Avatar the last air bender TV Show – Interview with Adrian

Avatar the last air bender came out when I was in high school. To this day the philosophies of the four nations were destroyed by Shaymalan. Adrian is a college freshman who wants to be in film. As a blogger, it is my privilege to be interviewed about what I would do to make the world a better place interviewed about my opinions on the TV show.

Adrian C. will be interviewing me about my opinions. Remember, these are not facts. What I say is property of fair use.

Adrian: What skill would you like to try with water bending?

Me: Swimming and Creating a wave pool. Ice attacks. Snow days.

Adrian: When would you use water bending?

Me: If someone was laughing at me and not with me. Making lewd and offensive comments about people with disabilities, LGBTQ, when people who bully others for feeling social outcasts.

Adrian: Where would you learn to water bend?

Me:  Tokyo, Japan

Adrian: What element would you like to try next?

Me: Fire

Adrian: Why would you use fire bending?

Me: If there was a forest fire and the fire department couldn’t be there, I’d be able to help with the fire department wasn’t there to save an apartment.

Adrian: Where would you like to learn it?

Me: Washington State or Massachusetts

Adrian: Why in Washington or Massachusetts

Me: The former is so I could use it for cooking, the latter to be with an extended family I could cook for. Water conducts electricity as Iroh taught Zuko.

Adrian: Who would my instructor be?

Me: My cousin

Adrian: Why your cousin

Me: Not only are we cousin, we’re close friends and she’d be able to calm me down in case I accidentally burned somoene and realize that it wasn’t because due to disability.

Adrian: Who would you use this bending on?

Me: No one. I would use it for the holidays if they needed someone Jewish to help explain the holidays and somebody asked an inappropriate question regarding something they learned from TV. If they said anything inappropriate about Islam or Christians too. If someone needed a light for a cigarette I would tell them. Please smoke away from me.

Adrian: What element would you like to learn next?

Me: Air

Adrian: Why would you want to learn air?

Me: The Air Nomads had really good senses of humor and are vegetarians. I have a really good sense of humor. I would be able to make pasta salad  and could help me become a vegan.

Adrian: Who would you want to learn air bending from?

Me: A health teacher from high school and a school psychologist?

Adrian: Why my health teacher?

Me: During high school, she gave me an oscar winning message and in case I had a panic attack she would help me realize that I wasn’t an idiot.The psychologist introduced me to someone else who lives in texas who has ASD and he’s as funny as I am and one of my jokes inspired him.

Adrian: Why would I want to learn earth bending last?

Me: Earth is a stubborn element and I invented black friday mexican food which I hope will become extremely popular when I open a restaurant and I started an independent catering company called unique foods after I graduated college. I also want to teach people who speak English as a 2nd language to cook. Metal Bending would be used to flip a coin my favor.

Adrian: Who would you learn this from?

Me: Someone I met on my birthright tour in Israel.

Adrian: Why Israel?

Me: I would bring my protege with me and he can try shakshuka. I really want there to be less anti-semitic world. Especially for Muslims and Jews.

Adrian: When would you use Air bending?

Me: The air benders were the most spiritual of all races and had good senses of humor. As someone who does comedy. I think I can help fan off someone who will enjoy a summer day.

Adrian: Who’s your favorite character in the show?

Me:Uncle  Iroh I

Adrian: Why?

Me: He has the intelligence of a senior citizen yet the innocence of a child. (See Top 10 list for full reasoning)

Adrian: Favorite Episode and why

Me: The Desert because it teaches it children about Peyote.

Adrian: Least Favorite Character

Me: Azula due to being a compulsive liar.

Adrian: Least favorite episode and why

Me: The Great Divide, Aang is talented but he wouldn’t lie.

Adrian: Which character would I be and why?

Me: Avatar Roku because I have a lot of Advice and sometimes I don’t always think things through but at the end of the day I think I’m a great person.

Adrian: Who would be your spirit animal and why?

Me: Rocket the Raccoon because if I wanted to swear, he’d do my swearing for me.

Me: Adrian, thank you for interviewing me for my blog it was a fun interview and I hope you interview me about another topic.

Adrian: Cool. I can’t wait to start enjoying legend of Korra.




Avatar the last air bender TV Show – Interview with Adrian

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