Sword Art Online Season 1 Review

SAO Online Season 1

I hope you enjoyed that because I sure did. I want to warn you guys that this blog contains spoilers. If you haven’t watched season 1, you might want to be advised that your friendly internet spider-man told you to do so. These are my opinions and if you can’t handle them, I gave you a snowball’s chance in hell!

Sword Art Online season 1 is the story of two gamers who meet each other in a video game and fall in love with each other. I was willing to give this anime a chance and after I finished season 1, I saw it as Twilight for gamers. For my older readers, A gamer is someone who wants to pretend to be someone else online. As a nice Jewish boy from downtown Seattle I wanted to thank you all for the support you have given me this past year because Tobey Maguire actually likes my stand-up comedy. That’s right, I got kudos from Spider-Man. When Leo DeCaprio won his Oscar, I wanted to serve him my complimentary recipe for cactus ice cream. I’d ask for his agent’s email and then have him forward it to Leo.As for me, I’d charge Natalie Portman $5k just to try it because as a vegan she should know to quit smoking marijuana.

Ok so here’s the truth of why I hate this first season. I have aspirations of my own and I actually have only a few people who know me know what it’s like to deal with me not because I have Asperger’s but because I can cook and make people laugh.but because I know what to do. This Anime is so bad I decided to give an award for how bad it was. It’s called the Golden Tuchus Award.

This fucking piece of mesugah gets an F+. Before you tell me, Sam watch the 2nd season. I want to remind you all that I have boundaries I set for myself. For Example, I want to start my own catering company, my maternal family lost our grandmother and my mom was going through a hard time and I want to conclude with a song I like from a Japanese band called Psychic Lover.

Psychic Lover, live

Sword Art Online Season 1 Review

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