Gaoranger VS Power Rangers Wild Force

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Forever Red Morph (MMPR-DC)

I’ve been dreading doing this season for a while and I told myself to do it in Chronological Order. Welcome my friends to Hyakajyuu Sentai Gaoranger VS Power Rangers Wild Force

Gaoranger Opening


I want to inform you dear readers that I have been going through a rough patch in my life and I wanted to start this today. I have been 4 months into a part time job and I have been dealing with an imnmature college student who has been hassling others. Before we get started I decided to refer to Princess Shayla as Princess Peach since I thought that Anne Marie Crouch’s performance was extremely wooden. All I have to say to Saban is, Response to Saban for casting someone who can’t give a good performance

I know that Rick Medina has been known to be prone to Irascible behavior and I want to remind you all even though Forever Red is a big episode that everyone talks about I want to first talk about the David Yost Interview with no pink spandex and why he left. Sexual Harassment is a felony and I want to present the words from Billy himself, Why Yost wanted out. During my college years a close friend of mine converted to Islam and it wasn’t a big deal to me since it was my choice to tease him or not. I told him and this is straight from the horse’s mouth, “It didn’t bother me that you converted to Islam. What would bother me is if you showed up in a diaper wrapped a towel around your waist and called yourself a sumo wrestler. If you do that, then I’d call 911.” Wild Force came out around the September 11th terrorist attack and I wanted to provide hope for my country. When we get to dino thunder, we’ll talk about what I did to help my country.

My dear sweet readers, I want to remind you all that there are spoilers ahead so be advised if you do not want the show spoiled, just stop reading. Vaminos!

For the power rangers side of things with have Cole Evans played by Ricardo Medina Jr., Max Cooper played by Philip Jeanmire, Taylor Earheardt played by Allyson Sullivan, Danny Delgado played by Jack Guzman, Alyssa Enrile played by Jessica Rey, Merrick Balliton played by Philip Andrew and sighs Princess Shayla played by Ann Marie Crouch. Wild Force showed that Saban was getting sloppy. The Morph sequence was exactly the same and even the plot was similar. Wild Force also begins the introduction of main teams using a cell phone morpher. In both Power Rangers and Super Sentai I hate this. Toei, what are you doing? Someone could instantly find out who the power rangers are through a phone call! Oh that’s right. EVERYONE in the power rangers universe is color blind!

So why do I hate princess peach aside from Ann Marie Crouch’s acting? She was overly cheerful or getting kidnapped. As far as the acting goes for Power Rangers, this is actually pretty damn cringe worthy. I told myself when I started this to go up to RPM and by gum, I will do that. Otherwise I’ll be like a lovechild between Aang and Deadpool. Basically every other episode, the rangers get a new Zord and then we have the Zen-Aku story arc and shit hits the fan. Let’s talk about the Sentai for a bit.

In Gaoranger, no one knows the identities of the rangers, including the audience. It’s the 25th Anniversary so they have to keep their audience on their toes. I think even though power rangers and Super Sentai are kids shows it was smarter for them to not reveal their names until the finale. Even though, Lunar Wolf Ranger is a cooler name GaoSilver has a kickass theme Gao Silver Theme

So after Merrick is revealed we have the teamup with Time Force which was just ok.. Basically it’s Ransik, the villain from last year, regaining his humanity since he was just simply arrested and we learn that he was horribly disfigured. The Story of Wild Force is Red Ranger cole trying to find Mom and Dad and that’s it. Speaking of Red Rangers, you guys probably want me to talk about Forever Red. It had its moments. It wasn’t a good episode but it wasn’t bad. Saban knew the ratings were dropping so he sold Power Rangers to Disney and in 2003 we have power rangers Ninja Storm.

The winner this time around is Gaoranger due to the intrigue that builds with each episode. Wild Force just slapped everything together and was way too kid friendly… Now that the Wild Force VS Gaoranger Blog is done. Join my next time for Ninja Storm VS Hurricanger, I haven’t watched the latter but I know where to find it. Now if you’ll excuse me, a 5 star dragon ball is calling my name!

Gaoranger VS Power Rangers Wild Force

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