Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue VS KyuKyu Sentai GogoV

Well as much as I was hyped to talk about Gingaman and Lost Galaxy, let’s get started. Welcome my friends to Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue VS Kyukyu Sentai GogoV


I want to reiterate that this is a counter to Linkara’s history of Power Rangers whereas he shares his perspective I share mine. I would like to point out the error he made, he kept calling Angela Fairweather, Dr. Fairweather. She is NOT a Doctor. I only shared the TV length GogoV but there is an extended cut and there is am English version. I want to point something out to you, my dear reader. Some fans act like power rangers is the greatest thing and will hassle you to death if you don’t agree with their views. I had to deal with such a fan in 2010. I don’t want to reveal his name but but Bullying, Cyberbulling is something I am a staunch believer is WRONG! Power Rangers started off as a kids show promoting teamwork. role models and togetherness. The Zordon Era made it perfectly clear on this. In the post Zordon Era, Saban would start replacing the cast and crew every damn year! Oh and if you haven’t figured it out by now this blog contains spoilers!

Alright enough whining let’s get started! Our backstory is 5000 years ago demons have escaped from the middle east and are running rampant in mariner bay. Most of the Demons are believable save for Vypra. I agree with Linkara. Jennifer Yen, TAKE ACTING LESSONS! YOU AND HAYDEN CHRISTIANSEN NEEDED THEM FOR EPISODE II. But I digress. We’re introduced to our first power rangers mentor for the post Zordon era, Captain Mitchell. He has a tragic backstory we’ll get to in a minute.

First let’s talk about the Sentai. Anything before Zyuranger came out is known as the PreZyu Era. In 1990 we had our first all 5 sibling team Chikyu Sentai Fiveman. They were all teachers. Anyhow, The reason I bring this up is because GogoV is an all family based team with 5 heroes and their estranged father.

So let’s get started shall we, GogoV is just 5 siblings battling demons. I saw it and thought it was bland but still enjoyable. Now let’s talk about Lightspeed Rescue. We have our first post Zordon era mentor, Captain William “Bill” Mitchell. As for the whole mentors in Power Rangers, let’s recap. Like many folks I thought Zordon was awesome an all powerful wizard caught in a time warp. When Dimitria replaced her in Turbo, looking back it was a bold decision. Of course the space rangers whole plot was to locate Zordon and eventually kill him off. You know what, props to Saban.

Captain Mitchell’s daughter is the Pink Ranger. Our 5 main heroes Carter Grayson our Red Ranger whose acting is hit and miss. Sean Johnson, what are you doing man? Sometimes you are bringing your A game and sometimes you’re no better than a 2nd grader. What the hell?! Chad Lee played by Mike Chat. The spelling on his full name is graduate student nightmare fuel. Keith Robinson plays Joel Rawlings. He was awesome in Monk and he was awesome here. Sasha Williams plays Kelsey Winslow and Allison McInnis plays Dana Mitchell.

So let’s talk about the stories this has. Man are they cliche as f***… Carter Grayson is a fireman because Captain Mitchell saved him as a kid. Chad basically works for Sea World and falls in love with a mermaid. It happens. Joel is actually one of the best comic relief rangers in a long time. His goal in the series is just to get into Fairweather’s pants. What qualifies him is he’s a sky cowboy.  There’s an even an episode with his little brother and Fairweather flirts with him. Creepy! But Lightspeed came out in 2000. We have Kelsey Winslow, the thrill seeking Tomboy. Kelsey isn’t Maya but she’s a lot of fun. Finally we have Dana. At the start of the show she’s a paramedic. The Acting this season is surprisingly good here but it’s a shame this season is one of my least favorite. I’ll let you guys know right now I have moved past power rangers. I still am a fan to an extent. But we’ll talk about that when we do the conclusion. So for the first couple of episodes we have rangers doing over the top heroic do and then we’re introduced to this guy… The Titanium Ranger. He wasn’t from Sentai. He was actually a decent character and made Lightspeed Tolerable. He first started off on the dark side like Tommy but there were consequences for abandoning the dark side. But first let’s watch his first fight on the light side.

After this fight the baddies give him a Cobra tattoo and every time he morphs it will slither up his back until it kills… I mean destroys him. Saban, the titanium ranger was a fan favorite to so many kids. Oh that’s right you just want them to buy the toys. Nice going. So now after Diabolico the main baddie fails to please his boss Queen Bansheera his boss gets pissed and so her son Impus becomes prince Olympius. Now we have some slapped over stock footage for a team up with the Galaxy team. Boy was this teamup a disappointment. All the focus is is Carter trying to help a little girl find her mother who’s been kidnapped by Trakeena. Good Job Saban, Good Job (Sarcasm)  After some more toys are introduced, we have our finale the fight of lightspeed.

As you can tell, Lightspeed Rescue is not one of my favorite power rangers seasons.  GogoV isn’t one of my favorite Sentai Seasons. As for a blog shout out I would like to Rhett Fisher. Rhett, should the day our paths cross my name is Sam, thank you for making 5th grade. Thank g-d I finally finished this f*ing season. Join me in February as we discuss Mirai Sentai Timeranger VS Power Rangers Time Force

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue VS KyuKyu Sentai GogoV

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