Seiju Sentai Gingaman VS Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

WOO-HOO It’s 2016! Wait I still have some power rangers seasons to cover don’t I? Yeah… we’re entering the post Zordon era aren’t we? exhales. For those of you who don’t know the Zordon Era all the music was done by Ron Wasserman. Now for your viewing pleasure Seiju Sentai Gingaman VS Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

First the theme songs


If I was grading Just on Theme Song alone then Gingaman would have a landslide victory. Saban turned Gingaman into a space opera. One of my favorite movie franchises is star wars. I loved the force awakens, did it have its problems? Yeah, but I digress. But first it’s only fair to say that there will be spoilers for both shows? But Sam, you can’t do that it’s unfair! For all of those who lead with you’re inner two year old allow me to explain something two year, starting with in space we got the introduction of the Battlizer. A weapon specific for the Red Ranger. Andros was the first one to use one:

But Sam this is a blog about Lost Galaxy not in Space! The reason for all this back tracking is because we kinda have to talk about these things. In Space started civilians finding out who the power rangers were. Hell, even that emo Carlos was blackmailed because he morphed in a photo booth. Let me explain slowly my disdain for Carlos. Adam is my favorite power ranger and Roger Velasco is a talented actor, however Turbo does have its flaws but there are some good things. But Carlos would constantly be guilt tripped and constantly be the damsel in distress in both Turbo and in Space such as the Barillian Sting. Always a Chance isn’t a character arc story it’s an Adam episode. Anyhow themes and spoilers out of the way let’s hear that awesome lost galaxy theme introduce our 6 heroes for me:

Leo was our hotheaded leader who was a reckless bastard and he always in the medical bay with his shirt off. Ok…. Thanks Saban like a bunch of 4-10 year old boys need to see what’s under the torso. Of course we have Kai the play by the book guy. Damon who’s the techie, Kendrix who is our groups brain and my first wife at 10, Maya. Man is Cerina Vincent gorgeous! Lost Galaxy opens with Quasar quest which introduces us to our heroes Mike actually dies, or so we think it isn’t until we meet the magna defender and his torozord that it’s revealed that Mike is alive inside him. This is where it varies from the sentai. In the sentai they were brothers, but in power rangers, The Magna defender lost his son Zeeka to the evils of Scorpious. Scorpious is probably the best original villain since Zedd. The guy playing him was really chewing up the scenery. Trakeena, his daughter went from weenie to warrior and it was nice to see that a baddie wasn’t a shoot first and ask questions type. That was the problem with all the Zordon era villains. Even Astronema played by Melody Perkins had this problem. But Sam, why haven’t you talked about Sentai yet? You seem to favor it during it during the Zordon era? Well honestly, Gingaman was good but kinda forgetable. Honestly Gingaman felt like Captain Planet on steroids. 5 chosen kids borrowing Fire, Water, Air, Thunder and Flowers from the earth and it felt like Ted Turner said hey, let’s just call THIS power rangers. Lost Galaxy is one of the few times we see Bulk and Skull before Saban would buy the show back from Disney. Jason Narvy wanted to go off to school and Paul Schrier only has one episode. Reggie Rolle and Amy Miller would get married. Now for something I know every lost galaxy fan wants me to talk about (exhales deeply) to the 10th Power and the power of pink:

A villain named Deviot found some cards containing the key kards with the Data containing the psycho rangers. Damn! You know shits hitting the fan when team ups are talked about. So… Leo has a Mano Y Mano with Psycho Red. He loses and meets up with Link…Er..Um…Legolas… I mean Andros. Andros explains that Psycho Red will be back. Meanwhile Damon, Kai, Kendrix and my 4th grade wife are kidnapped. The Corbett Brothers free them and one of the greatest smack down begins

This episode ended on a cliffhanger with Deviot pulling Psycho Pink from the ashes and continuing our story in the power of pink. Sadly behind the scenes Valerie Vernon who’s now married was diagnosed with Lukemia. Now who should save a power ranger? #blooddonors4life All joking about power rangers aside Cancer scares the hell out of me. My grandfather died from it around the same time Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated. Two of my facebook buddies lost their parents to cancer. I hope the day comes when cancer is just the sign in the Zodiac! Patricia Ja Lee was considered to replace her but instead they got Melody Perkins to replace her. As our first evil turned good story since Tommy, it was good. Here’s my beef with it though. The other rangers lose their powers to monster of the day. The team had the lights of orion. Since she first played Astronema and is revealed to be Andros’ estranged sister Karone. She plays Karone only and the execution was nice but now is the time to talk about the transition from Kendrix to Karone.

Karone’s redemption story was awful! She talks about her days as Astronema how she faced off against a warrior who wielded the McGuffin that would make Leo’s Battlizer. Leo faces off against the baddie and wins the fight to win. After Karone joins she’s just kind of a blank slate. Saban, what are you doing man? You take one of the best baddies from your last show and just make her a mary sue? Onore! (Japanese for Dammit) Sure you give her a nice leather jumpsuit to wear but other than that, what?! Think Saban, you have one of the best villains since Zedd! You had so much potential, oy!

Anyhow we’re introduced to the sentai version except in power rangers, he’s called Captain Mutiny. He’s a silver tongued devil. Whereas Trakeena had the stingwingers, Mutiny had his army of swabbies. Deviot was from sentai but he was a swindler. He causes my heroes and 4th grade wife to enter the lost galaxy and that’s our introduction to Mutiny. We learn that Captain Mutiny is reliant on slavery. Mike actually sacrifices himself so that the rangers can pave the way for our 3 part finale Journey’s end

Part 1 has Deviot and Trakeena emerge from the cocoon together and Trakeena’s catchphrase was take no prisoners. Like, I said she got married to Reggie Rolle. Anyhow it shows that the villains aren’t as bad as you think. One villain, vilimax helps a little kid find her mom.

Part 2 has Trakeena unleash hell by destroying the spare galactabeasts


Part 3 the rangers land on Mirinoi and Kendrix is reborn to live a disney death Maya divorced me and f*ed up my life…NOT!

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy came out when I was in 4th Grade, it was gritty, the Arthurian aspect was awesome and if you couldn’t tell I thought Maya was attractive. I know that Cerina Vincent appears in the full monte in not another teen movie. The space opera feel was reminiscent of a Buck Rodgers 1940’s Saturday Morning Serial the faction villain works. It’s one of my favorite seasons.

While it’s not my favorite, it’s my friend Katie’s favorite. Katie lives in Russia. We met online going on 6 years come august and I’m an uncle now thanks to the strength of our friendship. My joking about my crush on Maya is my way of telling you guys, it’s ok to make fun of yourself. I grew up watching power rangers. As you can probably tell the winner this time around is Lost Galaxy. Every Sentai and Power Rangers Season does have its flaws but what’s next two back to back

GogoV vs Lightspeed Rescue… Oh boy… Great! This has been Sam from Sam’s thoughts. Happy new year and may the power protect you my dear readers.



Seiju Sentai Gingaman VS Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

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