Happy New Year Blog!

Woo-Hoo 2016 is almost here, but always remember to be safe and frugal. Next year I’m trying to be a little bit busier and not post quite as frequently.  I decided that you’ll learn about my views on the Post Zordon Era and Why I have met some interesting people. Since The Neo-Saban Era is going to be interesting

My protege from college is going to help me start a new YouTube Channel focusing on a couple topics

  1. Cooking – As a chef, I came up with a fusion that may become very popular. I’m using generalized fusion with a Jewish slant. Since right now I’m working on my way towards becoming a vegan at 60
  2. Standup comedy – Ever since I was 16 I have performed stand up comedy and I have decided to focus on the stuff that I decided to focus on which is what’s it like on the autism spectrum being funny and gifted with accents and dialects
  3. Self-Help: If you ever need to watch a notivational video then these will inspire. There will also be videos for foodies overseas
  4. Adventures on the 4th wall and Kamen Rider Seattle: Two Sketch series based on my knowledge of Japanese entertainment
  5. Singing: I did Karaoke two years ago and I discovered I do have a good singing voice so I decided to use that to my advantage to sing JRock JPop in English and Japanese and I’ll find Romaji and Sing, Kamen Rider, Sentai, Anime songs as well as Disney

I want to thank Mr. Weenie Productions because he’s as sweet as he claims. Jon, I have donated over 2 gallons of my blood and since you’re as amazing as hell. I know it will be fun when we meet up because you’ll love the hell out of Nelson and my dear readers. Look forward to seeing my views on the post Zordon years because the first one is Gingaman VS Lost Galaxy. And This blog is dedicated to as she puts me “the greatest friend she ever had.” Enjoy 2016, Happy New Year everyone and my blog will feature top 10 lists like my Batman one!



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