What was your opinion on Billy and how did you feel about why David Yost’s reasons for leaving?

Nelson: As a kid I really liked but not as much and I always admired Billy’s intellect and he was there when the team needed him. As far as David Yost leaving I feel bad for him even though Clinton was in charge and the 90’s were more conservative, I feel bad for him.

Sam: Billy reminds me of a close friend and is the most criminally underrated of the Original 6. Without Billy, there wouldn’t be the wrist communicators. Billy might not have been the strongest of the original 6, but was just as important as any of the others!

Question 9: What was your opinion on Trini?

Nelson: Just like Kimberly, Trini was talented and was a good support to Billy. Especially when the others didn’t get what Billy was trying to say.

Sam: Trini might fall into the background of the original 6, but she was just as important as any of them. She was the glue that held the original 6 together.


Question 10: What was your opinion on Tommy?

Nelson: When Tommy first appeared I didn’t hate him at first, they introduced him but after Green with Evil, the attention got to be a little too much for me. But we saw producers went on the camera on him. JDF’s ego got to be too much for me and his ego was apparent.

Sam: Tommy was fun for Green with Evil and Green Candle. Then when they brought him back in Return of an old friend, it got annoying.

Question 11: Best episode of the Original 60?

Nelson: A pressing engagement

Sam: Island of Illusion

Question 12: Worst Episode of the Original 60?

Nelson: Return of an old Friend

Sam: Return of an old friend

Pros and Cons of Season 1


Nelson: (+) The monsters were fun (+) Jason (+) It wasn’t just focused on red ranger (+) The early episodes had different focuses on different rangers (+) Jason listened to Zordon right from square 1

Sam: Same answers


Nelson: (X): Rita was too reliant on her monsters and Finster (X) Blatant inappropriate casting choices (X) Mr. Kaplan was too over the top

Sam (X): Too reliant on Sentai footage (X) Blatant inappropriate casting choices (X) Tommy’s shield in original footage

Final Grade

Nelson: B-, while there are flaws they put their damnedest to entertain children

Sam: C+ While it does have flaws and looks outdated now, there’s a certain camp to it.

Season 2

With Rita failing to defeat the power rangers nix brainwashing Tommy, Lord Zedd was brought on to finish the job.

Question 12: What do you think of Lord Zedd as a stand alone villain?

Nelson: As a stand alone villain he was intimidating. There was a lot of things that Rita couldn’t

Sam: Lord Zedd is arguably one of the best power rangers villains. He did well in relinquishing the Green Ranger powers. He was downplayed once he married Rita

Question 13: What was your opinion the marriage of Rita to Zedd

Nelson: It wasn’t necessary, they needed to focus on defeating the rangers as opposed to marrying each other.

Sam: This was only done so that parents could stop bellyaching about the problems Lord Zedd scaring the shit out of their kids. If parents weren’t complaining enough about the show being violent, then they were complaining about Lord Zedd.

Question 14: What did you think about the goal shift of Bulk and Skull?

Nelson: The goal shift was too unrealistic With no result

Sam: It made the show more formulaic than it was last season. Zedd sends a monster of the day, bulk and skull want to know who the rangers are.

Question 15: What did you think of Tommy going from Green Ranger to White Ranger?

Nelson: It was strictly done for marketing

Sam: Same

Question 16: What did you think of Rocky, Adam and Aisha replacing Jason, Zach and Trini?

Nelson: Aisha did a good job replacing and Trini and made Yellow her own. Adam might not have as flashy as Zach but was more subtle. Rocky’s heart was in the right place but was showing that JDF was being a nuisance behind the camera

Sam: Adam is my favorite ranger as you guys know. Aisha was actually my first ranger crush and Rocky was a mediocre replacement

Question 17: Best episode of Season 2

Nelson: Bloom of Doom

Sam: The Mutiny

Question 18 Worst Episode of Season 2

Nelson: Putty on the brain

Sam: The Wedding and Return of the Green Ranger

And now we shift to season 3

Final Grade

Nelson: C

Sam: B-

And now we move into Season 3, there won’t be as many questions

Question 19: Do you believe Lord Zedd was downplayed in Season 3? Why or why not?

Nelson: They Softened him up and was less of a villain and more the cliched husband

Sam: He was a Saturday morning cartoon character now.

Question 20: What did you think of Ninjor?

Sam: Too over the top

Nelson: Wasn’t appropriate and not my cup of tea.

Question 21: What do you think of Katherine replacing Kimberly

Sam: It was sad to see one of the Iconic 6 leave but Katherine Sutherland handled the role better because Amy Jo Johnson wasn’t given anything but the bare bones to work with.

Nelson: Even though it was sad to see Kim leave but as her relationship with Tommy evolved, the show lost brownie points for me.

Question 22: What did you think of the metallic armor?

Sam: It was only shown to sell more toys

Nelson: It was cool but gratuitous

Question 23: Do you consider the Alien Rangers part of Season 3?

Nelson: Yes but Zeo seems to be a reboot

Sam: Yes

Question 24: Best Episode of Season 3?

Nelson: Another Brick in the wall

Sam: Changing of the Zords

Question 25: Worst episode of Season 3

Nelson: Unsure

Sam: Unsure

Final Grade:

Nelson: B- (Despite being the weakest of the original 3)

Sam: B

Tune in later as Nelson and I tackle Power Rangers Zeo… Cue Wasserman!




It’s Morphin Time!! An Interview about Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with Nelson Amador

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