Ant Man Movie Review

If Guardians of the Galaxy taught me anything it’s that great things comes from the unexpected. Ant Man is a fantastic ride from the MCU and It’s certainly exciting because of how inventive it can be. Paul Rudd plays an ex con who’s trying to get a fresh start. Life keeps getting in the way. I’m not going to lie the first 15-20 minutes of this movie are very sloppy but that’s a minor nitpick. Other than that the scenes where he’s going around seeing the ants at their level are really fun. The Scope of this movie is just phenomenal but the bad guy is just a generic in a suit. Oy… But I had fun here. If you’re looking for a deep meaningful movie, this isn’t it. If you want a fun action adventure to escape for 2 hours, take a look

Ant Man Movie Review

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